Ice Rock Mining ICO – only a few days left

Some time ago, I had published a review of Ice Rock Mining here, which was about the ICO of this new company.


Now here is an update:

The ICO ha s been running since the end of January and is helping Ice Rock to raise funds for its project in order to implement it.

The project is about operating Bitcoin mining in a mountain cave and so it’s main advantage is the special location, Ice Rock has chosen for mining. This cave system was a former Soviet bunker, bought by Ice Rock Mining’s CEO, Malik Murzashev. Now he is the owner of this location and costs for rent are already done.

So, a big advantage is the passive cooling of the miners by the constant low temperature in the cave of only 12°C. The energy required for cooling is very low.

And only $ 0.03 per kWh must be paid for electricity by Ice Rock Mining.


The earnings from the mining are spent in the following way:

– 50% of the profits will be payouts to the owners of ROCK2 tokens

– 20% are reinvestments in new miners, to increase the mining performance by installing more hashpower

– 20% for repair and maintenance costs

– 10% are profits of Ice Rock Mining

The 50% profits are paid out to the owners of ROCK2 tokens by first exchanging the mined Bitcoins by a smart contract in Ethereum and sending them automatically to the addresses where the ROCK2 tokens are located.

So you only have to hold your ROCK2 token in your ETH wallet and you’ll receive the mining-profits automatically.

If you want to have a detailed look at this project, you can have a look at my review:


What happened so far?

Now the phase of financing, which started in January, is over very soon; there are only a few days left to participate in this ICO, last date is the 25.05.2018. So there is still time to invest, but not much!

Now a lot of time has passed since the beginning of the ICO and a lot has already happened:

Ice Rock has fully launched its first project, ROCK1, for which money was collected in late 2017. In the cave were installed some Antminer S9, which now mine successfully. According to investors in Ice Rock’s telegram channel, the ROI is up to 125% to 175%.

Since the beginning of the ICO, Ice Rock has raised more than $ 8 million and sold over 14 million ROCK2 tokens. So, it is already a very good result: over 2/3 ROCK2 tokens are sold so far.

The company is currently going to prepare the cave for expansion, placing cables, building a transformer and ordering the shelves, where the Antminer will be placed.

Various videos of the current work of it can be found here:

Ice Rock Mining has not decided yet, which miners will be ordered. A possibility is to order Antminer S9 or even Antminer S11. The final decision will be made, when the ICO is finished at 25.05.2018.

At the beginning of July, the miners will be set up and the first payout will be at the end of July.

If you want to invest in Ice Rock Mining, you have only a few days to get a piece of the cake:

Website Ice Rock Mining








Disclaimer: This article is just a description of this ICO and not an investment advice. Investing in ICOs is always very risky, so we recommend that anyone who is interested, should always do their own research about the ICO.


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