The new thoughts are coming each day. Individuals need to put resources into the new endeavors. We have the best instrument on the planet, and it is known as the Internet. The web is a gigantic base of data where we can do anything. Web has related the whole world. One of these undertakings is ICO PASS

ICO Pass is a suite of devices for social affair, confirmation and trade of know-your-client (KYC) data. Thetarget gathering of people are tokensale coordinators on the Ethereum blockchain. The point of the ICO Pass venture is to make an unrivaled personality check benefit utilizing blockchain innovation. This will be finished by putting away encoded confirmation information on the Ethereum blockchain, that then later can be gotten to if the individual checked, enables somebody to open it. By being confirmed on the blockchain, people don’t need to experience KYC (know your client) check each time they take an interest in another ERC20 ICO, or maybe later additionally when they agree to accept new trades. A cluster of organizations are presently raising assets through ICOs and a repeating issue for them is changing over cryptographic forms of money into fiat cash. To maintain a strategic distance from contribution in criminal exercises and so on, banks expect organizations to recognize every one of the general population who sent them digital money amid their ICO, which can be costly for the organizations, as they host to procure a third get-together KYC-handling administration.

This is the place ICO Pass arrives in, a less expensive, more secure and less demanding soluting for both client and friends. In light of blockchain innovation each part can make certain that information isn’t controlled or changed or time, as it is put away on general society record. To demonstrate how sure ICO Pass is in their KYC innovation, they really utilize it for their own one of a kind ICO.


The most serious issue concerning KYCs for organizations, is the measure of cash they need to pay for the administration. ICO Pass is changing the greater part of this, they offer an extremely aggressive cost of just 7 Euros for each check, contrasted with other KYC arrangements that can cost upwards of 230 Euros for every check. Generally, each and every time another undertaking needs to do KYC, each and every candidate is checked physically, which isn’t just tedious, yet in addition exceptionally costly. After the underlying ICO Pass KYC check of an individual is built up on the blockchain, a manual procedure isn’t required any longer, so organizations can appreciate a quick and mechanized KYC benefit. The ICO Pass KYC innovation covers a plenty of individual data, guaranteeing organizations know who their client is, these include:

•Full Name

•Date Of Birth


•Cell Phone Number


•Nation Of Residence

•Address Of Residence

•Photograph Of ID Document

•Photograph Of Individual

Clients of ICO Pass can utilize this data which will be encoded on the Ethereum blockchain, to check themselves while taking an interest in other Ethereum based ICOs. Their portable customer empowers clients to round out this data, take a photograph of themselves, the required records, confirm their cell phone number and give reports with respect to a specific KYC check.

Significance of KYC:

It ends up critical to get important data and recognize clients. The thought is to abstain from getting into unlawful exercises and criminal exercises unconsciously. That is nearly the single sufficiently huge explanation behind governments to not give their protect a chance to down against digital currencies. Knowing your clients must be more similar to obligatory than discretionary. When you neglect to do it, it raises rad hail in a split second. Numerous organizations and administrations offer to do KYC checks. They offer it as an administration and it’s expensive. It can cost up to $200 or more per individual. The costs make it non-attainable for organizations to pay for the administrations.

Seed Round ICO:

The new computerized time requests speedier and less expensive check alternatives. Thinking about the expansion in number of clients and the inflow, it winds up essential. ICO pass is an organization that does the confirmation benefits financially and all the more effectively. When you are checked, you can utilize your character in numerous ICOs. To show their trust in their innovation, they are completing a seed round ICO in scope of $500,000. In the ICO, their own particular items will be utilized to accumulate KYC data of donors. It encourages their phase to demonstrate how less demanding it will be to manage saves money with your crypto character.


To fund their project, ICO Pass is raising funds through an initial coin offering (ICO), selling their ERC20 token ICOP. This token will allow holders of this token to receive a percentage of the revenue generated by the ICO Pass KYC checking product. Revenue is paid quarterly in Ethereum to the addresses holding the token. The amount of Ethereum received depends on how many tokens you have and how much revenue their product generates.


Sale started the 28th of February

Sale ends the 9th of March (Approx, depends on amount of contributions)


The price of ICOP tokens is to be determined by the market. This means a so-called Dutch Auction will be performed, where the price of ICOP tokens gets cheaper as time passes. This means you could potentially get the tokens cheaper by waiting, but you risk the Hard Cap being reached so no more tokens can be purchased. This format is used to encourage the people to decide what the price of ICOP should be.


  • The total supply is 60.000.000 ICOP tokens
  • A maximum 20.000.000 ICOP will be available for purchase during the token sale
  • Soft cap is 500.000 Euro (in ETH)
  • Hard cap is 5.000.000 Euro (in ETH)



For more information, please visit:

Website: https://www.icopass.id/

Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hs-RWInvpc_p7UpjIvUU1xNuqIvUi4Rn/view?usp=sharing

Twitter: https://twitter.com/icopassid

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/icopassid

Telegram: http://bit.ly/2nsuMTP

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/icopass

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