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iAM is a single lifetime personal health record under your control. Comprehensive, up to date & available on any device. SMART shares your data to get the best health results. GPS for your health 

iAM solves one of the biggest failure points in health care with our distributed system. Patients with long-term conditions without failing to receive warnings, reminders and follow-up. This is processed automatically, does not require effort or resources from doctors, practice staff, or patients.

The iAM integrated platform solves the biggest health problems including insurance fraud, medication compliance, prescription abuse, and also the problem of portability of medical data. With Guardtime, Healthcare Gateway, and DXS company partners our solutions will be accessible to more than 70% of the UK population.

We secure records using the industrial scale Keyless Signature Infrastructure. It provides patients with personal care records that are compatible with GDPR and HIPAA that cannot be changed. Smart users share their health record data through Guardtime (HSX) Health Information Exchange. The iAM platform uses smart contracts to regulate digital transactions and payments in our health care economy.

What is Instant Medical Access?

Instant Medical Access changes everything by making a single lifetime health record under your control. Easy and portable management of health data in comprehensive and up-to-date records and the ability to share SMART with health professionals to get the best results.

Instant Medical Access has real world intellectual property. Their health record solution – HealthOne – has been used for more than 30 years by more than 3,000 doctors in 5 countries, 4 languages ​​and 18 specialties. The CEO and their team have real-world experience in the fields of medicine, health, business and technology with a successful track record in building and delivering EHR, personal care records, treatment lines, electronic prescription exchanges, pharmaceutical systems and health benefits, clinical decision support systems, pharmaceutical management company, as well as a successful consulting career with multinational companies and major potential client systems such as the NHS in the UK.


Patients want their best health outcomes, the lowest out-of-pocket costs, and the ability to manage their health records directly from their cellphones. Patients are very concerned about cyber criminals who target their medical data. This data is now worth 100x more than the number of credit cards! They want to guarantee their personal and safe health records.

Doctors and providers want to increase their productivity and income while giving patients high-quality care and the lowest possible costs.

Insurers want to predict risk, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. This is possible with high-quality risk assessment and claim handling. All insurance needs to be appropriate, current health information, and the desire to significantly reduce health care fraud. Such fraud is currently a $ 260 billion problem worldwide.

Researchers want to gain access to anonymous longitudinal personal health care data for health analysts.

Partners want to strengthen influence, attract and retain more customers, and access the broader health care market.

AI analysts are very hungry for health data.


iAM makes patient health data actively active by automatically creating unique and personalized care pathways specifically for each patient. This application combines multilingual warnings, reminders, and follow-up to guide patients to their best health outcomes. These can all be accessed on the patient’s cellphone. Decentralized technology also guarantees the safety of health data for each patient.

IAM’s personal care records are digital, proactive, and can be accessed anywhere in the health care setting.

This saves doctors time, and time is the same as money. Our records use the world’s best evidence to improve the quality of patient care. Personalized care lines ensure that our solutions provide the best costumes at the lowest cost. Patient data is stored and shared safely. It can only be accessed and updated with the owner’s concentration.

With concentration, insurance companies gain access to comprehensive, real-time data through the iAM personal care record platform. All care records are personalized according to athlete’s evidence-based care. Insurers will be able to conduct risk assessments to optimize efficiency and reduce claims handling costs. Decentralized allows the safe distribution of irreversible personal health care data which is evidence of fraud and evidence of damage.

IAM’s personal care record allows researchers to access patient data that is comprehensive, longitudinal, multilingual, structured, coded, and anonymous. Patients also benefit from sharing their personal identification data by getting iAM prizes and discounts.

iAM allows partners to temporarily label iAM personal care records and package them with their own solutions. This increases efficiency, reduces costs, brings in new customers, and increases customer loyalty

There is no source of health data for AI that is better than a complete, comprehensive, elongated, multilingual, structured personal care record. IAM personal care records provide real time access to the best data for AI Analystics.

Critical Issues

Patients, doctors, insurance companies, researchers, public health institutions, and large pharmacies often have different goals. But they generally face similar problems. Some examples include:

$ 260 billion lost due to health insurance fraud

73% Year-on-year increase in mortality due to prescription abuse

Lack of data portability limits the choice of patients and insurance companies

$ 290 billion lost treatment due to non-compliance

Cybercriminals target medical data

Digitalisation alone does not ensure that records can be trusted


iAM provides new ways to manage your health travel and personal care data. We achieve this by integrating existing IT infrastructure with modern technology:

Sharing a SMART Contract

Record & Cellular Care Application

Signature Infrastructure Without Key Industry Scale

iAM Structured Data Interface

EHRs Klinik Silo

iAM puts users in control of their own health data. Users manage their own personal health records and share them with doctors, hospitals, care providers and other health care participants. iAM presents individuals who choose to share their anonymous health data with iAM tokens.

Members pay to keep their records safely on our blockchain, share with health care professionals, and write to their records using IoT devices.

Members complete payment for health services with iAM tokens. These transactions create the iAM tokenized health care economy.

Detail Token

  • Symbol: IAM
  • PRICE: $ 0.40
  • Token supply: 500,000,000
  • Token Type: ERC20 Utility Token
  • Nilai: 1 IAM = $ 0,40 USD
  • PRE-ICO Start Date: 24 / September / 2018
  • PRE-ICO END Date: 25 / October / 2018
  • ICO ICO Start Date: 25 / October / 2018
  • ICO ICO End Date: 31 / December / 2018
  • During pre-ICO: 0 – 40 000 000 IAM -> 80% discount, price: 1 IAM = $ 0.08 USD
  • During ICO Stage 1: iAM 25,000,000 -> 60% discount 1 IAM = $ 0.16 USD
  • During ICO Stage 2: iAM 25,000,000 -> discount 40% 1 IAM = $ 0.24 USD
  • During ICO Stage 3: 25,000,000 iAM -> discount of 20% 1 IAM = $ 0.32 USD
  • During ICO Stage 4: 25,000,000 iAM -> 0% discount 1 IAM = $ 0.4 USD

Token distribution

  • 50% sales for buyers in sales tokens
  • 38% Proposed iAM
  • 8% Team & Founder
  • 2% Community Engagement
  • 2% Bounty Campaign
  • 75% of health service delivery ($ 26 million)
  • 25% Platform Development & Launch Fee ($ 9M)
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For more information please follow this resource:

Website: https://www.instantaccessmedical.io/

ANN Thread:   https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5039302.0

Telegram:  https://t.me/iAMcommunity

Reddit:  https://www.reddit.com/r/InstantAccessMedical/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/IAMHealth4Life/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJjoVE28KculQy8PlbvzbyA

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