HyperQuant: Centralized investment platform that employs artificial intelligence

квант2.jpgWhat is HyperQuant?
HyperQuant is a platform that will make investments in cryptocurrency automatically, without trader’s participation. They plan to solve the above mentioned problems by implementing AI and Blockchain Technology into the Fintech field. With the AI, they plan on reducing the risks and AI curates a lot of data for analysis. This makes anyone with basic knowledge of Financial systems to easily do the same things that were previously out of their reach or required a separate person to maintain.

With the implementation of Blockchain, they plan on making the system a lot more interoperable and standardised. This also increase the security and transparency drastically, making it more safe and trustworthy for many.

The team creates a centralized investment platform that allows investors to use algorithms, artificial intelligence to adjust to their preferences depending on the desired profit. Imagine that here you can use the services of a personal consultant in the form of artificial intelligence-a robot that is trained by the best traders with a lot of positive experience and having accurate information in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Presently the cryptocurrency exchanging robot will supplant the live specialists, and with the assistance of shrewd contracts you can set a specific level of hazard, a rundown of digital forms of money, exchangers and the remainder of the work for you, this robotized framework will do.

Dissimilar to customary collaborators, the examination of a lot of data is greatly improved here, as this is one of the critical preferences of blockchain innovation, which expels the regional limits and numerous delegates as online dealers, saving money and electronic installment frameworks.

Dealers can give their exchanging data and get tokens of the stage contingent upon the outcome and helpfulness of their work. The designers will likewise endeavor to make the best bots and will be remunerated with advanced coins. Also, clients will have the chance to utilize a decentralized data stockroom. There is as of now a demo form of the application, which can be introduced on the Android working framework and download from this connection.

1_JnsJGKnEp1uh3YjXXJncRw.pngWhat problems does HyperQuant solve?

The infrastructure created by the developers of the HyperQuant project would not be so valuable if it did not allow solving really important and complex problems.

And there are such problems, and there are many. Here are at least some:

the lack of transparency of the crypto market – not all users are sure that trading tokens is safe and open;
lack of control in the transfer of funds to the management – today the funds that manage cryptocurrency investments, do not guarantee that the money will reach them;
dependence on the investment Fund – the owner of the capital, who transferred the money to the management, can not influence the decisions of managers;
a small number of profitable strategies – actions that bring results, have long been known, and revolutionary things do not appear on the market.
HyperQuant solves all these problems. The platform allows you to trade through a mobile application and do it as safely and transparently as possible. The money invested in HyperQuant remains under the control of the user – he can withdraw them at any time. Well, the fact that the management of funds is carried out by a computer, not a person, causes a variety of asset management, which ordinary people often can not oppose anything.
HyperQuant Benefits
The main advantage of HyperQuant, due to which the developers plan to win the competition – fully automated investment. This is a very important advantage: it gives the opportunity to invest in tokens and earn even those people who do not understand anything in investments. It is enough to set how much you need to earn and what risk is acceptable, and the platform will do everything on its own.

ICO & Team
They plan on powering their platform using the HyperQuant (HQT) Token which is based upon Ethereum’s ERC-20 Token. They have concluded their Private Sale and their Public ICO Pre-Sale is currently in progress and they plan on holding their Main-Sale in July, 2018. It requires for you to be Registered, Whitelisted and KYC Verified in order to participate in the ICO.

The Founders have previously worked for second largest stock exchange and the largest IT company in Russia respectively. The rest of the team has adequate experience in product development, Big Data, Machine Learning, Programming, Investing, Marketing, AI, Blockchain, Legal, Stack Dev, Front-end Dev, Back-end Dev and HR respectively. The advisory board consists of experienced Investors, Entrepreneurs who also bring along their expertise in fields of Blockchain, Big Data and Marketing.

For more information:
Website — https://hyperquant.net/en

Whitepaper – https://hyperquant.net/en

ANN – https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2104362.0

Telegram – https://t.me/hyperquant

Authored by Danny_yell: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1273420


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