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What Is ??? is an appropriated escorting and due perseverance framework. The offer is to make a stage and to give motivating forces to sex laborers around the world for safe execution of their is an arrangement of tokens intended to make square stages that enable whores and customers to trade tomb cash for sexual administrations. The HUSSY stage ensures that both specialist organizations and clients will be tried to limit the likelihood of STI transmission and conceivable exchanging matters.

There are an assortment of testing issues looked by members in this industry – specifically, illicit sex work, human trafficking, viciousness against ladies and children,increased likelihood of exchanging sexually transmitted sicknesses (STDs), time-squandering customers or false assault allegations.

A few people utilize the expression “sex specialist” to abstain from utilizing the shame related with “prostitute”. The utilization of the expression “sex specialist” as opposed to whores likewise permits the portrayal of more agents of the sex business and guarantees that real individual whores are not chosen and are related with negative implications of whores. Furthermore, the decision of utilizing the idea of “sex laborer” as opposed to whores demonstrates the responsibility for decision of calling. Some contend that the individuals who lean toward the expression “sex laborer” isolate their work from a man. Portraying a man as a sex specialist, perceives that a man can have a wide range of sides and isn’t generally dictated by his work.

Display HUSSY Blockchain for grown-up work

KYC Compliance-

Every HUSSY member must fill in “Know Your Customer” to ensure that he is mature enough. The data transmits the due steadiness convention to take in the points of interest and, after endorsement of the specialist co-op, acquire the KYC declaration.


We have a straightforward yet clear vision – to guard the free market and self-possession. We have confidence in a future, where all ladies are responsible for their own sexuality, including consensual trade of cash for sex with capacity to set a reasonable value, timing and conditions of the sexual demonstration.

Word related Safety For the situation of STDs, high in the sex business, HUSSY will give data measures to guarantee consistent screening of the soundness of its specialist organizations, from which they get a STD confirmation endorsement.

Due tirelessness

Our answer will reform taking part in sexual action in return for installment by using the Blockchain innovation. The Blockchain innovation empowers to close the hole between the requirement for protection and reliability.

Blockchain is the arrangement

Our answer will reform taking part in sexual action in return for installment by using the Blockchain innovation. The Blockchain will empower to expand the security, wellbeing and the trust in the sex work industry like never observed

The arrangement offered by HUSSY in taking care of issues is experienced by sex laborers utilizing blockchain innovation in its temperament:

Gives a site Platforms

Tramp isn’t simply one more escort stage, but instead an escort framework. We are legitimately ready to deal with our own particular help stages just in a few nations, however everybody can namelessly open their own help stage in any nation and join the conveyed HUSSY foundation to enhance existing conditions of the worldwide sex industry.

It’s difficult to close the

decentralized nature of the HUSSY foundation makes conclusion relatively inconceivable. Our answers are impervious to such standards as FOSTA/SOSTA, and everybody can open new stages for enlistment utilizing the HUSSY framework. Just information proprietors control their information, nobody can erase or change even our information, notwithstanding posting stages and even law authorization.

An adaptable cost plan

Adapting arrangements of stages depend on reasonable promoting costs, which are refreshed relying upon the interest for sex administrations at a given time and place. Each specialist organization can choose extra charges for the rundown, the higher the expense, the more probable it will be the offer appeared to the potential client. All charges are paid in the ERC-20 token.

No client invests energy or burdens

The customer is given a motivation to store a security store before the association of the gathering. In the event of inappropriate or hostile conduct, the customer dangers losing his store. Furthermore, the specialist organization can request that the client put in a store request to sift through the clients who invested energy in reservations, yet never showed up at the gathering.

Temptress isn’t simply one more another escorting stage, but instead an entire escorting foundation. We are lawfully ready to work our own particular escorting stage just in chosen nations, anyway anybody can open their own particular escorting stage secretly in any nation and join the appropriated HUSSY framework keeping in mind the end goal to enhance the norm of the worldwide sex work industry.

Offer of the general population token 50 million HUS of the

merchandise of private deals 10 million HUS

Treasury saves make 21 million UAH.

Abundance 3 million HUS Program

of colleagues and 13 million HUS counsels

Beginning gadget 3 million HUS

Signs points of interest

Ticker HOUSE


Show ERC-20

hard top 30 million US dollars

delicate cover 3 million US dollars

Apply for 100 million imprints HUS

Tokens for offers of HUF 60 million


Dwindle Tulala is the originator and designer of programming. Entrepreneurial and logical soul from an early age. He established his first organization at 16 years old. Solid involvement in the field of man-made brainpower and web advancement with a full stack.

Mina Vucinic is a showcasing administrator. Experienced task

Confirmation Manager PRINCE2, Agile and Scrum with an affirmed history of work in the administration counseling industry.

Antonio Campos is a specialist with a full stack. I am an accomplished

Programming Engineer who is energetic about making programming that conveys an incentive to clients with little and quick additions. I’m endeavoring to completely comprehend the issue and business needs before actualizing the arrangement.

Natasha Ivanovich is a counterter. Junior measurable analyst with a graduate degree in examination and legitimate brain research at the United Nations Crime and Justice Research Institute. I am keen on cryptothermia and state funded training on this subject.

Thomas Bollyer is a network chief. Composed a few cryptographic occasions and gatherings in the DACH locale (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). The local German dialect. Crypto broker and lover, experienced with network administration, interpersonal organizations and system.

Lenzi Santilan is the chief of the reward program. Enlisted medicinal technologist, specialist and crypto-lover. She has been working with different digital currencies for very nearly multi year, concentrating on exchange, promoting administrations, battle administration, interpretation and network administration.


Jonathan Dunsmore is an American securities lawyer. The act of Jonathan helps organizations of all sizes to develop, regardless of whether from creation to DPO (coordinate open situation). We are here to furnish you and your organization with outstanding legitimate administrations at a standout amongst the most troublesome circumstances for you; development.

John D. Allen-Consultant Blockchain. C-level involvement with organizers and senior dynamic chiefs at various levels for different Blockchain ventures that exhibit the high trustworthiness of the objective. He currently gives careful consideration to the overwhelming square circuits Ethereum, Cardano and Burrow. Primer counseling work for the agreement for Hitachi America – spending figure ventures, Kaiser Permanente – extends on protection of restorative dangers, Lockheed Martin Aerospace – BoM frameworks for the US Department of Defense, Mazda Motors of America – data frameworks for supply frameworks, intended for the new car channel Amati Luxury. After graduation in 1990, he joined James Martin Associates in London (Texas Instruments), counseling on the specialized idea of the 3GL code generator set, called IEF, from the meta-display center to the stages for customer apparatuses.

Jan Dudek is a specialist in media outlets. Master in showcasing and media for grown-ups. After secondary school, I established the main online suggestive magazine in the Czech Republic Working in the workmanship business as a picture taker and videographer for quite a while. Prime supporter of the most went to Czech online news magazine. My present primary enthusiasm of the CEO is the part in the dispatch of RedPudding pornnography SRO breaking a great porn plan of action.

In, we put stock later on, where all ladies control their own particular sexuality, including cash exchanges consensual to sex with the capacity to set the value, time and conditions sensible from the activities area.

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