I recently made a new discovery in the field of blockchain energy – Windhand Energy


I recently made a new discovery in the field of blockchain energy – Windhand Energy

I believe that Windhan Energy is a serious player in the cryptocurrency market and the energy sector. Due to the fact that this company has a number of agreements to carry out its work in the country of Kazakhstan. Also, the developers of this project signed contracts for the supply of natural energy to a number of large companies from Kazakhstan.

  • What do you think is the main sign of a successful ICO project?

In my opinion, there must be a finished product. And also, the product should be absolutely promising and be ready for introduction into public life.

Such a product has Windhan Energy. Windmills are the best device for generating natural energy. Natural energy is a renewable source and completely safe for the ecosystem.

This method of natural energy production is a popular method in some countries , such as the USA, Canada and New Zealand

Also, I want to Express my respect to the team of this project. Many teams at this time remain anonymous and we can not see them or how to check the information. Windhan Energy has solved this issue and we can freely check each of the team members on their own by visiting linkedin. Team is respectful to their investors and therefore the cost of the work of the team was only 8%.

  • Huge SoftCap and HardCap

Yes, I understand that the Windhan project is very financially dependent. Because more than 75% of the total budget is allocated for the construction of windmills. But I don’t think that’s a problem. Since this project is aimed at the institutional investor, softcap points out.

I am not surprised by such a large volume of SoftCap, namely 170 million Euros. I agree with the developers. Because would’ve built something big, they require a grand investment.

Large investors will be able to get contracts for the provision of services in Kazakhstan, and small investors will be able to positively influence the future of the blockchain and get a good profit from the sale of the token on the exchange.

  • The fate of the token after listing on the exchange.

After the end of token sell, Windhan Energy plans to enter the LATOKEN exchange. The price of this coin will be very dynamic and can change its values in the first days of trading. I am sure that the dynamics will not be negative because this project is the flagship of the Kazakh energy industry. The price of the coin will be undermined by the financial influences of large investors and it will not be afraid of demping in the initial stages of trading.

  • The Future Of Windhan Energy

The future of this project is wonderful. This technology is gradually being introduced all over the world. But 1 billion people are without electricity. I am sure that this project will be effective and necessary for humanity. I believe that Windhan will be able to interest large financial funds and realize the project.

I am ready to support the founders of this project. Because the market is now a huge number of scammers who do not want to change anything. Windhan Energy project is a breath of fresh air. They have a serious team of professionals. Windhan Energy can change the world.

Humanity is in an energy trap. Many energy sources are non-renewable and have a negative impact on nature. Energy from the air, electrification of remote areas, portable energy sources, ease of utilities payments. All these problems are solved by Windhan Energy.

I will observe the development of this project and have already started to save money for my windmill)

Website : https://windhanenergy.io/
Whitepaper : https://windhanenergy.io/file/whitepaper-English.pdf
OnePager : https://windhanenergy.io/file/onepager.pdf
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/windhanenergy/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/@EnergyWindhan
Telegram : https://t.me/windhanenergyofficial



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