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The IAH (I Am Hero) venture expects to make a stage whereby work seekers (what the group calls “Saints”) and businesses can coordinate. Both occupation searchers and businesses will discover advantage in utilizing the stage and its token to encourage profile creation and coordinating administrations. Try not to think however this is simply one more common occupation seeking stage, as it intends to be significantly more than that.

In any case, there will be a one of a kind score that every individual from the stage has that can’t be controlled like with conventional stages. In what manner or capacity? This score is put away on the blockchain and utilizations the advantages of record innovation to check that scores haven’t been altered. The score itself isn’t ascertained by anybody but instead a permanent AI motor that thinks about somewhere in the range of 150 factors in deciding a part’s score. Just token holders will approach this score.

After workers and bosses coordinate, there are no stage laws or directions which forestall correspondence outside the stage like with customary occupation chasing destinations. Since the stage intends to decentralize itself, a ton of these normal issues of control will be limited or annihilated. IAH however does at present prescribe keeping correspondence inside the stage so as to guarantee responsibility and anticipate malevolent performing artists, however the reality they’re not hypercritical about the standards is a decent sign to me as somebody who advocates decentralized innovation.

The advantages for bosses are likewise numerous — the stage will permit a bartering compose framework whereby particular undertakings and occupations can be bidded on by venture individuals, and managers can choose who they need to dispense a task to in view of the bidded cost and the individuals score.

Utility of the Token

The most imperative inquiries most speculators will have is the thing that reason the token will play on the stage. Actually, IAH tokens are the substance of all exercises on the stage. To enlist workers or issue venture undertakings to be bidded upon, IAH tokens are required. All agreements on the stage are put away in real changeless Smart Contracts. The tokens are put away inside these Smart Contracts and exchanged to the IAH stage as installment for procuring somebody. This is the place the decentralized idea of the stage should sparkle.

Notwithstanding its functional highlights, income that is produced from the site will be appropriated to IAH token holders. This is one of only a handful couple of undertakings that expect to offer a token that is helpful for both utility purposes and income sharing.

ICO will have a hard hat of USD 5m

IAMHERO Coin (IAHC), IAHC is a coin based on the Ethereal platform.

The developer intends to have IAHC listed in a number of virtual currency exchanges. Due to the nature and mechanics of IAHC as described here, the Developer also aims to have the IAHC market value increase over time. However, there is no guarantee that the increase in market value can be achieved by the Developer.

If you decide to participate in Initial Coin Oering as a form of investment, Developers expressly warn you that (IAHC) is not an investment product and also not in accordance with such Securities Act, and investment in IAMHERO Coin (IAHC) has a high risk level.

2 billion (2,000,000,000) IAHC coins will be made. 25% of them or 500 million IAHC Coins will be sold on ICO. The goal is to increase 7142 ET, which is equivalent to about 7,142 ETH at current levels, with the sale of the crowd with the coin price of 0.0000142 ETH. Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 70,000 IAHC coins. This may change with the ETH exchange rate. The figure is the best estimate on October 10, 2017. The final number and the number of ETHs will still be announced before the start of the sale of the crowd.

Ethereum Proceeds


1. Project

Almost everyone in the world needs a resume to present themselves in their areas of expertise relevant to the Global Industry or to present their services as a professional freelancer to the Marketplace.

Relocating ‘Resume Function’ into the fast paced online world is long overdue. Therefore, we have undertaken the task of ensuring that freelancers receive a levy on the work they undertake and as a result, the employer accepts high-quality jobs and the ideal employee who answers

A very ambitious project started more than a year ago to create this important automated system using AI and special software capable of delivering this mammoth task. IAMHERO has achieved a very high level of efficiency and speed in this venture and has launched this product in its Beta stage. Testing is almost complete and the results are very satisfactory. Our primary goal has been achieved and now we only improve system functionality on end users.

We now provide outstanding software solutions for industries that everyone can easily understand and immediately use them anywhere in the world. We will soon translate these services in several different languages

and will eventually become available globally in most languages.

IAMHERO and IAMHERO coin systems


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