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The world is blessed with so many philanthropists that are willing to help the needy, an average of one in three persons is a possible philanthropist willing to help the less privileged, however the question remain do this people give to the right set of people when trying to reach out to the needy? The following paragraphs will be telling us about the problem in the philanthropy industry, the solution and other things offered by the humancoin.


The philanthropy industry is an industry whose aim is to help the less privileged in the society, doing everything within its power to help those in need be it the orphanage home, the widows or work with those handling charitable project to fund their project, however these philanthropists do a whole lots of work connecting the needy and sometimes they give to the wrong hands sometimes middlemen in their search for those truly in need. The obvious problems attributed to the present charity industry includes:
• Lack of trust: there is no sure conviction the contribution will reach the recipient in full and on time, and a lack of trust in charities, due to the absence of any official International organizations for evaluating their activities.

• The complexity of cross-border payments for foreign projects, as well as potential issues in dealing with regulatory agencies.

• The inability to discern any additional benefits when making a donation.


To solve these problems and to ease the stress the philanthropist go through, the humancoin is developing a blockchain that will connect both the philanthropists and the receiver of funds together on a single platform, this act will eliminate the middlemen and thus prevent donations getting to the wrong hands, making it easy for people reach out to the needy very easily and conveniently.
With the platform donors can quickly make donations worldwide, monitor their expenditure online and also receive discounts from the platform’s partners.
Charitable projects are able to accept funds with minimal overheads and in the shortest time in any convenient currency. With the humancoin platform both the philanthropists and charitable projects don’t have to go through the stress of finding themselves or give to the middlemen. As a philanthropist you can give your donation in the confines of your room and you will be sure that it will get to the appropriate place within the very shortest possible time.


The humancoin will solve the problems identified in the earlier paragraph by integrating the blockchain into three main sectors which is the e-commerce, charity and cryptocurrency.
It should be noted that the annual volume of donations is estimated to be in the region of $750 billion worldwide, the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market is valued at $300 to $900 billion, and the volume of the B2C e-commerce sector has reached $2.3 trillion. By bringing about the synergy of these three markets, the project is set to herald a new era for charity.
The blockchain offers so many advantage that will spur the growth of the charity industry. This new technology developed by the humancoin is already being studied by major market players such as the World Bank, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the UNICEF.
Over the past few years, a number of respected charitable organizations such as the Red Cross, Save the Children and United Way, among others, have already begun accepting donations in cryptocurrencies.

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