If you have ever longed for the future in entertainment and media industry, that future is finally here.  Smartchain media has arrived with a magical idea that will forever revolutionize the entertainment world.  Smartchain media have brought a way to harmonize needs and supply. They have proffered a solution to lack of satisfaction on the part of the consumers of the entertainment stuffs all around the world.

It has been severally observed that, content problem have made many digital TV consumers to either switch from channel to channel because of the dilemma of where to settle because the contents are not most of the time constant. Some also find themselves abandoning the digital TV and its antennae completely since many of the contents seem to be imposed upon them since the station owners merely impose content on the consumers since there is no democracy of choices from the consumers.

However, we cannot completely lay the blame on the producers of the contents since they have no way of properly sampling the opinions of the consumers. They have to rely most of the time on their discretion to determine what they feel the consumers will appreciate seeing.

You may ask me how Smartchain media can help solve this obviously helpless feeling, and I will tell you that I’ve not heard of such a great, brilliant and satisfactory proposition in years since I’ve been a victim of unwanted and unmerited content. Smartchain media have simply designed a way to call an online meeting where all consumers interested in a particular form of content can come together and fund the kind of content they desire to consume. This, as the name Smartchain implies connects people all across the world with the unity of purpose.


An app has been developed to this end named iprodoos powered by blockchain. Iprodoos is a three in one application as it has a streaming platform that harmonizes crowd funding, premium content and social media. This app runs on all devices be it mobile phones, computers, smart TV, and set top boxes with equally fast and reliable speed for instant online streaming of contents.

I don’t want us to view this development as consumers biased, it is highly beneficial to producers of online content as well since it helps them streamline their audience as well as easily track those interested in their content via the iprodoos application.

As online streaming is growing by the day, Smartchain media idea will greatly help viewers’ economy as they will not only be required to fund the content they desire, but they will also be able to earn revenue while streaming their loved content.

This will also be a great platform for feedbacks since consumers will be able to express their views about any content to the end that such contents may be improved; which will invariably translate into the entertainment industry becoming a super cool environment with constant revolution and innovation.

Not only that, iprodoos eliminates middlemen and takes unnecessary advertisements out of the screen.

I subscribe to this, take my word for it, you will like it too.


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