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Muzika’s electronic songs ecological community will operate as a network for distributing as well as releasing songs web content while giving fair payment to musicians. Fans will also reach take part in all stages of a song’s lifecycle, ranging from sponsorship and also manufacturing to consumption.
Within this self-reliant community, area participants are awarded commitment factors for a range of area tasks, including voting, commenting, posting, and sharing songs. These commitment points are then converted into Muzika’s energy token, MZK The community also gives a direct link between sponsors as well as artists, making it possible for enrollees to pay musicians directly for their music.
All purchases between enrollees, fans, as well as musicians are videotaped on the blockchain, which is a decentralized, safe and secure, and also unalterable ledger. Outdoors streaming solutions are also able to participate in the ecological community making use of the exact same shared blockchain journal, which makes certain supreme openness when accounting for the variety of streams and subsequent nobility payments.
It is also worth noting that the Korean company has been operating for a long time and has achieved great success in solving the many problems of the digital music industry. So in 2015, the online music platform Mapiacompany was launched and over the next 3 years it became an international platform with an audience of over 2 million people, and its client base is constantly growing. Undoubtedly, this is a huge success for developers and a serious competitive advantage, since the team is cohesive and has experience in creating a working product that is international with a large audience – more than 17,000 musicians.
Area structure: so as to be really self-sufficing, the Muzika system can consist of all of the needed functions and also activities. These vary from imaginative team action, exchange of responses, and a lot more.
Business points and services: Streaming services, a piece of music marketplace, music tools, taping solutions as well as for a great deal of can all be on the marketplace via Muzika.
Sponsorships chances: Users might fund musicians and become their patrons in diverse ways that along with normal subscriptions. As patrons, individuals will expensive special & sponsor-only product, services, and also opportunities to be worried within the creative approach of a music product.
Community programs: Community programs and occasions like tryouts, competitions, live-streaming events, an option such tasks driven by member involvement are going to be an attentiveness of Muzika.


Muzika plans to remove the boundaries between the performer of the song and his listener, using all the advantages of the blockchain technology. Also, the platform will strive to drastically reduce the profits of the distributor, manufacturer and music label, which receives most of the profits.
It is important to note that Muzika is a free music platform for any artist. This means that on the platform will be absent all sorts of commissions and various kinds of cash deductions, and almost all the profits will go into the artist’s pocket.
Muzika strives to create such a music system that will radically change the entire music industry, give it independence from various intermediaries, expand many opportunities for all users of the platform, make it completely decentralized and create economic stability.

ICO and Token

MZK token distribution
The main currency for exchange on the platform, including trade and investment, will be the internal MZK token, the ERC-20 standard token based on the Ethereum blockchain.
It will also serve as a means to build an autonomous ecosystem, a means to buy goods and services, and for many other functions.
Token: MZK
Standard: ERC20
Main sales: 205 million MZK
Total will be released: 1,000,000,000 MZK
Hard cap: 20,000 ETH



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