Howdy everybody, the progression makes with an amazing rate and the universe of advanced cash sorts of money is developing quickly it is basic for cryptographic cash owner,investors,analysts and everybody in the cryptographic cash to get information, examination and data to stay up with the latest of momentum occasion occurring in the predictable crypto space, yet today I will present you an interesting project ‘Hussy’ Blockchain that is an ideal tool enabling all participants to engage in paid sex safely and reliably, while respecting their need for privacy without risking exposure of their identities, and which also helps in solving the problem majorly faced by sex workers today is an arrangement of tokens intended to make a blockbased stage that enables whores and customers to trade digital forms of money for sexual administrations. The HUSSY stage will guarantee that both specialist organizations and customers are tried to limit the probability of the transmission of STDs and conceivable trafficking cases.

Red Light Legal, which offers legal depiction to anyone in the sex trades, is encouraging an online know your rights workshop for making catch outlines. Antagonistic to sex work laws as often as possible hamper reinforce groups endeavoring to give prosperity resources (like more secure sex supplies, hotel and information on hurt reducing) to defenseless sex experts by comparing any assistance with pimping, pandering or progressing trafficking; when sex work isn’t a bad behavior, these social affairs can offer assistance to sex workers without fear.

Advantages of HUSSY

Decentralization, sex laborers and demographic can work and flawlessly consult among themselves without the requirement for outsider installment administrations.

The namelessness of the UI works through blockchain innovation and, with its secrecy, demonstrates that the client IDs stay private from the test. KYC’s security consistence and execution checks help the two gatherings on the HUSSY stage to securely treat wellbeing, installments and nature of administrations.

The adaptable installment timetable of the scope of sex benefits in HUSSY will enable clients to check rates and pay for their cash the best an incentive for cash.

The Blockchain and the computerized world as an ideal execute to process this blunder by enabling all individuals to partake in a paid sex in an ensured and tried and true way while reverencing their target for the security without endangering the introduction of their identity.

There is creating examine the need to shield sex experts from creating violence towards them, and HUSSY seems to have found a response for this hazard. Regardless, a critical shortcoming related with the organization of the square chain is legal and moral duties in different countries. Disregarding the manner in which that it sheds the shyness, security and security of the sex business because of the computerized money, various countries have a relationship of laws against the purchase of sex for money, relinquishing one cryptographic cash.

What issue does Hussy fathom?

Control that is awful, loaded with criminalization, does not tackle numerous issues on all parties,Sex laborers must deceive get lease a place, can’t publicize administrations, take part in hazardous circumstances to discover customers

No work, advantages and security and no wellbeing checks for STDs,Sex laborers must be enrolled with the police office, routine wellbeing checks


Ø Open for outsider stages: HUSSY is not simply one more escort stage, yet rather an escort infrastructure.We are legitimately ready to work our escorting stage itself just in specific nations, yet anybody can open their own escort stage secretly in any nation and join the circulated HUSSY framework to enhance the norm of the worldwide sex work industry.

Ø Our answer is impervious to controls, for example, FOSTA/SOSTA and anybody can open another posting stage utilizing the HUSSY framework. Just information proprietors control their information, nobody else can erase or alter even our information, notwithstanding posting stages and even law authorization.

Ø Flexible charge plan: Monetizing stage postings depends on reasonable promoting costs that are refreshed by the interest for sex administrations at a particular time and area. Each specialist organization can pick a discretionary expense for the rundown, the higher the cost, the more frequently the offer will be shown to competitors customers. All charges are paid in ERC-20 tokens.

Ø Clients are given a motivating force to influence a security to store before orchestrating a meeting.In the instance of wrong or impolite conduct, the customer dangers losing his deposit.In expansion, the specialist co-op may request that the customer submit a store request to channel customers who dawdle reserving a spot yet never showing up in gatherings.


HUSSY intends to release the dates of its public sale of ICO after the private sale is over.

Sale of a public token 50 million HUS

Private sale of tokens 10 million HUS

Treasury reserve 21 million UAH.

Program Bounty 3 million HUS

Team members and advisers 13 million HUS

Early devices 3 million HUS

Details of the token



Model ERC-20

Hard cap 30,000,000 US dollars

Soft cover 3,000,000 US dollars

Delivery of the token 100,000,000 HUS

Tokens for sale 60 000 000 HUS

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