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Iamhero was created to solve the major problems which have perturbed the job search industry since its inception. We studied all the elements which were of most concern to users of job search services, methods and resources being made available to Jobseekers, Employers and freelancers. Our Team of highly qualified professional programmers have innovated and optimized an AI driven matching engine on a secure base platform for over a year while developing optimal solutions to address and solve every problem the job search industry revealed, whether in methods, resources, efficacy, cost efficiency, processing speed, internet & Mobile compatibility, social media connectivity, communications optimization, database security, esthetic visual quality, global scalability, special unique feature development and much more. The result is an outstanding service which, although still in development, offers several basic features that are finally ready to launch such as the resume services, the linking potentials and a few other essential and practical features!


Almost everyone in the world needs a resume to
present themselves in their relevant field of expertise
to the global Industry or to present their services as a
professional freelancer to the Marketplace. The location of ‘Resume Function’ is fast. The world of online pacing is long overdue. Therefore, we have performed the task of ensuring that the freelancer receives a levy for the work it undertakes and consequently, the employer accepts the high quality work as well as the ideal employee who is reciprocated
for his or her specific needs.To achieve this level of optimization, a new system must be installed in a capable place handle a lot of data and processing.Data is very efficient and intelligent with very high speed.

A very ambitious project started more than a year ago
for this important automated system AI and special software capable of delivering this mammoth task IAMHERO has achieved a very high level of efficiency and speed in this endeavor and desire of
launching products in its Beta stage. Testing is almost complete and the results are very satisfactory. Our main goal has been achieved and we are now simply improving system functionality on end users.
We now provide exceptional
industrial software solutions that everyone can easily understand and immediately use anywhere in the world. We will soon be able to translate services in several languages ​​and will eventually be available globally in Indonesia.

Service Description

iamhero.io is a service by which candidates access specific jobs in accordance with appropriate qualifications and where Employers have access to highly qualified personnel for their specific needs in a new and refreshing way. The system uses a high-performing AI (Intelligence Artificial Intelligent) to match both sides and build connectivity between them. This allows professional individuals who are able to provide what is needed by companies looking for a genuine effort. They are required for the use of services by both parties and additional contract costs for placement companies when matching and recruitment have been achieved, thus insuring a constant revenue stream for the future expansion and development of the I AM HERO system.

System IAMHERO and IAMHERO coins:

I Am Hero believes that with a solid and reliable team and system, I Am Hero can provide Users, a Career Platform, safe and powerful, and provide Users with various advantages and conveniences that can enhance their experience in using search/job matching services. The I Am Hero team also believes that with systematic and professional development, I Am Hero Team can build a better platform than similar platforms.

“Together, we can all be Heroes. In the modern world we need diverse, responsible and talented professionals to shape the future together. With you, we can revolutionize and transform society.” (c) I AM HERO founder Michael Berlant

IAHC will be tradable on exchanges. We are currently in discussion with Bittrex, ElterDelta,


2015-01-05 Inception of the idea
2015-04-01 Concept Formulation
2016-02-24 Public Page Design Begins
2016-10-25 Campaign Development Launch
2016-12-01 Internal Pages & Architectural Development
2017-01-01 Frontend Design Complete
2017-02-02 Backend Programming Begins
2017-07-01 Frontend Html Version Complete
2017-08-02 Frontend Pages go online
2017-08-25 Introduction Video Complete
2017-08-26 Completion of Tensorflow AI backend integration
2018-02-20 ICO Whitelist Sale Start
2018-03-19 ICO Pre-sale launch
2018-04-20 ICO Sale Start
2018-06-01 Exchange Token Sale
2018-11-01 Full Launch with complete site functionality)
2018-12-01 IAHCOIN System Integration (Beta)
2019-03-01 Tokens system integration finalized
2019-06-01 Start in Europa (European Launch

Present Our Excellent TEAM behind the scene :

A very promising project was launched a year ago to create an important automated system using specialized software that can quickly perform all the project functions. IAMHERO achieved a high level of efficiency and speed in this effort. Testing is almost complete, and the results are very satisfactory. Our goal has been achieved, and we continue to improve system functionality on the platform.
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Ethereum Address: 0x0bdF15D19B1c37f55E36B82590DD49958439d2f9

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