The world now runs most of its daily activities and transactions via the internet which involves signups for different things which will always require identity verification for security reasons which leaves out personal data out there to different third-party individuals leading various cybercrime and identity theft.

The present-day system will always rely on humans having to give their personal information just to prove who they are to where its needed and in this process makes them vulnerable with the third parties who acts as intermediaries to facilitate this proof of identification.  Hackers who have developed interest in hacking into such data base makes these individuals giving out their personal information vulnerable to identity theft.

The innovation of encryption of data shared over the internet has still not taken care this problem because over 80% off the global population carries out several transactions over the internet in a week either to pay a bill, send money to kids or just to book a flight. The information of these individual keeps increasing overtime thereby increasing points of vulnerability.

The innovation of a system that surpasses the use of decryption and human verification is needed for the safety and verification of individuals and there who can’t do without daily transaction for day to day need.



The iame proposes decentralized blockchain system identification of data via fragmented means there by not exposing personal data. The data will be fragmented in such a way that the third parties will only have scatted pieces of data evidence for verification purposes. The fragmented content of data will be send to validators for confirmation making the valve of data decrease with increase with fragmentation of the data.

The validators compare the sent fragmented data to the to this and determine its identity and its sent back to the allocation servers. The fragmented date sent back to the allocation server will be evaluated based on the third parties’ validation via the numeric or Boolean on the designated blockchain.

To operate the IAME Identification Network, a functional token will be issued, known as the IAM Token, which would operate as a validation token to initiate confirmation requests for validation packets on the IAME Identification Network. Parties would spend the token through the IAME Identification Network client and after deduction of equivalent blockchain hashing costs, the balance of IAM token would be paid out as reward to third-party validators who operate the validation processes on a for-profit basis.



The Blockchian leave no loops and keeps data fragmented for validation and identification rather than traditional means which can always be breached. The designed decentralized system with the different factors to determine identification and validation gives it so much edge over other means of identification which never keeps the data information secured and also provides a solution for worst outcomes in the decentralized platform system.

With such platform invested inn I believe there will be everybody can be sure of security over their personal information and end to cybercrime.

Let’s invest in future of block chain security.


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Website: https://iame.io/

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White paper: https://iame.io/whitepaper

Telegram: https://t.me/iame_identity

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Medium: https://medium.com/@IAMEIdentity

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