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Since the introduction of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, a lot of projects from different sectors of the economy have been integrated into the blockchain technology. The essence of using the blockchain technology is to take advantage and leveraging on its unique innovative features which include Transparency, safety, security, Decentralization, Immutability etc, to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in the industries.  Hyponoxy team has also found the need to integrate its platform which has to do with chatting industry into the blockchain technology in order to enhance effective, safe and secured and decentralized chatting and instant messaging globally.

However, since the invention of the internet, the chatting industries have added value to communication globally. It has made it easy to chat with friends, families, and business partners and collogues around the world.

Nevertheless, irrespective of the importance of chatting and messaging and availability of several messaging platforms, there are a lot of factors influencing the efficient and effective communication using these messenger Apps.  Some of the factors include:

  1. Lack of adequate security of users information and data.
  2. Lack of complete privacy of users
  3. The present of annoying ads that pops up on the messenger App
  4. The need to download several messenger Apps on different platforms to be able to communicate effectively
  5. Centralized system controlling user’s data and chats.


Considering the challenges listed above and more which affect the chatting industries, HYPNOXY’s Team of seasoned professionals and experienced men have decided to design an innovating chatting platform on the blockchain where users will have a better chatting experience with security and privacy of their own Data. Hypnoxy is creating a Decentralized messenger that will completely hide the identity of users from the general platform when sending instant messages.



HYPNOXY chatting platform is designed with innovative features that will meet the needs of all users.  It is designed to solve the problems faced when using other chatting platforms. Some of the unique features include:

  1. With Hypnoxy protocol, users have the benefits of deciding whether to add advertisement on the app or not, and if they accept to activate any ads, they are been paid for it. This is a unique feature that is not found in the traditional messengers, there unnecessary and annoying ads pops up at random and interrupt user’s chats.
  2. With Hypnoxy App, users have the benefit of earning revenues as they use the App for chatting.
  3. With Hypnoxy, there is a guarantee of security and safety of data and information because the platform is built on the ethereum protocol. As such any Data stored on the blockchain cannot be manipulated, stolen or changed.
  4. Hypnoxy chatting platform is decentralized; this allows the users to be sure of anonymity and also avoids the use of a central server as instant messaging on Hypnoxy app is designed to be peer to peer in nature .
  5. On Hypnoxy chatting App users can make use of cryptocurrencies, fiats and enable automated payment for services on the platform.



Hypnoxy App is created with some great and innovative tools that will enhance the experience of users in instant messaging globally. Some of the features include;

  1. There is a tool that enables users to safely and conveniently chat on public groups.
  2. The feature of Hypnoxy allows both individual and group chats.
  3. Hyponoxy App will allow users to enjoy audio call with end to end encryption which enhances security, safety as well as privacy.

4 There is also a tool that allows users to also speak on video with other users of the App.

  1. Users will earn revenue from the activation of Ads.
  2. Users of Hypnoxy will be able to transfer the token HYPX from one user to another.



Hypnoxy has created a token on the ethereum blockchain that will serve as the main driver of the ecosystem.  HYPX will be used for several activities on the platform as well as other cryptocurrencies including ethereum .  Hypnoxy team has taken it upon themselves to create an opportunity for those, who do not have any knowledge about the use of cryptocurrencies and how it works to learn by using the App. Every user will be trained on how cryptocurencies and the blockchain technology work.


  1. The token will be used in paying for rewards and incentives to users on the platform.
  2. Users will earn HYPX token when they download Hypnoxy App and activate ads on the app.
  3. Users will earn hypx for viewing the ads on the App they don’t necessarily have to download the advertised App before earning.
  4. HYPX can also be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum.



Holders of HYPX will benefit a whole lot.  They will have the privilege of making profits from the token, this is because with the unique features of the Hypnoxy a lot of people will download and use it and by so doing, the value of the token will drastically increase.  Also holding HYPX token gives users access to the platform. Good enough, HYPX is already trading on Coinexchange trading platform.




It’s really an interesting idea to have an instant messaging App such as Hypnoxy, with the use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency , this chatting App is designed to transform the chatting industry globally .  the plan of the developers to train users who do not know how to use  cryptocurrency   and make them understand and be able to use cryptocurrencies , is one feature that will not only transform the chatting industry but will increase adoption of the blockchain technology and the use of cryptocurrencies globally.  Hypnoxy is therefore the kind of chatting App every crypto enthusiast should embrace and be a part of since it’s meant to have a huge positive effect on crypto world and add value to the blockchain technology.

However, since this article has not captures all the unique features and advantages of Hypnoxy, I advise my readers to also read Hypnoxy Website: https://www.hypnoxys.com/ and white paperhttps://hypnoxys.com/docs/HYPX-whitepaper-0.8.pdf to obtain more information and updates concerning this unique project.


For more information and updates please visit the links below:

Website: https://www.hypnoxys.com/

White paper: https://hypnoxys.com/docs/HYPX-whitepaper-0.8.pdf

Telegram; https://t.me/hypnoxys

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hypnoxys/

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