IceChain – Scalable blockchain Shards Double Chain

What is IceChain?

This year there have been many improvements regarding technology related to super-sophisticated technology, “Blockchain”. This technology continues to be connected by several sophisticated platforms.

When this blockchain technology is combined with IceChain, Icechain has successfully upgraded the sophistication of the blockchain, by utilizing Ledger technology, icechain will experience success in distributing the next generation, this distributed success will be very able to create an atmosphere of sophistication from the next blockchain. which is faced by blockchin technology which among them is a problem of scalability, with the creation of Icechain this will solve the problem in this blockchain technology which among them is to solve the scalability problems that occur on the blockchain network.

Using multiple chain settings and sharding and hash power distribution, ICechain will do this to address the problem in this blockchain technology.

Quoted from Steemit Ichechain’s page, he said “it will be able to handle 100,000 transactions in seconds in various industries” icechain is also capable of handling the following.

Handling Finance Handling Electronic Handling Electricity Handling Telecommunications Handling Food Problems Handling Autonomous Vehicles Handling Real Estate
This is a breakthrough that everyone is waiting for! not only that, IceChain will also save various costs and will create transparency in making transactions.

Who built IceChain?

Macao countries will upgrade the blockchain technology that I mentioned above, there are some of the best development teams that have been selected. Many people say that this Macao country places innovation in the success of growth and success of the company, so having a place in Macao is a very important factor. With a very professional background in various related fields, he will be able to bring Icechain to success.

How will the IceChain (ICH) tokens be distributed?

The total icechain supply token is 1 billion,
from 1 billion of these tokens will be sold with 40% of private sales, reserved for future developers and the 25% mining allowance will be buffered after mainnet stays, general sales will be provided with 20% icechain tokens, for the team will be provided as much as 10% and 5% will be provided for gift hunters.


Double-layer blockchain

For the convenience of all users, Ichechain will present a double-layer blockchain.


Has horizontal scalability to create cluster nodes that will be very useful.

Smart Contract

Smart contract technology produced by Evm.

Security of Double Spending

the power of the hash will be protected by distribution.

Adopt mass adoption

Food-technology, Retailers, Financial Services, Logistics, IoT.

More than 100 000 transactions per second

Using sharding, scalability and double-layer blockchain.

For this explanation about Icechain. this project is very developed if viewed from various media owned.
For more information, click the link below.
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