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What is IQeon ?

What IQeon yes .. IQeon is a platform to play at the beginning of the suburbs allowing with the achievements and achievements of very high Players, Players in alternative games. Now and can be very unusual, not only for now the main platform that allows more players to shape the achievements in the game.

As IQeon develops today, this platform will allow players to earn Crypto Currency from their achievements in this game, especially the IQeon itself that can be changed for paper money and money such as crypto alternatives and very interesting attributes to note and the IQeon platform. . Besides using very reasonable. security level with Blockchain protection that will not be disturbed

In today’s world, the game industry is developing very quickly. Now, innovations have begun to make sure that players do not just play games and play them. Almost no game gives the players a chance of success. I think that their achievements should be respected and they should be rewarded for it. Now I want to talk about an innovation that will allow you to make money using the minds of players to complete a game.

IQeon is a PvP gaming platform that allows players to earn real money after their successes. IQeon is an infrastructure to provide an application and service for motivation as well as integration of games, applications and other services based on smart competition between users. Some of the goals to be developed in this project are:

1. Further development of the IQeon Platform

2. Creation of IQon ecosystems

3. Creation of viewers from the Application Platform for game users

4. Establish partnerships with game developers and game content for platforms

5. Development of the correct IQ Clash game line based on the platform.

What are the benefits and for users of this platform, maybe you will raise the Ask. a blessing for all of us especially the platform holders

1.IQeon internal currency system templates, obtained in one game, and can be used elsewhere. it will be incredible that is never possible or not too sensible as the result can be used wherever or whenever

2. Crypto alternative currency

Using a ton of these IQeon vison exchanges, the token crypto can be changed for alternative crypto currency (litecoin, ethereum, bitcoin, etc.). and the aforementioned additional interest will occur at the Exchange with an alternative Crypto Currency

3. IQeon price expansion

With the involvement of third-party developers into the IQeon system and now Growth of our own line of business can generate growth in the audience and Accumulated user demand for IQen tokens. This is a reasonable issue for users because the long-term results of this platform will be great with the increasing market demand for the IQeon token itself.

4. Protection against fraud

Use of good blockchain and contract technology ensures that the Terms and Conditions of any disputed and non-altering records guarantee victory payments.

Use of good blockchain and contract technology ensures that the Terms and Conditions of any disputed and non-altering records guarantee victory payments. Technology is very safe in the World and what advantages for this developer, IQeon patform

1. Audiences

extra game Audiences play extra for your own products

2. Reduction of reduction commission reduction

cost of withdrawing developer price (from half hour Google’s Play and therefore Apple Store up to 10%).


The availability of the arthropod genus that allows the integration of your Product quickly into the IQeon system.

A solid audience Audiens compete with IQeon tokens, who are reborn with money.


the use of IQeon tokens according to the rules for reviewing the App Store and therefore the Google Play Policy Developer.


Ethereal Block system technology guarantees and unclear all payment transactions in the IQeon system, and IQeon token itself complies with the ERC20 standard.

Token IQeon also has 5 main functions, namely

betting and remuneration within the area of the game and disputes;

Remuneration is clearly an activity (current player, player of the month, etc.);

Payment of game developer remuneration;

payment of remuneration to the owner of digital content copyright;

payment of remuneration to partner program.

As for the ICO IQeon small print it

NameToken: IQEON

Type: ERC20

Symbol: IQN

Platform: Etereum

Public release: ten million IQN

The IQeon management team provides a flexible discount system during ICO’s main round.

January 30 bonus 30%

January 31 — February 7 bonus is 25%

8–15 February, 20% bonus

February 16–23, bonus 15%

February 24-March 3 bonus is 10%

March 4–13, bonus 5%

The IQeon team does everything humanly possible to make claimed functionality in the roadmap introduced as soon as possible. At the same time, the IQeon project is actively promoted at conferences around the world (Moscow, United Kingdom, Thailand, etc.).

Everyone is welcomed to participate in the main token crowdsale! For more details, visit the official IQeon website or stay connected through social networking channels.

Website: https://iqeon.io

Website | Whitepaper | ANN Thread | Telegram

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