Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises or MSMEs have been appreciated as contributors to the economic development and safety net of economic growth in the world, especially during times of crisis for more than a decade. At the same time, information and communication technology is also experiencing tremendous growth. Not a few perpetrators of SMEs who adopt information and communication technology finally managed the business. They see that technology plays an important role in the growth and management of MSMEs business.

Technological waste in SMEs can come in several forms, technological investments that are not comparable with business performance, the adoption of highly sophisticated technologies used for simple business activities or technologies adopted because of their style. On the other hand, not a few perpetrators of SMEs are anti-technology, because this perception resulted in managing businesses that do not develop or even close the business because it can not compete. Technology is actually a means to improve efficiency.

Since the early 2000s, we know various digital payment platforms, one of the most popular to date is Paypal. Basically, a digital payment platform like PayPal is an intermediary between two parties who will make transactions. This intermediary acts as a trusted party by both parties to verify the transaction, then register and transfer the funds from the first to the second party.

This type of PayPal digital payment platform is actually similar to ATM interbank transaction providers, such as ATM Bersama, Prima, Link, Cirrus, Alto or Maestro.

In the financial system, to ensure no money is lost, all money transfer transactions are recorded in the ledger.

Each financial institution must have a ledger that will ensure that the amount of money entered and exit is recorded correctly. On digital payment platforms, such as paypal, which involve a number of different financial institutions, the person responsible for recording any transactions that are bypassed.

With this system, there is only one ledger managed by the platform provider, as a single reference by the transacting party. This is in addition to being a force, also a ‘point of failure’. If a hacker has gained access to a ledger managed by a trusted party, then he can modify the contents.

Blockchain eliminates intermediaries and also single point of failure, by distributing transaction log bookkeeping into the network of computers involved, where all the ledgers are identical.

All transactions that occur, must be announced for verification by all major computer bookkeepers before being declared legitimate. Verified transactions are placed in encrypted blocks, which are ‘chained’ permanently with blocks of transactions before and after. That’s why this platform is called Blockchain.

This is very important because technology can only have a positive performance impact if it “matches” with the task it carries. The more fit the job, the more positive the impact of performance. Management of Information Systems in SMEs should not only consider the technological aspects that cause a person to choose to use them, but also impact on performance when the technology is used.

What is Network Debitum?

The Debitum Network is a platform to finance small businesses using Blockchain.
The platform offers a hybrid solution, which will be funded by the bottle. We are crypto-crypto-realists, which we do not use crypto. We want to create a truly decentralized network through a motivated community, so it can be a living ecosystem, and not a group of individual organizations working on specific services. This is a pragmatic approach that works in real life.
All actions are processed through Ether Blockchain, which makes the Network Debitum a secure and non-destructive infrastructure. It consists of a family-smart contract based on Ether, which is promoted in one way domestic payments.

With Debitum network anyone interested in running a SME business and need funds, can use Debitum network service to get a loan with an interest rate of 12% per year. Debitum network uses the funds they receive from ICO Crowdsale from DEB Token.

The advantage you choose Debitum

The Debitum Network is designed to collect borrowers and people who help them implement them: investors (lenders), risk assessors, document validators, insurance companies, etc.

The Debitum Network is built as a hybrid platform
All actions are processed through Ethereal Blockchain, making the Network Debitum a secure and non-destructive infrastructure. It consists of a family-based smart contract based on Ethereal, which is facilitated by one internal payment way.

Debitum Token economy

Based on the use of the DEB token in its lifetime for each loan, the amount requested to purchase the DEB token will surpass the total ability to sell the DEB token, thus creating pressure on the price of the DEB token. The Debitum Network solves the $ 2 trillion problem, therefore the growth potential is huge.

The debitum network has risk assessors, validator documents and insurance companies that make it better, safer and more reliable. Token BES will have more demand and economic value as loan demand for business increases. Each transaction will be taken based on the DEB token so that high demand will be a token in the future.

Thanks to the innovation of this Debitum platform, opponents will be able to integrate AI training programs, computers, or standard information schemes to implement their services on an automated level, at high speed, greater efficiency and a number of minimized errors. This solution, based on the API, will provide an opportunity to integrate the Debitum network with other blockchain solutions that can securely guarantee the ecosystem of the Debitum platform’s trusted assets.

The Mission of the project Debitum

The main purpose of the Debitum platform is to provide an open system. This allows not only to interact with the system itself, which is based on blockchain, but also reliable, easy to operate, and scalable. Platform participants will be able to communicate with the system not only with the help of blockchain, but also through various adapter systems. All financial tasks can be realized by the user either with the help of fiat money, and thanks to the local DEB crypto currency. Project coins can be purchased during ICO, from 25 January to 25 February 2018. Depending on the bonus system, for 1 ETH you can buy 6500–7800 coins.

Solution Network Debitum

Lending means trust and mechanism, such as promise, reputation, expressed quantitatively and fear of punishment. Having emerged in established societies, we see the culture of commercial trust that exists as a matter of course; We rarely doubt its foundation and consider quantitative cost measurements to address the factors preventing the achievement of a transaction in the business. However, to overcome the global credit shortage, we have to work in young countries where business confidence is not taken into account. Using trust based on a blocking solution from the Network Debitum provides the trust necessary for all partners, especially investors, to work in the ecosystem.

Crowdsale Information

Name : Debitum (DEB);

Blockchain : Ethereum-based (ERC223) token;

Supply : 400 million tokens;

Deposit Method : Ether (ETH);

Hard cap : 24 000 Ether (ETH);

Minimum recommended donation: 0.05 ETH;
All tokens NOT distributed will be locked-up and frozen.

Information link details:

Website : https://debitum.network/

Whitepaper :https://debitum.network/whitepaper

Ann Thread :https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2321064.0

Telegram :https://t.me/joinchat/G6KFmURKsu0FIfJetJ3mOA

Twitter :https://twitter.com/DebitumNetwork

Facebook :http://facebook.com/DebitumNetwork

Profile bitcointalk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1064109


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