Humbyl Coin-Leveraging Experience And Winning Chances Of Players To All Fantasy Sports Around The Wo

Dear Readers, wellcome back to my newest Article today, let me explain much deeper about The Humbyl Coin, which is nowadays become the world’s largest cryptocurrency built for a decentralized crypto Fantasy Sports platform with real sports celebrity challenges with Ethereum as a blockchain engaged, it’s only Ethereum (ETH) as a Cryptocurrency for purchasing a Humbyl Coin, it offers a unique experience in combining cryptocurrency and Fantasy Sports with the ability to compete with popular celebrities and athletes. Humbyl’s platform is built upon privacy with fun, user-friendly and competitive principles in mind.

In the case of the popularity of sports and the accompanying attributes among the population that is growing up, people are conditionally divided into active athletes and passive. Active athletes attend sports clubs and spend a lot of time on a healthy lifestyle, in parallel watching the development of sports, while passive watching broadcasts of matches or competitions, play computer sports games. Especially popular among the latter is the fantasy sport, in which the user on the selected site collects his team online, chooses the tactics of the game and launches the championship on a par with other participants. Interest in the game is fueled by the fact that participants play for money. Hence the main problem of online games – how not to become a victim of falsification of results by scammers? How to enjoy the game and be confident about the honest result? Platform Humbyl offers its users an impeccable organization of fantasy games along with a high level of security and transparency in the conduct of the game.

Challenges that is facing by The Players

Taking a chance in playing and communicating with fellow Fantasy Sports players along with Real Professional Athletes in Major Sports :

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Boxing
  • Soccer


More Real Sports Celebrities to Come.

The Features of Humbyl

The Humbyl project is a new development and attracts users the opportunity to include in the online team of world sports stars. Agreements have been reached with the athletes and the use of their names is quite legal. A user-friendly interface with a wide range of functional and analytical tools allows players to develop their own game strategies and check their effectiveness, as well as monitor live matches via the Humbyl widget.

Advantages of Humbyl

The main advantage is the guarantee of fair play. Decentralized blockade platform reliably protects all information from tampering. Now the player gets 100% confidence in the transparency of the game results. Access to the storage of information is not even the creators of Humbyl, which excludes any possibility of mechanical influence on the outcome of the game.

Coins Distribution

Funds Distribution

Start date: May21 2018

Date of finalization: 31 from August 2018

Eat Rate from Change: 1 ETH = 2,678 HBL

Final Pond Rate: 1 ETH = 1.339 HBL

Number of coins for sale: 400,000,000 HBL

Quantity of Mimimal Tanssaction: 0.068 ETH

Advisors and partners: 10%

Reserve: 10%

Humbyl team and management Foundation: 40% ca

The Roadmap

The Team

The Advisor

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