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Bitway network is a truly decentralized Bitcoin mining operation and we believe that Bitway has the potential to become a true legacy system

Bitway Network Crypto-cash extraction network The best and most profitable network for crypto-currency protection. Invest in Bitway and get monthly payments from the network! With Bitway, you will receive monthly payments to Ethereum from the mining network. The battle will be primarily the booty and Ethereum booty, but also bit-cash and Ethereum Classic

About Bitway

As cryptocurrencies gain widespread acceptance, they will create enormous potential for new projects and growth in the fintech space, making them extremely appealing for start-ups and investors alike. Still, the market for cryptocurrency mining is not fully realised – and the complexity of the utility (combined with concerns for maintenance and difficulties with mining) it can be a burden for many potential users. The future success of ryptocurrency mining relies on their widespread use. Mainstream adoption, in turn, the provision of a secure, integrated mining network that allows new users to easily participate in a cryptocurrency mining operation and benefit from the huge potentials.

There is a strong and growing demand for a well-structured mining operation that supports non-technical users, supplying them with the information, resources, and skills required to enable them to participate in the space of cryptocurrency mining.

We aim to build Bitway Network as the best and most profitable crypto mining operation.Our top priorities are simplicity, security, cost-effectiveness, speed and most importantly recurring returns on investments!In order to meet these goals, the mining network was built from the ground up with powerful ASIC miners and a secure integrated token ready tobe utilised as shares of the mining network earnings and traded on major cryptocurrency exchanges.

Engineered for anyone interested in entering the cryptocurrency mining world, Bitway allows even the most new users the ability to enjoy the benefits of this new cryptocurrency mining network.

On our steady way to success

Bitway is a Bitcoin mining network that offers you the opportunity to take part in a profitable mining operation. Users can invest in the network and accumulate Bitway tokens to receive monthly payouts from the earnings. We stand for the fair distribution of Bitway and our plan is to create a decentralized mining network.

Renewable Hydropowered Energy

With a combination of mobile mining containers, powerful ASIC mining hardware and renewable hydropowered enegery it’s without a doubt a very lucrative investment that brings up substantial returns in as little as a month.

Application-Specific Integrated Circuit

The miners are powered by low cost renewable hydropowered energy, which helps us to maintain environmental friendliness, power and productive efficiency

ICO Details


Website: https://bitway.net/

White paper: https://bitway.net/whitepaper.pdf

ICO Time: 27 May 2018 – 27 Aug 2018

Country: Norway

Token info

Ticker: BTWN

Platform: Ethereum

Token Type: ERC20

Available for sale: 20,000,000 BTWN


ICO Price: 1 ETH = 1,000 BTWN

Accepting: ETH

Soft cap: 2,000,000 BTWN

Hard cap: 21,000,000 BTWN

How it works?

Bitway network is a truly decentralized Bitcoin mining operation.

To participate and get revenue off the Bitway network, all you need is to hold Bitway tokens in your wallet! That’s right. Once you buy Bitway token off the platform, you don’t have much to do aside waiting for the end of the month to get your payouts! Use the explorer to watch its performance and automatically receive your monthly payouts.

What are the benefits?

Mining Bitcoin is definitely a very lucrative investment that many would want to go into but, are you confident you may have the capital and the technical skill to make this happen? With Bitway, you don’t have to go through all the hassle of running industrial mining hardware at your apartment, thereby incurring unbearable electricity costs. You will also not need to maintain anything or deal with maintenance, noise, heat, rental or electricity bills just to mention a few. Bitway takes away all those hassles away 100% and leaves you to go about your various businesses and jobs, while your money works for you.

Bitway Roadmap

April 2018


July 2018

Listing on Exchanges

August 2018

Mining Operation

Transparent Mining

First Payout

Bitway Explorer

December 2018

Bitway Mining Center


Hamid Sarwary: CEO & Co-founder

Andreas Sandbæk: Back-end Developer

Herman Bernabe: Client Manager

Yevhen Bilous: SAP Consultant

Dani Sabrosinho: Designer animator

WEBSITE| https://bitway.net/

WHITEPAPER| https://bitway.net/whitepaper.pdf

ANN THREAD| https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5101874.0

TELEGRAM| https://t.me/bitway_net

DISCORD| https://discord.gg/sD4PEqg

FACEBOOK| https://www.facebook.com/bitway.net/

TWITTER| https://twitter.com/bitway_?lang=en

INSTAGRAM| https://instagram.com/bitway_official

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