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The IAH project (I Am Hero) aims to create a platform where job hunters (what the team calls “Heros”) and their bosses can match. Both job seekers and employers will benefit from using their platforms and tokens to facilitate the creation of appropriate profiles and services. Do not think anyway that this is just another run-of-the-mill job search platform, as it aims to be more than that.

To begin with, there will be unique scores that each platform member has that can not be manipulated like a traditional platform. How? These scores are stored in blockchain and use the benefits of ledger technology to verify that the score has not been tampered with. The score itself is not counted by anyone but the unchanging AI engine which considers about 150 factors in determining the member’s score. Only token holders have access to this score.

Once employees and bosses match, there is no legal or regulatory platform that prevents outside communication of the platform as with traditional job hunting sites. Since this platform aims to decentralize itself, many of these common control issues will be minimized or eradicated. However, IAH still recommends staying in touch on the platform to ensure accountability and prevention of offenders, but the fact that they are not acting spiritually is a good sign to me as someone who advocates decentralized technology.

Benefits for entrepreneurs are also numerous – this platform will allow auction type systems where specific tasks and jobs can be pegged by project members, and bosses can decide who wants to allocate projects based on bidded prices and score members.

Service Description
iamhero.io is a service with which candidates access specific Job oers which match their exact qualifications and where Employers have access to highly qualified personnel for their specific needs in a new and refreshing way. The system uses high
performance AI (Artificial Intelligence) to match both parties and establish connectivity between them. This allows professional individuals who are capable of delivering what is needed to companies who are in desperate search of them.
Fees are charged for the use of the service by both parties and extra contractual fees to companies for placement when matching and hiring has been concluded; thereby insuring a constant revenue inflow for expansion and future development of the IAMHERO system.


System IAMHERO and IAMHERO coins

The most important question most investors will have is what goals will be played on the platform. Actually, IAH tokens are at the core of all activity on stage. You know, to hire an employee or issue a project assignment that must be obeyed, IAH tokens are required. All contracts on the platform are kept in an unchanged Smart Contract. The evidence is kept in this Intelligent Contract and transferred to the IAH platform as payment to hire someone. This is where the decentralized basic nature of the platform should shine.

Future Opportunities:
IAMHERO is poised to becoming the leading platforms for HR and career searches In the not too distant future. Our mission is focused toward helping people find the jobs they aspire to while still in their educational phase whether in college, university, trade school or other training.
Furthermore, it is in our opinion that Hiring and service contracts between employers and employees should be organized and established through blockchain supported ledgers using smart contracts. These work similar to value transaction smart contracts in which both parties agree on a detailed smart contract while the blockchain takes care of its fair and impartial execution.
The result of the work order is analyzed via the blockchain, which in turn adjusts accordingly and releases the payment via the smart contract. A set of rules in the
blockchain autonomously converts/executes the contractual transactions through this system while remaining value-neutral.


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