HUSSY is a set of tokens designed to create blockchain based platforms that allow prostitutes and clients to exchange cryptocurrency for sexual services. The HUSSY platform will provide verification for both service providers and customers to minimize the possibility of STD transmission and possible human trafficking cases.

Blockchain HUSSY model for adult work function
KYC- Every HUSSY participant must fill out “Know your customers” to make sure they are of age. Information through the due diligence protocol to know the details and once the service provider is approved, receive a KYC certificate.

Professional health protection in STD cases, high in the sex industry, HUSSY will provide information about the STD certificate STD certificate.

Proof of approval Service providers and customers will also scan the QR code using the HUSSY mobile app to find out their agreement to have sex with other parties. The PoC Agreement goes into the city block database to confirm and secure the storage.

Advantages of HUSSY
Decentralized sex workers and clients can work and trade freely among themselves without the need for a third party payment service.
The anonymity of the user interface works through blockchain technology and with its anonymity indicates that the user ID remains confidential from verification
Satisfaction KYC safety and health checks help both parties on the HUSSY platform to treat health, payments, and quality of services safely.
The flexible payment schedule of various sex services in HUSSY will allow customers to scan rates and pay their money with the best value for money.

The problem facing sex workers is

  • The rules are very bad, full of criminalization, not much problem solving on all sides
  • Sex workers should lie to get a rental place, can not advertise a service, engage in dangerous situations to find clients
  • There are no jobs, benefits and no protection and no medical checks for STDs
  • Sex workers must be registered with the police department, routine medical examinations

The solution offered by HUSSY in problem solving is being encountered by sex workers using blockchain technology, because of its nature:

Provides for third-party platforms
HUSSY is not just another escort platform, but also a companion infrastructure. We are legally able to operate our own escorting platforms only in certain countries, but anyone can open their own anonymous escorting platforms in any country and join the distributed HUSSY infrastructure to improve the status quo of the global sex work industry.

Impossible to shut down
The decentralized nature of HUSSY’s infrastructure makes it almost impossible to shut down. Our solutions are resistant to regulations like FOSTA / SOSTA and anyone can open a new listing platform using HUSSY infrastructure. Only the data owner controls the data, no one else can delete or modify even our data, even including platforms and even law enforcement.

Flexible fee schedule
Monetize platform lists based on fair advertising costs updated according to sex service requests in specific times and locations. Each service provider can choose an optional fee for a list, the higher the cost, the more likely it will be offered to potential clients. All fees are paid in the ERC-20 token.

No clients are wasting time or rude
The client is given an incentive to make a security deposit before arranging a meeting. In the case of inappropriate or abusive behavior, clients risk losing their deposit. In addition, the service provider may ask the client to place a deposit order to filter out clients who waste time making reservations but never appear in meetings.

Advantages of HUSSY

Decentralization, sex workers and customers can work and negotiate smoothly among themselves without requiring third-party payment services.
The anonymity of the user interface works through blockchain and anonymity technologies that indicate that the user ID remains confidential from the examination
Security and performance testing of KYC compliance to help both parties on a rogue women’s platform safely treat health, service quality and payments.
The flexible payment schedule of various sex services in HUSSY will allow customers to scan rates and pay their money with the best value for money.

How the system works from the HUSSY program in the image

Hussy ICO Token

Hussy intends to release ICO’s public sale date after more personalized sales.
Sales of public token 50 million HUS
Personal sales token 10 million HUS
Treasury reserves 21 million UAH.
Bounty 3 million HUS Program
team members and 13 million HUS advisers
The initial device is 3 million HUS
Details of the sign
ticker HOUSE
Model ERC-20
hard Cap 30 million US dollars
Soft Cover 3 million US dollars
Apply for 100 million mark HUS
Token for sale 60.000.000 HUS


Peter Tulala – founder & softwareengineer. An entrepreneurial and scientific spirit from an early age. He founded his first company at the age of 16 years. Strong background in artificial intelligence and full web development pile. During his career, he participated as a data wareholder and AI expert in many research projects in the field of epileptogenic biomarker analysis, helio-physics, signal processing satellites or the semiconductor industry. His leadership skills have been established by volunteering in two international organizations – ASESTE and ESN. The passion for Blockchain technology prompted him to explore new practical use cases that could potentially change people’s lives for the better.

