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Digital marketing is the desire to promote the brand using digital tools that can be timely, personally and appropriately conveyed to consumers. In the digital marketing path, there are many methods and practices included in the category of Internet marketing. With non-marketing dependence, as a result of which the digital marketing field combines other key elements, such as mobile phones, SMS (text messages sent via mobile phones), displaying banner ads and digital external ones.
Digital marketing also combines psychological, humanistic, anthropological and technological factors that will become new media with great capacity, interactive and multimedia. The result is a new era of interaction between producers, market intermediaries and consumers. Digital marketing is expanding to support corporate services and customer interactions.
Bitcomo is a decentralized network of affiliate marketing. The new paradigm provided by Blockchain Technology is ideal for online advertising, as it allows the company to better analyze the data collected by network users. This gives them the opportunity to get a more detailed strategy than traditional marketing.
Bitcomo affiliate marketing CPA-network is completely based on performance. This means that
advertisers pay only for what they see results, and Internet marketers are rewarded for every visitor or client earned through their own marketing efforts. This method gives advertisers and advertisers the same incentives and rewards.
Visit our official website https://ico.bitcomo.com/
Explanation TOKEN BM
In the future, Internet marketing will be in an ecosystem where all transactions are performed using tokens. There is a “BM” token in the Bitcomo structure.
This is a token utility and use to pay for customer services. Bitcom’s partner network is not programmed to accept other currencies. The current BM will also be listed on all popular exchanges. Bitcoin, Eteria and other crypto-stream holders can use Bitcomo services through popular crypto-automatic conversion to BM through one of the partner exchanges at any time in the token store on our platform.
Advantages of using BITCOMO. Certificates
and traffic within the system can only be purchased for BM tokens.
Token can be easily bought and sold on platforms, as well as on many exchanges. –
Receiving sales of tokens after the ICO is sent to Token Tokens for ET and BTC. in the shop.
The token will grow in price along with the turnover of the system.
The addressee buys BM markers to pay for the prospects on the Bitcomo platform. The
larger the turnover, the more tokens in the hands of advertisers and affiliates.
Investors and some webmasters will save tokens as an investment
Put a small commission for leadership. (only 5%). He does not lose money for transactions and conversions. Advertisers are protected from
fraudulent activities for webmasters
Protection from unscrupulous advertisers. Accept payments immediately, and the cost of reward for leadership is higher than in traditional cost-per-acquisition. Have access to statistics that can not be falsified
BPA Network
Protected against loss of traffic and hacking from survivors. Excluded cheats from advertisers and webmasters. You do not need to keep excellent managers. Payment to the webmaster is automatic. Work on the secure distributed platform
Blockchain is a clear and elegant solution for fighting fraud. We can track every click and lead (sales, action, goal completion, etc.) And show this process using unchanged and unchanged code in our site.
CPA networks are still the best solution when intelligent contracts control the activity, including where your traffic is and who is converting. Only in a completely transparent system, where you can track every click and action, both parties are interested in optimizing marketing opportunities.
BITCOMO message via YouTube video
You can enter the BITCOMO purse https://wallet.bitcomo.com/ and fill out the form content that is available with a full, useful for storing purchased bills and waiting for ICO to complete the exchange on the Exchange, which was appointed by this company. TOKEN DISTRIBUTION DESCRIPTION – Bonus and Bonus Program: 8% | $ 4 080 000 | 13 600 000 BM.
Sales ID: 72% | $ 36,720,000 | 122,400,000 BM
Counselor: 9% | $ 4 590 000 | 15 300 000 BM
Team: 11% | $ 5 610 000 | 18.7 million VM
During the PRE-ICO will be sold 27.2 million Tokens BM – Total Only $ 8,160,000
50% BM Tokens ($ 4 080 000), 13.6 million BM will be sold with a 25% bonus for the Initial Investments,
with a total of 3,060,002 BM Token and $ 918,0000
Other 50% BM Token (4,080,000 US dollars), 13 600 000 BM will be sold with a 10% bonus for initial investment, a total of 1 360 000 BM Tokens and that $ 408 000
During the ICO, 108,800,000 BM Token will be sold – Total $ 32,640,000
30% BM Tokens (8,812 US $ 000), 29,376,000 BM will be sold with a 20% bonus for early investment of 5,875,200 BM Token and the value of 1,762,400 US dollars the
last 70% of BM Tokens (22,848,000 US dollars) 76,160,000 BM will be sold without a bonus for the initial investment d.
For more detailed information on the project’s trip, conducted by BITCOMO, you also need to visit and read the “Technical Paper” to understand, and also may be interested in the investment and get BONUS at the beginning of the Token purchase.
Or else incomplete, if you are reading a document, you can also join social networks and interact directly with a joint group on this topic.

Pre-ICO and Token Distribution
Crowdsale begins on 28 October and will last until December 1st. A special term is an inflated price for every 5 days 5% more.
Crowdsale starts January 16 and will run until February 16, And the special term is the growing price for tokens every 5 days for 5% more.
Decentralization in Network management between token holder and Voting system
This possibility is made on the platform within the ICO page of the token store store and presented in the form of open voting
To build the Dao model, the team has brought decentralization and enterprise management.
We warn holders and reserve investors about the start of an open vote for the adoption of large-scale decisions in organizational management and other controversial situations.
The voting model is also implemented based on the MetaHash and blockchain operators
the main partner of our project, on the basis of token token confirmation in 3 easy ways:
Voting is a transaction to verify a user of 0.0001 BM tokens
Take a vote
Token returns with a wallet sound.
Rules for ICO:
Investments from crypto exchangers will not be accepted
Individuals may use Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies to buy tokens in token stores.
Investment received strictly during the crowdsale period.
Bitcomo Road Map:

Whitepaper : https://cdn.bitcomo.com/storage/source/1/SGw7HeEcWWleZrmZ6I1brn93wi2WbfRl.pdf

Website Official : https://ico.bitcomo.com

My BitcoinTalk Profile:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1428205


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