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With the emerging of various Blockchain projects, probably one of the most challenging parts in these projects’ development is the mining process and the huge amount of energy needed to sustain such mining process. And it certainly is not new how many parts of the world are experience energy deficiency and how such mining process takes up huge amount of energy from the world’s overall energy supply chain.

Instead of using such energy to supply household and existing businesses and infrastructure, most energy consumed goes to Blockchain projects to facilitate mining process. This might not be felt by many, but a lot of places are suffering the consequences embedded therein. Aside from the huge amount of energy needed to sustain the mining process, powerful computers that supplies the computing power needed for mining to take place generates too much heat which can be recycled and reused but no existing technology have addressed such issue.

In hope to provide a solution for the mining process which is highly needed in every Blockhain project and to address challenges in the energy consumption and wastage done along the process, the team behind Swiss Alps Mining have given the world one great solution that addresses the said problems above. After gaining a lot of support from investors, the project is ready to provide ROIs and real solutions to real-world problems concerning Blockchain technologies.

About the Team

Members of the team operate the business unit of the project called Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE). They are professionals and experts in the topics of blockchain technology, crypto currency mining. Hyperledger applications developers and specialists, as well as civil engineers, infrastructure engineers, and energy experts are also members of the team.

Together, they aim to see themselves as one of the world’s leaders in distributed ledger-based energy supply chain and supplier of flexible modular mining infrastructures to help address existing challenges revolving around many Blockhain projects specifically on the energy-intensive mining process and the energy consumption and waste management along the mining process.

The team will be utilizing unused structures around the Swiss Alps and use them to root mining infrastructures while making use of the ideal temperature and altitude advantage of the place as well as its proprietary technological solution that reuses heat energy wastes from the mining process to lessen the overall energy consumption.

Located in Huenenberg, Canton of Zug, SAE hopes to be a solution provider that endorses an efficient and effective solution to the world’s crypto mining problems.

Swiss Alps Project Overview

SAE’s solutions are all aimed to promote the use of Blockchain technology to be widely used and benefited by the general public, provide a decentralized infrastructure for businesses to make use of and gain profit from, address environmental issues surround crypto mining, improve the local economy and provide digital solutions to the Swiss Alps area and be a decentralized supplier of energy generated from its own renewable source of energy.

The SAE Cubes contains the modular cube system and dust-protected mining components to be embedded on SAM Cubes. SAM Cubes are flexible mining infrastructures to be deployed in unused infrastructures around the Swiss Alps area. The ideal temperature and altitude of the said area will greatly help lessen the amount of energy needed to power up and do mining activities within the SAE Cubes where the need for cooling system can be eliminated.

Together with the Orgnanic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology of SAE which lessens energy consumption to about 50% compared to traditional mining facilities. Such reduction is made possible by converting excess heat energy from the mining process to be reused to power up the mining system again. With a cutting-edge solution, the cubes will only require minimum maintenance and the automated communication of the cubes to the central hub or management platform ensures proper monitoring of the cubes’ condition to further maximize efficiency and profit at the same time.

SAE can also provide renting of mining facilities and be an energy supplier to businesses who wish to make use of their proprietary solution. Energy to be supplied can be paid using SAM Tokens to further elevate value of the said token.

Images below show a SAM Cube and what is found inside.

Swiss Alps Energy AG or SAE only used renewable energy to supply and power the cubes. They own small hydro power plants which they use to compensate the amount of energy needed. With the emerging challenge surrounding around the world’s energy supply and demand, SAE aims to be a solution provider that can sustain itself the amount of energy needed to keep their solutions going and powered up.

To eliminate climate change produces by mining facilities utilizing fossil powered grid, SAE’s decentralized and smart grid equipped with smart metering hardware, smart agents and smart applications ensures that the energy monitored in the grid that is produced from a renewable energy source will not hinder the supply and generation requirements of the operating grid. Through the use of Smart Contracts and Artificial Intelligence to negotiate the grid optimal tariffs, energy contracts are guaranteed to be transparent and secured.

SAE envisions its solutions to mark the start of greener and smarter energy utilization for future Blockchain projects and make such projects known and patronized worldwide for being both beneficial in terms of profit and for a good environmental cause.

Swiss Alps Mining and Energy and Challenges

Solved Swiss Alps Mining and Energy aims to provide environmentally friendly and efficient crypto mining farms around the Swiss Alps. SAE will be utilizing unused buildings around the area where former farmers used while doing farming activities. Due to the revision of the spatial planning act, a lot of cultural assets in the alps remain unused and close to collapsing without generating profit returns.

