A sex laborer is a man who works in the sex industry.This term is utilized as a part of reference to everybody in every aspect of the sex business including the individuals who give coordinate sexual administrations and in addition modern staff.Some sex specialists are paid to take part in sex acts or sexually unequivocal conduct includes changing degrees of physical contact with a whore customer and a few yet not all expert strength models and obscene on-screen characters take part in express sexual conduct that are shot or captured

Sex work (or prostitution) is the business or routine with regards to participating in sexual action in return for installment either as cash, products, administrations or some other advantage settled upon by the executing parties.There is required to associate with 40-45 million sex laborers living everywhere throughout the world with created yearly income of nearly $200 billion.

We have a basic however clear vision – to shield the free market and self-proprietorship. We put stock in a future, where all ladies are responsible for their own particular sexuality, including consensual trade of cash for sex with capacity to set a reasonable value, timing and conditions of the sexual demonstration.

A few people utilize the term sex laborer to abstain from applying the disgrace related with the word prostitute. Utilizing the term sex specialist instead of whores additionally permits more individuals from the sex business to be spoken to and guarantees that the real individual whores are not chosen and are related with the negative undertones of whores. What’s more, utilizing the term sex specialist instead of whores demonstrates responsibility for profession decisions. Some contend that the individuals who lean toward the term hot laborer isolate their work from the individual. Portraying a man as a sex specialist recognizes that the individual may have a wide range of sides and not generally controlled by their work

The issue confronting sex laborers is

The standards are awful, brimming with criminalization, very little critical thinking on

all gatherings

– The sex specialist must mislead get a rental place, can not publicize benefit, take part in unsafe circumstances to discover customers

– No work, advantages and assurance and no wellbeing checks for STDs

– The sex specialists ought to be enrolled with the police office, routine restorative checkups

Blockchain is the arrangement

Our answer will alter taking part in sexual action in return for installment by using the Blockchain innovation. The Blockchain will empower to build the security, wellbeing and the trust in the sex work industry like never observed before.and The arrangement we offer gives anonymized however evident KYC consistence, proficient wellbeing confirmation and Proof of Consent put away on the Blockchain.In this paper we portray in detail the issues with the present state of affairs, our proposed solution,roadmap, marketable strategy and states of the crowdsale.

Crowdsourcing effort

Crowdsale raising support objectives are given as far as delicate top (bring down point of confinement) and hard top (maximum utmost). The crowdsale is considered as effective once the delicate top has been come to. In the event of unsuccessful token deal, all assets gathered amid people in general deal are come back to supporters. Add up to number of 100,000,000 HUS tokens have been issued. The token is sold in two stages – private (10,000,000 HUS including rewards) and open (50,000,000 HUS). Every single unsold token will be scorched. More data and enquiries at info[at] or through our web based life.

Blockchain and Machine Learning

Each specialist co-op will have the capacity to promote for nothing or for a discretionary charge paid in ERC-20 agreeable tokens. Sex suppliers will seek new customers as per the adaptable expense plan. This approach mirrors the present interest for sex administrations amid various eras and areas.

The charges will be paid by specialist co-ops on pay-per-utilize premise by using unidirectional installment channel on µRaiden organize, enabling us to bring down exchange costs near zero. In later periods of the task, there is a plausibility to use Machine Learning algorihms keeping in mind the end goal to consequently adjust expenses to close ideal qualities as per the present request, accessibility and prefered number of customers every day.

Delicate top: $2,000,000

Hard top: $20,000,000

Target token value: 1 HUS = $0.36

Token crowdsale

The HUSSY stage is based over Ethereum Blockchain. We have issued ERC20-consistent utility token that will be sold as a private and open token advertising. No security tokens will be sold amid the general population token deal (additionally called Initial Coin Offering or ICO). Tokens will be principally utilized by specialist co-ops for paying posting charges on the HUSSY stage and for security stores from customers.

We should speak somewhat about ICO

Temptress HUS Token ICO

Temptress means to discharge the general population ICO deal date after the individual deal closes.

Open token sold 50 million HUS

Individual deal 10 million token HUS

Treasury holds 21 million UAH.

Abundance program of 3 million

an individual from Team HUS and a consultant of 13 million HUS

Early adjustment of 3 million HUS

Subtle elements from token


Get – ETH

Display ERC-20

Hard top 30 000 US dollars

Delicate cover 3 000 US dollars

Tokens give 100,000 HUS

Tokens available to be purchased 60 000 HUS


Q2 2017

Starting thought figured.

Q4 2017

Research and examination

Q1 2018

Site sent

Q1 2018

Whitepaper distributed

Q2 2018

Bitcointalk declaration

Q2 2018

Abundance program began

Q2 2018

Private token deal

Q3 2018

Working item demo (MVP)

Q4 2018

Open token deal

Q1 2019

Official dispatch in chosen nations

Q2 2019

Official dispatch in EU

Q3 2019

Official dispatch Asia and South America

Q3 2019

Wellbeing endorsements

Q4 2019

10.000 dynamic postings

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