ICO Review – Helios Mining Ltd is the world’s first crypto currenncy miner to use environmentally fr

Helios Mining Ltd is the world’s first crypto currennew miner focusing on environmentally friendly renewable energy sources. This renewable energy is a solar power plant.
At the stage of establishment, crypto mining is a well-distributed network of several thousand private miners, whose work is governed by transparent rules. Their activities do not harm the climate, because their power needs are low. Now everything has changed – the exponential growth of cryptocurrency has led to a sharp increase in energy consumption and mining concentration in countries with low social and environmental standards, where electricity is produced primarily by using fossil fuels. But worse is the fact that the concentration of mining resources in some big companies distorts previous democratic decision-making processes within these networks – Changes in protocol and hard-fork risk are influenced by the economic interests of some players.
Helios Mining Ltd. developing an autonomous cluster system for mining (Solar Mining Cluster) that can consume electricity directly to renewable energy sources. Our clusters are manufactured on the basis of an Off-Grid (Autonomous) solar generator, a dipping cooling unit, equipped with mining equipment, communication and automation functions attached to the fourth industrial revolution. They are completely self-contained, support remote control and have a revolutionary cooling system that consumes about 2% of the total system power consumption. In addition, these high-tech solutions are fully integrated into existing global logistics systems and ensure our investors offer unique trade in the cryptographic world access to free electricity wherever they are (* in the solar belt).
  1. Autonomy means that our modules operate on electricity, which they produce on their own. Less risk than
    traditional mining operations – Our clusters are capable of mining various cryptocurrencies with different algorithms.
  2. System flexibility helps us bring together the two most important sectors of 21st century blockchain technology and renewable energy sources.
By leveraging the exponential growth of both sectors, we contribute to the preservation of the climate and welfare of our token holders. This is the physical manifestation of the spirit of blockchain – a reliable and decentralized system that can withstand the detrimental effects of government policies, pricing structures and energy supplies.
The crypto-mining business model is largely dependent on energy sources. The price and availability of electricity are two of the most important factors for mining companies. That is why we have focused on the autonomy of the system.
The Helios Solution Mining Ltd. has all the necessary competitive advantages, follows a decentralized approach and entitles to activities that are not possible under the concentration of mining capacity.
1. Solar Energy
Environment friendly, environment-independent energy for mining. Ideal for countries with hot climates. No harm to the environment. An eternal source of energy without wear and loss of power.
2. Batteries
At night time, the drop in the efficiency of solar panels is compensated by the accumulated energy reserves in accumulators per day. The newest batteries have high efficiency and long service life.
3. Immersion cooling
The final solution of problems with uneven cooling boards, pollution of expensive electronic components, fan noise and permanent system repairs. Remember the constantly heatted up cars in the beginning of the last century? Immersion cooling is the future of mining.
4. Inteligent currency
Specially developed software analyzes the market situation in real time and switches mining equipment between different currencies, achieving maximum efficiency of mining.
5. Decentralization
Untying the mining units from power supplies allows you to place autonomous systems in the most convenient places – no metter how far from the civilization areas , in many places at the same time. At the same time, such a decentralized system will work as one.
6. Legal Conditions
Due to various ways of connecting to the Internet and the lack of dependence on electricity, the owner of the system does not bear the risk of “excessive regulation” by the state.The system can not be legally disconnected from electricity or the Intern.
The Helios Mining Ltd business model for the mining consists of two components.
1. Personal operations (PO)
include the business activities of the Helios Mining Ltd, associated with the investment, ownership and operation of
Autonomous clusters of mining. Token holders are beneficiaries of 100% of their own revenue.
2. Third-party operations (TPO)
These are activities where an independent company (such as a utility or an investment Fund) acquires clusters that are managed by Helios Mining Ltd. In such operations, Helios Mining Ltd will receive a share of the rewards received during mining. 20% of proceeds from this business model will be distributed among token holders.
ICO (Initial Token Offering) Details :
Token Ticker : HLC (ERC-20 Token)
Total Supply : 5.000.000
Price : 1 HLC = 0,001 ETH
Token Distribution : • 82% to the investors – 4,100,000 HLC
• 10% to the founders – 500,000 HLC
• 5% to the Helios Mining Ltd, as a reserve fo buyback – 250,000 HLC
• 3% Bounty program – 150.000 HLC
Bonus structure :
Private Sale : 1 April 2018 – 30 April 2018, 20% bonus
Pre ICO : 1 May 2018 – 1 June 2018, 20% bonus
ICO Level 1 : 1 July 2018 – 8 July 2018 , 20% bonus
ICO Level 2 : 9 July 2018 – 16 July 2018 , 15% bonus
ICO Level 3 : 17 July 2018 – 1 October 2018, 10% bonus
The end date of token distribution is October 1st 2018., 12:00 GMT
Official website : www.helioss.io
91% — investments in Autonomous clusters of Solar Mining Clusters
9% — for research, development and administration
Profit Invesment : 161% / year
In accordance with the EU and US securities laws, the following three categories of investors may become token holders
1. Investors inside and outside Cyprus if they:
a. do not have a US passport
b. do not have a USA Green Card;
c. they are not U.S. residents.
2. Accredited investor
Pursuant to Rule 506 of Regulation D of the U.S. Securities Act. These are investors with their own capital in excess of $ 1 million, excluding their primary residence or with a net income of more than $ 200,000 (if married -with a combined income of $ 300,000).
3. Investors who are residents of Germany,
limited investment opportunities are available-just over 200,000 euros
CFO, CO-founder, mining enthusias
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/stana.khr
Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/stana.khr
Marketing and PR
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004670282490
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/#
Tech guy, miner enthusiast
Mail : sam@helioss.io
Software Dev, Smart-contract Dev
Mail : alex@helioss.io
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