I Am Hero — An Upcoming Job Hunting ICO for Heros

iamhero.io is a service with which candidates access specific Job offers which match their exact qualifications and where Employers have access to highly qualified personnel for their specific needs in a new and refreshing way. The system uses high
performance AI (Artificial Intelligence) to match both parties and establish connectivity between them.
This allows professional individuals who are capable of delivering what is needed to companies who are in desperate search of them. Fees are charged for the use of the service by both parties and extra contractual fees to companies for placement when matching and hiring has been concluded; thereby insuring a constant revenue
inflow for expansion and future development of the IAMHERO system.

Technologies are developed to serve people and make life easier so that we have more personal time for and with our families. Great technologies are useless if they do not help people. At IAMHERO, our main goal is to create practical and high performance applications tailored to the market so that everyone can benefit from them. Our
passion and enthusiasm is directed towards helping people with these new technologies and solving the industry’s problems on a global scale.
Simultaneously, we like to enable people to participate in our problem solving processes. It has become apparent through experience that perfection can only be achieved when anyone can become a contributing part of a project which concerns everyone. Ideas and new concepts flow in from multiple sources and from these ideas and concepts, practical strategies can be derived to solve the inconsistencies and problems which arise in the marketplace.

We are using the IAHC (Coin) to elevate the work compensation to a fair level while increasing security and stability for people in the general workforce.
The Iamhero project consists of 3 principal components;
1. An Online resume feature for users;
2. An Employer feature section (account) for job/project promoters;
3. The Ability to book freelancers or post jobs/tasks that can be bided on by freelancers


The team consists of highly qualified professionals who are engaged in their work that continually improves system functionality, adds new features and poses new innovative ideas, enhances functionality. They are highly experienced in creating customized and customized online solutions and products, as well as conceptualized with consumers. This allows IAMHERO to reach an unprecedented level
usability and quality which in turn ensures actual, actual optimized solutions rather than failed attempts to fix the underlying problem in the job search industry. The team also has many collective experiences relative to the integration of modern technologies such as; AI technology, their blocks and platforms, Data security and privacy protection along with relevant software such as ruby ​​on rails, Tensorflow, and others.


2 billion (2,000,000,000) IAHC coins will be created. 25% of those or 500 million IAHC Coins will be sold at the ICO. The aim is to raise 7142 ETH., which equates to approximately 7.142 ETH at current rates, with the crowd sale at a coin price of 0.0000142 ETH. Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 70,000 IAHC coin. This may change with ETH exchange rates. Numbers are best eort estimates as of October 10th 2017. The final numbers and fixed ETH amount will be announced before the start of the crowd

Why the IAHC coin?
The IAHC is being used to handle all transactions on the iamhero.io platform, while enabling the full transparency of all revenue flows and distributions in and out of the projects which are being channeled through the system.

How IAHC usage functions on the user’s end:
1) The IAHC is used to handle all internal transactions on iamhero.io. A freelancer or an agency is assigned a contract which is handled via the smart contract on the blockchain. As soon as the work has been completed to the satisfaction of the client, the freelancer/agency is paid in IAHC coins.
2) An employer must pay the fees charged for every contact they wish to make in the matching system using IAHC Coins they have purchased from IAH in $USD.
3) An employer finds a new candidate via iamhero.io and wants to hire him/her. If the new employee accepts the position and works for at least 4 months for the employer, the employer has to pay a fee of 15% of the yearly salary to Iamhero (the minimum yearly salary is 30,000 $USD) and the payment is made in $USD which is immediately converted into IAHC Coins.

Total Supply of Coins

Token Utility:

The most important question most investors will have is what goals will be played on the platform. Actually, IAH tokens are at the core of all activity on stage. You know, to hire an employee or issue a project assignment that must be obeyed, IAH tokens are required. All contracts on the platform are kept in an unchanged Smart Contract. The evidence is kept in this Intelligent Contract and transferred to the IAH platform as payment to hire someone. This is where the decentralized basic nature of the platform should shine.

In addition to its practical features, revenue generated from the site will be shared with IAH token holders. This is one of the few projects aimed at offering useful tokens for both utilities and revenue sharing.



Website            : https://iamhero.io/
Facebook          : https://www.facebook.com/iamhero.io/
Twitter              : https://twitter.com/iamheroio
Instagram         : https://www.instagram.com/iamhero.io/

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