Mina Vucinic – marketing manager. Experienced projects
Managers for certification PRINCE2, Agile and Scrum with a proven history of working in the management consulting industry. Involved in Crypto world since 2016. The marketing specialists for some ICO and Hedge Funds provide strategic business consulting, brand management, and marketing strategies dedicated to inspiring entrepreneurial spirit and bringing business dreams to life. Strong program and professional project management with a Bachelor degree that focuses in Marketing / Management.

Antonio Campos – engineer full of piles. I am an experienced person
Vigorous Software Engineers create software that provides value to customers on a small and fast scale. I strive to fully understand business issues and needs before implementing a solution. I follow practices like test-driven development, paired, agile, and scrum programming. I write code that is fully tested, legible, and expandable. I am self-motivated, creative, and resourceful with the ability shown to function as a leader and team member. I have an analytical and business-oriented mind with excellent communication skills and a recognized ability to translate business needs into software solutions.

Natasha Ivanovic – content writer. Forensic Psychologist Junior with a master’s degree in Investigative and Legal Psychology from the United Nations Crime Research and Justice Research Institute. I am interested in cryptocurrency and educate the public on this topic.

Thomas Bolleyer – community manager. Organizers of several crypto and meeting events in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). Native German speakers. Crypto trader and enthusiast are experienced with community management, social networking and networking.

Lenzie Santillan – bounty program manager. A Registered Medical Technologist, a researcher and a cryptoenthusiast. He has worked with different cryptocurrencies for nearly a year focusing on trade, promotional services, campaign management, translation services and community management.


Jonathan Dunsmoor – US securities lawyer. Jonathan Practice helps businesses of all sizes grow well from the start up to the DPO (Direct Deals). We are here to provide you and your company an outstanding legal service in one of the most difficult times of your business; growth. In addition, Dunsmoor Law also helps clients with contract disputes, employer / employee agreements, and other business issues. Jonathan’s previous experiences include advising for small international securities firms and various areas of public interest law including legal partnerships with the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania. Dunsmoor
Law represents clients throughout the world regardless of size. Experienced Advisor with a demonstrated history of working in the law practice industry. Skilled in Investor Relations, Securities, Legal Writing, Trials, and Mergers & Acquisitions.Strong professionals with a Master of Laws in Criminal Law from State University of New York at Buffalo – Law School

John D. Allen– Blockchain Consultant. A C-level experience with founders and higher level abstract decision makers for various Blockchain joint ventures that demonstrate high goal integrity. Especially experts in consultation on the semantics of heavy chain technology for new ventures and industrial use cases, from the level of implementation of the details to the high level impact on the core business model and examples of the use of technological “value creation”. Since 1998, owner of Leveridge Systems INC, a full-time consulting hroup for various stacks over time, currently with high focus on Ethereum, Cardano and Burrow heavy blockchain. Previous contract consulting work for Hitachi America – Budget Forecast Project, Kaiser Permanente – Medicare Risk Project, Lockheed Martin Aerospace – BoM system for US Department of Dept., Mazda Motors of America – IT supply side system for the newly designed Amati Luxury car line. After graduating in 1990, joined James Martin Associates in London (Texas Instruments), consulting on the technical nature of the 3GL Code suite generator called IEF, from meta-core model meta to platform to client toolsets. Honors Degree in Data Processing, received from the University of Sunderland, UK.

James Kupka– My business growth expert is an analytics marketer with deep experience in the generation of digital demand. I have 19 years of entrepreneurial experience with strategic design and tactical delivery in B2B and B2C environments. I am a lover of startup culture where delivery is very important. My history began in the Engineering Systems group at Netscape Communications Corp, and has incorporated the role of CTO, CMO, and CCO (“communication”). I am currently involved to whip and push digital requests for At a higher level, more strategically, I have experienced the development of account-based B2B marketing operations and e-commerce operations that can be accessed (omnichannelenabled ecommerce). I prefer a pile of adtech-centered eloqua, salespeople, wpengine, optimists, ahrefs, buzzstream, and adstage. The KPI is defined and the stage is managed on a modified Sirius Decision “Demand Waterfall”

**Jan Dudek **- adult industry expert. Expert on marketing and adult media. After high school, I founded the first online erotic magazine in Czech Republic in the art industry as a photographer and videographer for several years. Co-founded the most-visited online magazine for’s hardware news magazine from the largest Czech highschool photo agency – and co-founder of prestige wedding My current main interest is the CEO’s role in a RedPudding sro pornography that disrupts the classic porn business model.

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