Good afternoon, my dear crypto-enthusiasts, and today I want to tell you about the wonderful and promising HYPNOXYS and its advantages.


Hypnoxys is a sophisticated solution to classical social networks, complementing it all the more powerful technology, which aims to protect all data types, and reliable encryption.

The very same application architecture is designed on the principle of P2P communications, which allows you to quickly and safely interact with each individual participant with each other. In this case, a specially developed algorithm encrypts all data transmitted within Hypnoxys, regardless of whether they are in text, audio or video format.

Hypnoxys want to offer our industry a new way to be able to use instant messaging services without central party to worry about the security of your chats in an encrypted and transparent way using blockchain technology. The Hypnoxys protocol allows users to be paid to use the app. The app has a functionality that allows it to add ads on the app to obtain more revenues. During each account creation ads are disabled because we don t want obligate our users to add ads like other apps. We give the decision to our users giving the opportunity to decide if they want obtain extra money. After ads are enabled you can hold 5 ,000,000 HYPX tokens then automatically we provide the accelerator for the time you spend on our app.


Hypnoxys is the solution to the underlying insecurities and privacy of the personal datas you use on social media with its decentralized dynamic blockchain technology and reliable encryption service protocol that incentivizes users of it application.
Hypnoxys with it aim to decentralized the chatting industry developed it’s chatting app whose principle of operation is based on Peer to peer communication mode with the elimination of servers as well removing the possibility of interference to aid communication between participants with required end to end encryption of participants data for security against cyber attacks


After extensive research and findings, the hypnoxys team incorporated quite a number of useful features in the hypnoxys app to enhance communication and social needs of individuals as well as well bringing an increase in the rate of blockchain adoption globally.
Hypnoxys app will offer users access to initiate individual and group text chats, public group chats, make audio and video calls between one another. Hypnoxys token will also made transferable through the app between as they use the platform

What do you stand to gain while using Hypnoxys?

The Hypnoxys protocol offers it’s users a number of interesting features which include;

  • Payment for using the app: The Hypnoxys protocol offers users the opportunity to earn while using the app as long as you can afford to stake 5 million HYPX tokens which is the local token within the Hypnoxys ecosystem. You will then automatically earn if you decide to view ads and based on the length of time spent on the app.
  • P2P and end-to-end encypted chats: All chats on the platform go directly from the sender to the recipient without the participation of servers. By building the Hypnoxys platform on the Ethereum blockchain, any chance of user correspondence being intercepted is eliminated.
  • Enjoying the best of blockchain technology without concerning yourself with the fundamentals: The Hypnoxys platform leverages on blockchain technology to offer you the best possible chatting app without requiring you to have any prior knowledge of blockchain technology.

Features of the Hypnoxys platform

  • Individual and group text chats
  • Public groups and chats
  • Audio calls
  • Video calls
  • HYPX transfers between users
  • The accelerator of ads revenue


Thus Hypnoxys offers its users advanced tools for social communication with their friends and family. Moreover, this application will be relevant for corporate members of society, where it is very important to maintain a fast, transparent and secure communication with each other. At the same time use a powerful encryption algorithm when communicating with each other. This application has a reliable decentralized security system that protects the data of all users from any fraudulent interventions and other hacker attacks.

To maintain the same balance within the system contributes to the developed smart contract. This naturally affects all operational activities, allowing you to carry out any transactions quickly and with minimal costs.

The details of the ICO

The platform itself is based on the Ethereum blockchain, and its internal token has the ERC20 standard. This fact makes Hypnoxys tokens very accessible, as they can be stored on any wallet that supports ERC20 standard. If we talk about sales, the ICO started in February this year, so you can buy HYPX tokens now, using such popular cryptocurrencies as BTC and ETH.

In total, about 75% of the total number of coins will be allocated for sales, which is more than 31 billion tokens. If we talk about the cost of these coins, while the developers provide the exchange rate of HYPX relative to 1 BTC and 1 ETH.

The distribution of tokens is as follows:


If we talk about the project itself, its idea is quite reasonable, because the world really needs reliable and safe communication tools. This means that theoretically he will succeed. However, it is not necessary to forget and about risks associated with investment in ICO projects. Therefore, before making any decision, carefully study this project, because my review is only for informational purposes and is not a professional or expert opinion.

To understand all the details of the project will help you its official resources, where you will find answers to all your questions. And that’s it for me and see you soon!

Official resources of the project Hypnoxys:

WEBSITE: https://www.hypnoxys.com
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/hypnoxys
WHITEPAPER: https://hypnoxys.com/docs/HYPX-whitepaper-0.8.pdf
ANN THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5112908
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/hypnoxys
MEDIUM: https://medium.com/@hypnoxys
ANDROID APP: https://hypnoxys.com/apps/android/hypx_0.6.2.apk
GITHUB: https://github.com/hypnoxys


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