The IAME Identification Network could be a suburbanized identification system engineered for the Blockchain scheme. The system permits parties in Blockchain dealingss to verify the identity of every alternative while not having to disclose non-essential sensitive personal info to alternative parties concerned within the transaction. The system achieves this by fragmenting info into unintelligible knowledge items that area unit then distributed to a mess of freelance third-party validators UN agency verify the believability of every of those fragments.

IAME IDENTIFICATION NETWORK is planning the distinctive resolution for the safety and dependableness of identity and knowledge within the digital world. The fragmented identity rule is employed for the aim of securing the identities on the varied digital platform. The rule works terribly expeditiously. It fragments the identity documents into several items and distributes it to any third parties. totally different party validators ensure the provision of the authentic knowledge. The client, AN allocation server, a validation server, a writeable blockchain ANd an identity server area unit the core elements of the IAME Identification network.

The planned IAME Identification Network would have a core that consists of

  1. a consumer,
  2. AN allocation server,
  3. a validation server,
  4. a writeable blockchain, and
  5. AN identity server. every element would perform specific functions which will be incontestable in two methodes – a validation process, ANd an identification method.

There area unit 2 methodes dispensed systematically on the platformm; validation method and identification process. Market demand and also the price of validation confirm the worth of IAM Token within the network. Another rule planned by the team for the third party validation method is Trial rule. it’s a bilaterally symmetrical game model that may encourage truthful validation.

Rewards and Ranking system is formed to bring openness and truth regarding the third party validators. smart third party validators area unit rewarded and hierarchic higher than the unhealthy third-party validators. the info repository engineered by the network may be used for multiple applications, like e-commerce and money services.


To operate the IAME Identification Network, a practical token are issued, referred to as the IAM Token, which might operate as a validation token to initiate confirmation requests for validation packets on the IAME Identification Network. Parties would pay the token through the IAME Identification Network consumer and when deduction of equivalent blockchain hashing prices, the balance of IAM token would be paid out as reward to third-party validators UN agency operate the validation processes on a for-profit basis.

This would attribute not a store useful to the token however a market price supported natural demand and provide for identification processes. the worth of the IAM Token would be, in essence, determined by two factors:

  1. the value of validation, which might be proportional to the money price of hashing the requested quantity of knowledge on the selected blockchain, setting a floor for the token
  2. Market demand, which might be proportional to the demand for blockchain identification supported the IAME Identification Network.

Because of the the short-lived side of knowledge validation within the field of identification, market demand would stay revenant ANd would solely increase with an magnified adoption of the IAME Identification Network.

Identity loss is one in all the largest challenges within the current setup of the technology setting. Anyone may be the victim of fraud and loose quality of his digital life. folks became very cautious regarding the most recent technology platform in terms of sharing their knowledge and knowledge. Securing the Digital identity is one in all the prime goals of the many organizations. The world needs secure digital technology within which folks will trust. knowledge is that the most vital entity within the digital world and if this platform is ready to bring a property model of identity management then it’d be the largest invention of the digital world. i believe that their rule is absolutely in correct with the info security. folks need such level of security to secure their identity and knowledge.

For more information, please visit the links below:

Website : https://iame.io/

Whitepaper : https://iame.io/res/180301-IAME-White-Paper-en.pdf

Facebook : https://facebook.com/IAMEidentity

Twitter : https://twitter.com/@iameidentity

Telegram: https://t.me/IAME_identity


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