Welcome my dear friends.Not many investors have heard about the HUSSY project . Disrupting the oldest profession with the Blockchain is a set of tokens designed to create a blockchain-based platform that allows prostitutes and clients to exchange cryptocurrencies for sexual services. The HUSSY platform will provide verification to both service providers and customers to minimize the likelihood of transmission of STD and possible human trafficking cases.

What is HUSSY?
Disrupting the oldest profession with the Blockchain is a set of tokens designed to create block-based platforms that allow prostitutes and clients to exchange crypto currency for sexual services. The HUSSY platform will ensure that both service providers and clients are tested to minimize the possibility of STI transmission and possible trade cases.

Some people use the term sex worker to avoid applying the stigma associated with the word prostitute. Using the term sex worker rather than prostitutes also allows more members of the sex industry to be represented and helps ensure that the actual individual prostitutes are not selected and are associated with the negative connotations of prostitutes. In addition, choosing to use the term sex worker rather than prostitutes shows ownership of individual career choices. Some argue that those who prefer the term sexy worker separate their work from the person. Describing a person as a sex worker acknowledges that the individual may have many different sides and not always determined by their work.

How the system works from the HUSSY program in the picture

Hussy ICO Token
Hussy intends to release ICO date of public sale after more personal sales.

Sales of public token 50 million HUS

Private sales token 10 million HUS

Treasury reserves 21 million UAH.

Bounty 3 million HUS Program

team members and 13 million HUS advisers

Initial device 3 million HUS

Details of the sign


Prinimaet- ETH

Model ERC-20

hard Cap 30 million US dollars

soft Cover 3 million US dollars

Apply for 100 million HUS mark

Tokens for sale 60 000 000 HUS

Peter Tulala – founder & softwareengineer. Entrepreneurial and scientific spirit from an early age. He founded his first company at the age of 16. Strong background in artificial intelligence and full-stack web development.During his career, he participated as a data warehousing and AI expert in many research projects in areas of epileptogenic biomarkers analysis, heliophysics,satellite signal processing or semiconductor industry. His leadership skills have been shaped by volunteering in two international organiations -IAESTE and ESN. The passion for the Blockchain technology led him to explore new practical use cases that have a potential to change the life of people for better.

Mina Vucinic – marketing manager. Experienced Project

Manager for PRINCE2, Agile and Scrum certifications with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. Involved in Crypto world since 2016. Marketing specialist for several ICOs and Hedge Funds providing strategic business consulting, brand management, and marketing strategy dedicated to inspiring the entrepreneurial spirit and bringing business dreams to life. Strong program and project management professional with a Bachelors Degree focused in Marketing/Management.

Antonio Campos – full-stack engineer. I am an experienced

Software Engineer who is passionate about creating software that delivers value to customers in small and rapid increments. I seek to fully understand a problem and business needs before implementing a solution. I follow practices such as test-driven development,pair-programming, agile and scrum. I write code that is fully unit-tested, readable, and highly extensible. I am self-motivated, creative, and resourceful with a demonstrated ability to function as a leader and team member. I have an analytical and business-oriented mind with excellent communication skills and a recognized ability to translate business needs into software solutions.

Natasha Ivanovic – contentwriter. Junior Forensic Psychologistwith a master’s degree in Investigative and Legal Psychology from the United Nations Crime and Justice Research Institute. I’m interested in cryptocurrencies and educating the public about this topic.

Thomas Bolleyer – community manager. Organizer of several crypto events and meetups in DACH region (Germany, Austria,Switzerland). Native German language speaker. Crypto trader and enthusiast experienced with community mangagement, social networks and networking.

Lenzie Santillan – bounty program manager. A Registered Medical Technologist, a researcher and a cryptoenthusiast. She has been working with different cryptocurrency for almost a year focusing on trading, promotional services, campaign management, translation services and community management.

Jonathan Dunsmoor – US securities attorney. Jonathan’s practice helps businesses of all sizes grow whether it is from inception to a DPO (Direct Public Offering). We are here to provide you and your company with exceptional legal service in one of the most trying times of your business; growth. Additionally, Dunsmoor Law also helps clients with contract disputes, employer/employee agreements, and various other business matters. Jonathan’s prior experience includes being of counsel for a small, international securities firm and various areas of public interest law including a legal fellowship with the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania. Dunsmoor

Law represents clients throughout the world regardless of size. Experienced Advisor with a demonstrated history of working in the law practice industry. Skilled in Investor Relations,Securities,Legal Writing,Trials,and Mergers & Acquisitions.Strong professional with a Master of Laws focused in Criminal Law from State University of New York at Buffalo – Law School

John D. Allen – Blockchain consultant. C-level experience with founders and peer-level higher abstract decision makers for various Blockchain architected ventures that exhibit high integrity of purpose. Particular skilled on consulting on the semantics of heavy chain technology for new ventures and industrial use cases, from the implementation level of granularity to the high level impacts to the business model core and use-case “value creation” implications that the technology releases. Since 1998, owner of Leveridge Systems INC, a full range consulting hroup for broad range of stacks through time, presently with a high focus on th Ethereum, Cardano and Burrow heavy blockchains. Prior contract consulting work for Hitachi America – Budget Forecast Projects, Kaiser Permanente – Medicare-Risk Projects, Lockheed Martin Aerospace – BoM systems for US DoD Dept, Mazda Motors of America – IT Supply side systems for the then new intended Amati Luxury car channel. Upon graduation in 1990, joined James Martin Associates in London (Texas Instruments), consulting on the technical nature of the 3GL Code generator suite called the IEF, from meta meta model core to platforms to client toolsets. Honors Degree in Data Processing, received from the University of Sunderland, England.

James Kupka – business growth expert I’m an analytical marketer with deep experience in digital demand generation. I have 19 years entrepreneurial experience with strategic design and tactical delivery in both B2B and B2C environments. I’m a lover of startup culture where delivery is critical. My history starts in the Systems Engineering group at Netscape Communications Corp, and has gone on to include CTO, CMO, and CCO (“communications”) roles. I’m currently engaged to whip and drive digital demand for Prophix Corporate Performance Management Software for your Business. At a higher, more strategic level, I’ve experience building account-based B2B marketing operations and omnichannelenabled ecommerce (B2C) operations. I prefer an adtech stack centered on eloqua, salesforce, wpengine, optimizely,ahrefs, buzzstream, and adstage. KPIs defined and stages managed on a modified Sirius Decisions “Demand Waterfall”


Jan Dudek – adult industry expert. Expert on the adult marketing and media. After the high school I founded the first online erotic magazine in Czech Republic in the art industry as photographer and videographer for several years. Co-founded the most visited czech hardware news online magazine of the biggest Czech highschool photo and co-founded prestige wedding photography agency BíláČerná. My current main interest is the CEO role at a pornnography start-up RedPudding s.r.o disrupting the classic porn business model.

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