We are sure that by now, you are all well aware of what EMMARES represents, but just in case — EMMARES is an email marketing reputation building system which enables companies and marketers to reach their targeted audience. By sharing good, relevant content it allows you to become one of the leading publishers in the platform that is planned to be global by 2019.

Email marketing is one of most effective way to promote your product, service, and business. Everybody use email daily. So, you have wider range to send message to more people in all over the world to promote your business. However, there are many problems that you face within today’s email marketing. The first problem is the recipients. Marketers can’t determine if the recipients really needs their product or service. So, marketers just send more messages to more people, with a hope that the message can affect the recipients and turn them into customer. However, most of the messages are sent to people that doesn’t have any interest to it whatever. This will only make them feel disturbed and block the campaign. The other problem is the quality of the content that was marketed through email. We can control it and marketers can easily send anything to their customer, even if the message isn’t that effective for marketing. This will only give many disadvantages for party, marketers and recipients. And EMMARES will solve these problems thoroughly.

Emarres is a system work in the decentralization platform that allowing the pertinent users to get the high-quality content email. Emmares will determine the email will send based on the interest of users and don’t flood them with content that assumed as spam or low-quality content.

EMMARES is creating a solution for the digital world and providing a platform where we can minimize spam and evaluate the quality of content. The global set of rewards will exist where people will be rewarded for evaluating email content. Quality email marketers can leverage the system and generate leads based on quality content. There will also be a points system that can be increased or decreased depending on the quality of the emails. Senders and recipients will benefit from such a system that aims to clean up the email marketing world.

Blockchain technology is the basis of its platform and provides security and transparency to the operation. Ethereum Smart Contract is used to build trust between independent evaluators and digital marketing campaign managers. They can test their choice of sample size for the email marketing campaign.

How does it work?

Acting like the party who mediate the sender and the recipient of email and create win-win solution amongst them. For the email marketers this can potential for them to attract broad target reader about the product or information which intent to known by mass people. Based on the user interest it can increase the sale of the product or anything with the high-quality content email. to be simple. the users who receive the email that its content based on their interest, most of them will review or read those email content with pleasure. User even will get EMA Token by evaluating and reviewing the incoming which send to the users’ mailbox. so clearly seen here the goal of emmares to be achieved. Emmares can enable you to remove spam by giving some identifying mark such as flagging based on the category you don’t even interest at all.


The benefits to this platform are to be felt on both sides of the fence. Email marketers and recipients will be able to work together with more trust and confidence using this platform.

Instead of paying for targeted data sets or trusting blind luck with public data, marketing departments can send their messages to people who are interested and decide to opt-in. They will also benefit from being able to reach more people as they receive positive evaluations.

Consumers will receive more interesting and relevant offers by emails. They will also be rewarded with tokens for giving useful feedback on what they receive. All of this means that the quality and usefulness of marketing emails should increase over time.


There is a massive team of people on the project, with real LinkedIn accounts that have hundreds of connections. It’s a good sign as transparency is very real with this company, and one of the most important factors when choosing a startup to invest into. This is a real company with a real team who is looking to make a company that will improve the way email marketing is handled.


What to expect from the product is the basic goal of marketing? A movie releases its trailer to attract audiences and within minutes, the movie should tell its story to attract people’s attention. The work is hard, but that’s what’s great about it. Make a story in the minds of people to buy your product, and that’s what the marketing department does.

One of the first types of marketing that has started in the Internet world is email marketing. Providing the right email at the right time at the right time to generate high return on investment is their primary goal and since they have collaborated with a website to test their services, it seems that many interesting results will be visible in the future. The world of email marketing will change with the introduction of the platform. What do you think about various platform services?



The team behind EMMARES is mainly based in Slovenia. There are 3 co-founders, with 12 staff members. The reason you need to understand the composition of the team is because this will show you how much you have the chance to succeed.

The founder and CEO of the company is registered as Bojan Oremuz. As an old entrepreneur and experienced marketer, he has an impressive resume that makes him want to believe it. Denis Orensik is one of the founders and other project developers. He also has decades of experience as a developer.

Finally, Tadej Oremuz is also a joint developer and founder. He is a specialist in software development and marketing. Other members of the team are Jure Tovrjan, head of advertising and creative design.


Website: https://emmares.io/

White paper: https://emmares.io/whitepaper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/emmares

Facebook: https: / /www.facebook.com/emmares.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EMMARES_IO

Media: https://medium.com/emmares

ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2807216.0

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