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About AgentMile

AgentMile is a platform for commercial real estate rental first decentralized in the world. We enable the broker and land owners to register their commercial property in our MLS blockchain-powered and introduce improved performance leasing, management, and reporting. This enables us to gain unique insights and watch behind the scenes regarding the requirements of several models of Economic Affairs in the real estate industry. Our customers belong to the global real estate franchise network sort of Coldwell Banker and Century 21 and the smaller independent broker.

The digital world is now eager to release the mobility, efficiency, as well as greater transparency for commercial real estate assets that make up one of the largest global asset groups positive of the integration of technology blockchain. For not a few people who know about technology, blockchain is very related to the cryptocurrency and, thus, the connotation is not rare in other obscure corners. However, we feel that it’s not just cryptocurrency itself that is important for CRE on these points, but also the underlying technology-blockchain. The properties attached to the blockchain, a kind of security that is unmatched, verification of performance data as well as to promote disintermediasi in the CRE, placing it in the top of the list of real estate technologies to watch in the coming years.

Though commercial real estate assets is one of the largest global asset group, the industry’s CRE slow in innovating process of Economic Affairs point. AgentMile function to change the industry worth $3385 trillion ini1 platform by offering the first decentralized CRE rental are powered by artificial intelligence (AI). We’ve identified a combination of robust software features supported by blockchain technologies as the most efficient solutions to the challenges faced by the industry and share blockchain for real estate transactions

AgentMile was on track to revolutionize the commercial real estate industry. We serve to become commercial real estate rental platform decentralized world’s first powered by AI. AgentGrow is a web website developer real estate brokers as well as suppliers to help build websites and web landing pages is remarkable and interesting. With both products, suppliers can finally do an important sales and marketing activities under one umbrella with a smooth and effective tutorial.

The aim of AgentMile is to revolutionize commercial real estate and AgenMile will create the first decentralized CRE rental platform in the world supported by Al.

AgentMile aims to transform this $ 3385 trillion industry by introducing the first decentralized CRE rental platform supported by artificial intelligence (AI). We have identified a combination of powerful software features supported by blockchain technology as the most efficient solution to the challenges faced by industry:

  • Smart and efficient property search through multiple blockchain (MLS) listing services;
  • Digital identity of people and property on blockchain to facilitate due diligence checks;
  • Smart Contracts to simplify property / cash flow management and reduce transaction dependence;
  • Industrial benchmarks and data are open to all, but not transitory and not subject to commoditization;
  • AI for better decision making;
  • Reviews, ratings and much more.

AgentMile As The Main Market

Large parties is a commercial brokerage, the King of the land as well as tenants. In addition, for properties developed past the cycle of fate of leasing, others became involved: banks, third-party auditors, appraisers, escrow suppliers, Government suppliers, etc. Blockchain real estate startup scene explode as well as a large number of startup is designed with a residential real estate in mind. However, investor call for is excessive – equally institutional and private-centered at the commercial actual property field, making it a really superb and successful for the brand stub blockchain.

This is why the AgentMile argued that the entry to the pit this niche is a great opportunity. In addition, we feel that the CRE had a number of functions that are attached to the housing sector which by the way the public recognized that investing in the CRE has a number of functions compared to the huniannya partner. But the most most important function most of invest in CRE real estate compared with housing is that intrinsic quality (i.e., the income that it generates) has the exclusive result of t to benefit investors, regardless of its market. This means that the investors have no CRE little chance to invest in advanced properties in the location as well as wherever you get a good income while investors in residential real estate is obligated to rely heavily on the market.

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Token Info

Token Name: ESTATE
Token Price: 1 Token = US $0.20
Token Type: ERC20
Platform: Ethereum

Public pre-sale: September 15th to October 15th
Token Sale: October 15th to December 17th

Soft cap: 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 20,000,000 USD

Token Sale Amount: 100,000,000 ESTATE

Token Distribution

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