Prostitution has been viewed in a widely different ways with different cultural views in the society today. There’s an influential impact to these views when it comes to legal regulations associated with sex work which varies from country to country. There have been various problems posed in it from the workers and clients. One of such problem is the problem in the means of payment and the protection of both clients and workers often leading to compromising or even life threatening situations with clients sometimes left without consumer protection and might be exposed to negative social stigma or false rape accusations. Exchangement for payment is often associated with issues such as human trafficking; violence against women and children with the spread of sexually transmitted infections is a major problem in the sex worker industry. Another problem posed is time wasting whereby clients ignores or sometimes come very late to the actual meeting which is sometimes discouraging for some workers. Some of these workers are not even known while some are underage that is below the legal age requirement. These problems are sorted out to be solved by Hussy, helping to bring an awesome experience in the industry.

HUSSY is not just another escort platform, but rather an escort infrastructure. HUSSY is a set of tokens designed to create blockchain based platforms that allow prostitutes and clients to exchange cryptocurrency for sexual services. The HUSSY platform provides verification for both service providers and customers to minimize the possibility of STD transmission and possible human trafficking cases. The anonymity of the user interface works through blockchain technology and with its anonymity indicates that the user ID remains confidential from verification. With Hussy platform, a routine medical examination of anonymously verified certified health care are provided to minimize the risk of spreading infections and also provides evidence of block chain based sexual approval that will protect both parties involved allowing both parties to assess the experience and write reviews after the meeting, with this, it helps in reshaping the old order of engaging in sexual activity in exchange for better payouts. With the KYC (Know Your Customer) service which we provide, ensures that the workers are known before ordering removing an underage worker, this system is made possible due to the personal data and selfie passport which will be uploaded and further examined by a qualified due diligence personnel and issued to the blockchain. Only workers with valid KYC certificate will be allowed to advertise their services. Hussy also provides security deposits for clients which provides incentives by helping to eliminate the time wasters clients and the abusive clients.

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Hussy believes in the present and future state of workers, where women are in control of their own sexuality, with the ability to set fair prices, time and circumstances of sexual acts for trade which is money to sex. In this, Hussy vision is to maintain self ownership and free market, with no stress and difficulty. A simple yet clear vision. To create a decentralized due diligence and safeguard a secure infrastructure based on design. Hussy offers to provide an anonymized but verifiable solution of KYC compliance. Professional health certification and approval evidence stored in our blockchain system


HUSSY provides verification for both service providers and customers to minimize the possibility of STD transmission and possible human trafficking cases.
Hussy provides a secure means of payment where trade takes place with a flexible payment schedule of various of various sex services that allows customers to scan rates and pay their money with the best value for money
Sex workers and clients can work and trade freely among themselves without the need for a third party payment service.
Blockchain HUSSY model for adult work function
Satisfaction KYC safety and health checks help both parties on the HUSSY platform to treat health, payments, and quality services safely.
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A. Token information ERC20-compliant contract has been deployed with the following parameters:
Symbol: HUS
Supply: 100,000,000
Decimals: 18
ENS: hussytoken.eth

hussy token distribution.jpg
Private tokens sale: 10 million HUS
Public tokens sale: 50 million HUS
Treasury (reserve): 21 million HUS
Team members + advisory board: 13 million HUS
Early adopters: 3 million HUS
Bounty program: 3 million HUS

hussy allocation.PNG

Development 30%
Marketing 20%
Acquisitions and mergers 20%
Reserve 20%
Legal 5%
Administrative 5%

hussy roadmap.PNG
Q2 2017 The initial idea was formulated.
Q4 2017 Research and analysis
Q1 2018 Website deployed
Q1 2018 Whitepaper published
Q2 2018 BitCointalk announcement
Q2 2018 The Bounty program begins
Q2 2018 Personal sales tokens
Q3 2018 Product work demo (MVP)
Q4 2018 Public token sales
Q1 2019 Official launch in selected countries
Q2 2019 Official launch in the European Union
Q3 2019 Official launch of Asia & South America
Q3 2019 Health certificate
Q4 2019 10,000 active list

hussy team members.jpg

Peter Tulala – founder & software Engineer
Natasha Ivanovic – content writer.
Thomas Bolleyer – community Manager
Mina Vucinic – marketing manager.
Antonio Campos – full-stack Engineer ‘
Lenzie Santillan – bounty program manager.
Jonathan Dunsmoor – US securities Attorney
John D. Allen – Blockchain Consultant
Jan Dudek – adult industry expert.
James Kupka – business growth expert

Hussy has introduced a lot of features which has made sex workers and clients happy providing them with an experience and happiness that can’t be measured. It has provided a secured means of payment and protection of both clients and workers, anonymous and trusted participants, reduction in the further spread of diseases like stds, protection of clients and service providers with a blockchain system which stores information of both clients and workers with the introduction of KYC features making the industry more fun and more secured. We have been living in such environment when everything is the opposite, but hussy platform has helped to bring more light into the industry. To learn more or have any additional questions, feel free to follow us on social media. These are our official
social media channels:
_ Twitter: io/
_ Facebook
_ Reddit
_ Telegram io/
_ Medium
_ Instagram
_ Linkedin
_ GitHub
For private enquiries, you can reach us at


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