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In the past, programmers worked on peer-to-peer protocol, allowing universities and research labs to establish simple communication between users of the same computer.

The Zephyr Notification Service, also created at MIT through Project Athena in the 1980s, used Unix to locate and send messages to users. Some institutions, including MIT and Carnegie Mellon University, still use the service.

With the development of technology, precisely in 1996, Israeli company Mirabilis launched ICQ, a text-based messenger that is the first to really reach a widespread market of online users. ICQ is allowed for multi-user chats, transfers files, a searchable user directory and more.

But the turning point in the development of the instant messaging industry occurred in 1997, when AOL launched AIM, attracting a new generation of tech-savvy Internet users. When you think of AIM, you can probably hear the sounds of opening and closing doors when friends appeared and disappeared on your Buddy List.

With the development of technology, many messaging platforms have emerged, and the most popular of them is WhatsApp. WhatsApp. offering messaging services with encryption technology, which secures messages from users. But is that true? the answer is no! Often we hear someone’s conversation through a messaging platform that is leaked to the public. Of course, this is detrimental to the user! not to mention government regulations and centralized systems that are still used by many messaging platforms.

The solution to this problem is a system of encryption and decentralization. And this is what Hypnoxys wants to do now. An encrypted and decentralized messaging platform that will secure user messages.

Hypnoxys: Decentralize the Chatting Industry Through Blockchain Technology

The blockchain technology can be practically applied to any industry. Agriculture, banking, healthcare, education, e-commerce, property, mining, retail, transport and logistics, media and entertainment, automotive- the list goes on. A thorough understanding of its implementation will yield the areas where it can be applied and in what way.

Advantages of using Blockchain is it uses protected cryptography to secure the data ledgers. Also, the current ledger is dependent on its adjacent completed block to complete the cryptography process.

By implementing this solution within the messaging platform, it is possible to build an app that is developed on the basis of P2P communication without the participation of servers, distributed data storage inIPFS and end-to-end encryption. The encryption ensures that data is secure and resistant to attacks. The use of asymmetric end-to-end encryption and P2P connections between Hypnoxys applications eliminates the possibility of intercepting user correspondence. Hypnoxys users have the option of storing correspondence in IPFS. All user data is stored in an encrypted form. Data security is provided by duplicating data on multiple nodes.

The Features of Hypnoxys

  • Encrypted
  • HYPX-crypt algorithm helps prevent unintended recipients from viewing it.
  • Decentralized
  • Using a decentralized network through blockchain technology will give privacy to our users.
  • Incentivated
  • Activating the ads in our app will give many people the opportunity to generate revenue.
  • User-friendly
  • With our user-friendly app our chat can give a good experience to every user around the globe.

Hypnoxys in Everyday Life

  • Users can chat safely and comfortably from wherever they want. All messages will be encrypted to secure information for various parties.
  • For business users, Hypnoxys can also be used as a communication channel for many businesses. It will enable business users to create their business channels that contain news and company promotions, as well as conduct interactive promotions, including remuneration and getting paid using Hypnoxys advertising system.
  • Hypnoxys allows for channels to be created in it which are subscription based with payments in tokens. Customers are rewarded for their time in the app and this encourages the developers to add more features in the app.
  • All the main functions of Hypnoxys are absolutely free. A fee is charged 2% for the conversion between HYPXR to HYPX tokens. Due to our HYPXR system (Hypnoxys as a reward), the company generates money by the conversion of the tokens generated by users viewing ads.
  • Thanks to the optimization and code refactoring, the Hypnoxys application will not occupy much space in the device memory, and the use of hardware encryption will save battery power thus helping many people across the globe to access the app.

In Conclusion

Hypnoxys offers our industry a new way to be able to use instant messaging services without a central party to worry about the security of your chats in an encrypted and transparent way using blockchain technology.

Token Sales

The revolutionary Hypnoxys protocol is powered by its own HYPX tokens (ERC20). These tokens, built around Ethereum smart contract technology is the primary medium of value exchange over the Hypnoxys protocol.

For more information about Hypnoxys , you can send a message to https://t.me/hypnoxys

Website: https://www.hypnoxys.com/

Whitepaper: https://hypnoxys.com/docs/HYPX-whitepaper-0.8.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/hypnoxys

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hypnoxys/

Bitcointalk Username : Thymoty

Bitcointalk Profile Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1072412



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