With global terrorism, cyber crime and high powered sponsored air crashes as well as the inordinate need for people to become financially autonomous being very high in relation to the exponential growth of the world population, HAI rise up to the undoubting challenge of solving the problems using energy, brainstorming and scientific approaches that are not only optimal but dependable. Following the problems created by hackers and other fraud related cases, it is obvious that financial losses are high among traders.

Again, information that are available to people are now easily accessed. For example, piracy is highly prevalent in the music industry which leads to low profit level for those involved. It is also noted that the big very companies have the bad habit of inducing monopoly which have negative indices on the upcoming business owners. Some of the above problems are what the HAI are willing to solve so that people can derive utmost utility in their investments.

HAI means hybrid artificial intelligence. It is regarded as the heartbeat of modern development in terms of industrial growth. Basically, HAI has the primary target of providing adequate enabling economic environment that will enable small business owners to compete more favorably with already established industries.

Through secure blockchain platform, HAI allow all users to benefit optimally from token transactions.

It is the first Hybrid Artificial Intelligence to combine 3 critical sectors that rule the economy of our environment even though we can’t see it so clearly.

The main purpose of HAI is to provide the chance to small business owners to compete against big companies with millions of dollars destined to market research and marketing, have the chance to do profitable trading and finally to protect themselves and their business from criminals of all over the world.

Creating a powerful Hybrid-AI combined with an ecofriendly infrastructure there are no boundaries, providing the opportunity to operate this HAI system through the use of the block chain technology (ERC20 tokens & Smart Contracts) all users with HAI tokens will be able to benefit from the project.