These buildings that have lost its original function will be revived by SAE as it will be turned in to mining sites where cubes will be placed. Such ruins will be turned into treasured gold where locals can gain job and tourism will grow.

The alarming level of energy consumption forced SAE to address it through its self-sustaining energy solution. By having its own renewable energy source powerplant, SAE will not be utilizing energy intended to supply residential and business infrastructures. There is a case in China where despite being one of the largest crypto mining facility area has forced some companies to close their farms down due to the excessive energy consumption their farms have done that jeopardize the supply of local electricity.

So the choice of Switzerland as the project’s area was also considered not only because the energy supply and cost around the area is optimal and cheap but because of the many benefits the team can harbor with its inherent environmental assets.

Images presented below show some SAM Cubes rooted in an old cabin around the area.

SAE Solutions

The SAE Solutions is composed of SAM Power Plants, SAM Cubes, samaiX and SAM Centers, all working closely together to bring forth the difference SAE wishes to provide to the world for the crypto mining and renewable energy industry powered by Blockchain Technologies.

SAM Powerplants

SAE will be purchasing green power plants which will be used to power up SAM Cubes. This includes hydro power plant, wind power plants and photovoltaic system. The purchase of such allows SAE to be an independent and self-sustaining energy supplier to other and its own technological solutions and units.

Other businesses who wish to do away with the difficulties in creating and maintaining a mining facility and energy supply, SAE allows leasing of such facilities. With the SAM Power Net, driven by Peer-to-Peer technology, allows end users to purchase energy at a much, cheaper price through the use of SAM Tokens.

SAE as an independent energy supplier will be utilizing a smart and decentralized power grid that collects information of energy supply and demand as well as its cost and ensure that energy costs will be maintained at a low price. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence, a smart and flexible power grid will be expected that will help regulate the generation and supply of energy to be less impacted by the unknown and abrupt changes inherent of renewable energy generation.

SAM Cubes

SAM Cubes are the flexible and effective mining units from SAE. It runs automatically with less maintenance and has been geared towards maximize performance and profit.

SAM Cubes are located in the high altitude Swiss Alps area, along with the high efficient ORC system from SAE and the ideal natural climate and temperature around the area makes its internal ventilation system sufficient enough to no longer need additional air conditioning unit to keep the mining process going. As boiling point of water lessens along with higher altitude, SAM Cubes take a much, longer time in heating up than traditional mining facilities.

The Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) facilitates the recovery of energy for the SAM Cubes using the excess heat energy generated by the mining process itself. And SAE is by far the first to implement such technique of energy recovery for mining facilities further cutting down the energy consumption of each SAM Cubes by 50% versus traditional. SAM Cubes will be communicating to a central station which monitors is condition and set the optimal parameter to generate more efficiency and profit.

SAM Cubes will be deployed in two units – SAM Unit 1 and SAM Unit 2. SAM Unit 1 constiuts 50 asic miners and are operated in 700 TH/s with multiples GPU rigs with 4000 MH/s total capacity. Sitting in 4x4x2m dimension, SAM Unit 2 is twice as big and twice powerful than SAM Unit 1.

SAM Cubes are currently being tuned to effectively mine ETH and BTC but will soon be capable of mining all types of crypto currencies. Businesses who will be purchasing SAM Cubes will now have the ability to mine their own crypto currency.

SAM Smart Mining – samaiX

samaiX is the Artificial Intelligence capability from SAE that will be used to tune mining activities and make them efficient and profitable both at the same time. Users will be supported by samaiX as it is a Decision Support System made entirely to analyze which coins are most profitable to mine given the current market prices and volume and give suggestions or best possible options for the user. Once the user agrees, the mining process will be adjusted accordingly. This makes cypto mining a lot easier, more efficient and flexible for the end users.

SAM Centers

The SAM Centers are the central unit monitoring each SAM Cubes. In the Swiss Alps areas where SAM Cubes are rooted, a corresponding SAM Center will also be placed. Not only will this protect the cultural assets of the area but will also provide local talents additional job opportunities.

SAM Token Sale

Details The SAM Token will be used entirely within the project’s ecosystem. This will give users the buying power to purchase energy and SAM Cubes as well as leasing of such facilities and solutions.

Token: SAM

Price: 1 SAM = 0.5000 USD

Platform: Ethereum

Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD

Hard cap: 100,000,000 USD

Country: Switzerland

For more information please visit links below 

Website: https://swissalpsmining.io/

Whitepaper: https://swissalpsmining.io/pdf/whitepaper.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/swissalpsmining

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/swissalpsmining/

Telegram: https://t.me/swissalpsminingICO

Medium: https://medium.com/@swissalpsmining

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