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The first-ever self-sustainable blockchain platform

About EcoVerse ICO

EcoVerse™ is the first ever self-sustaining ecosystem based on a blockchain network developed for daily usability and universal applicability. It is capable of handling millions of transactions per seconds (TPS) with a less than two second transaction finality time (TFT).

EcoVerse™ is self-sustainable because it is incentive compatible. The EcoVerse™ team designed the ecosystem to attract dApps equipped with a variety of services. By taking a sociopsychological approach indebted to Spiral Dynamics and Integral Theory, the EcoVerse™ allows individuals to pursue fulfillment and the desires of human nature–for example, selfesteem and self-actualization. The EcoVerse™ team envisions an economic ecosystem such that the individual’s pursuit in fulfilling their desires will also prompt “goodwill”. We define “goodwill” as the capacity for human empathy and compassion towards others. Goodwill will also promote and proliferate various forms of “good” economies–including a gift economy and value-sharing economy.

Ecoverse Explainer Video

Problems of Current Crypto Universe

Lack of Daily Usability and Universal Applicability

Centralized Wealth and Power

Vulnerable Security

Our Solution


(COmprehensive ‘N Flexible Incentive Reward Model) Algorithm


(AI-supported Delegated Proof of Contribution) Consensus Algorithm


(Triple Shield for Triple Protection) Security

Token info

Ticker: ECR

Platform: Ethereum

Token Type: ERC20

Available for sale: 750,000,000 ECR (30%)


ICO Price: 1 ECR = 0.50 USD

Accepting: ETH

Token Distribution

ECR Allocation

EcoVerse ICO Roadmap

2018/05: Pre-Private Participation.

2018/07: Private Participation

2018/09: Presale Participation.

2018/10: Pre-ICO Launch.

2018/11: ICO Launch

2019/06: Main-net Alpha Version

2019/09: Main-net Beta Version

2019/12: Main-net Release

2020/03: Wallet Release

2020/06: dApp IDE Release

Core Members

Youngwhan “Nick” Lee, Ph. D./ CEO

Co-Chief, W3C Blockchain CG ISO TC307 Identity SG Convener

Choonwon “Alexander” Park/ CSO

Professor, Korea University of Foreign Study former ISO / IEC JTC1 SC36 Committee Member

Se-Chang “Devin” Oh, Ph.D./ CTO

former Professor of Sejong CyberUniversity Korea BlockchainStandard Forum Committee Member

Youngha “Steve” Kim/ CFO

former Managing Director of Younglimwon Soft Lab. Executive Director of Daelim Motors.

Wangho Hwang/ Tech, Team Leader

Philosophy, Psychology, Integral Theory Research Developing Algorithm of Persona dApp. Investment & Incubating, IT Startup.

David Shin/ Head of Global Marketing

Dave Shin is a founder and marketing director for Delight Chain. Previously, he had held senior position at East West Artists before starting his own company specializing in digital content creation.

Development & Marketing Members

Jongchan Lee/ Economist

Ph.D in Economics Former Research Assistant at IMF Korea Office Former Research Assistant at KDI

GyuTak “Roy” Roh/ Marketer

Business Administration, Thai, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Master of Business Administration, CHA University

Jungwoong “John” Lee/ Marketer

Tourism studise, Rikkyo University, Japan

Deok Hun “Donald” Yoon/ Marketer

Embedded, Information and Communication Technology, Sunmoon University

Sujung “Chris” Kim/ Designer

Former Editorial design and Marketing to china at HanGil It Office Master of Visual Design, Tsinghua University

Boeeuen “Kate” Choo/ Designer

Went to the U.S when she was 15. Graduated from School of Visual Arts with an illustration degree. Previously worked as a designer at Tom Cody Design in New York City.

Senior Advisors

Setak Chang/ Distinguished Fellow, AICT,Seoul UniversityDirector, KETI

Technical Advisors

Dhiren R. Patel, Ph. D.

Director of VJTI Mumbai, India (Blockchain and AI evangelist). Viji Mumbai, President. NIT Surat University, Vice-President

Zhijun William Zhang, Ph. D.

Member of the Board (Security Architecture). Vanguard Team Leader (Security)

Dr. Gino Yu

Professor Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Developing project solutions that apply Spiral Dynamics Theory in relation to depth psychology

Business Advisors

Sang Young Park

Sang Young Park, Founder of Dayli Financial Group

Joong-Kwen Choi

Consulting Representitive of DCOM CEO of MCC CHEM

Seung-eun Myung

CEO, Venture Square Adjunct Professor, Mobile Convergence Department, Kyung Hee Cyber University

Koo Whan Lee

Center Chief, Innovation Center, Yello Digital Marketing (YDM) Inc,. Adjunct Professor, Sejong University. Head, Mobile Marketing Research Center, Purple Friends Inc,

Ecosystem Committee

Jihoon Jeong

Senior Teaching Fellow of Kyung Hee Cyber University. Managing Partner of BigBang Angels.

Website: http://delightchain.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ecoverseglobal

Telegram: https://t.me/ecoverseglobal

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/ecoverse_official

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ecoverseglobal/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/ecoverseglobal

Thank you from me: ket tumbar

My Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2202323

ETH Address: 0x5A165374202E9648061144684846Afb8469645bf


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