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VANM – Local search engine for products and services

About VANM

VANM is a local search engine for products and services that matches supply and demand for local advertisements with nearby users in real time.

Blockchain technology is used to distribute advertising revenue among users.


Traditional digital advertising has lost its edge. Pop-up ads get largely ignored or blocked by consumers.​

Effective digital advertising is unaffordable and ineffective for small businesses to reach local focus groups.

Local retail markets are tightening up through competition from e-commerce platforms.


Users get access to a search engine for local deals, events and offers on-demand in real-time.​​

50% of the advertising revenue is shared with the users.​​

Local markets can claim customer awareness through targeted ads below market costs​​.

Local markets are strengthened through more customer awareness​.

User data is anonymized and only evaluated with consent against appropriate remuneration​.


Local advertising will be an attractive and helpful guide in finding local offers and entertainment on-demand.​

The local economy will be strengthened through increased customer awareness.

VANM services enable reasonable spending on local advertising to help even small businesses establish contact with potential customers.

We preserve the attractiveness of the cities in which we live.

Customers are rewarded for their advertising consumption, feedback and sharing, while their private information remains protected.



User receive ads corresponding to their interests from local providers and a portion of the advertising revenue in the form of VANM tokens.

Advertisers get the opportunity to place effective local ads at reasonable costs.

Social Media Artists can use their talent and build a community by creating ads for local vendors.

VANM Roadmap

Concept phase of the VANM project​

Fundamental market analysis​

Surveying potential customers​

Detailed concept development /whitepaper​

Strategic partnerships

Founding the company VANM UG (haftungsbeschränkt)​

Recruitment of additional team members​

Starting app prototype development​

Smart contract development​

Start of token sale​

Prototype app presentation​

End of taken sale​

Communit voting on app prototype design​

Start of beta app development​

Expanding local sales activities​

Launch of beta app​

Community Voting for the Beta App

Incorporation of Community Feedback

Planned launch of the VANM Android App​

iOS App Development​

Expansion of the VANM network​

Introduction of the Ad Mining 2.0 Phase

Complete market saturation

Augmented reality beta app / Ad Mining 2.0​

Expansion of VANM services – e.g. Free mobility​

International expansion​

VANM Token

The VANM Token is the digital currency of the developing VANM ecosystem.​

It serves to transfer value within the network quickly, securely and almost feeless.​

The VANM token was created as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain and can be found at the following address on etherscan.io​.


Total Supply & Distribution

A total of 240 million VANM tokens were generated. With this amount it is possible to cover the expected transaction volume.​

The initial token distribution was designed in such a way that 60% of all tokens are sold directly to the community.

The purpose of this is to distribute the tokens as decentrally as possible.

The second largest share, 20% of all tokens, serves various incentive programs such as rewards for beta testers or discounts for early adopters.​

10% of the total VANM tokens serve as a reserve for direct sales after the launch of the official VANM App.

Another 10% will be awarded to the core team.​

The team share will be blocked for two years and can only be claimed after this period has expired.

This blocking period is comprehensibly anchored in the VANM Token smart contract.​

VANM Token Sale

The VANM token will be distributed among future users of the platform in exchange for Ethereum and thus the holdings will be decentralized.​

The VANM Token Sale is divided into two sections, the Presale and the Crowdsale.​

An overview of dates and conditions can be found in the graphics below.

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Presale Contract Address:


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Crowdsale Contract Address:


Token Sale Registration

VANM is committed to complying with all legal requirements that apply in the event of a token sale. ​

First and foremost, these are the laws relating to the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing.​

Compliance with these regulations is in the interest of all parties involved to not jeopardize the implementation of the project.​

In order to participate in the VANM Token Sale it is therefore necessary to undergo our KYC process and provide a whitelisting address.

Start Registration

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VANM token details:

Symbol: VANM

Price of PreICO: 1 VANM = 0.00038 ETH

ICO price: 1 VANM = 0.0005 ETH

ETH Bonus: Available

Platform: Ethereum

Accepting: ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC

Hard cap: 64350 ETH

Tokens VANM can be used to pay for goods and services. Advertisers will be able to place effective local advertising at reasonable prices. By accepting VANM tokens as a means of payment, suppliers can gain a competitive advantage and download more content. Artists in social networks will be able to use their talent and create a community, while creating advertising for local suppliers. Advertisers, in turn, benefit from the artist community and the associated higher coverage.


Ilia Sakowski: Founder / Managing Director

Daniel Reuter: Founder / Director

Florian Heller: Founder / Director

Christian Gräfenstein: Senior Graphics Designer, Frontend Dev & AR Lead

Jenny Harth: Digital Media Designer

Peter Schneider: Senior Sales Manager

Evgeniy Sazhin: Blockchain & SEO Dev

Former members

Deniz Dagtekin: Senior Backend & DevOps Lead

Adriano Ritacco: Local Partner & Catering Industry Advocate

Website | https://www.vanm.io/en

Lightpaper | https://www.vanm.io/fileadmin/user_upload/VANM_Light_Paper_EN.pdf

Whitepaper | https://www.vanm.io/fileadmin/user_upload/VANM_Whitepaper_EN.pdf

ANN | https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5088145.0

Token Sale Guide | https://www.vanm.io/fileadmin/user_upload/VANM_Token_Sale_Guide_EN.pdf

Token Sale Conditions | https://www.vanm.io/fileadmin/user_upload/Token_Sale_Terms_and_Conditions.pdf

Token Sale Registration | https://www.vanm.io/en/token-sale/token-sale-registration

Telegram Channel | https://t.me/VANMnews

Telegram Community | https://t.me/VANMcommunity

Twitter | https://twitter.com/vanmofficial

Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/vanmofficial2018

Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/vanm_io

Airdrop | https://airdrops.io/vanm/

Thank you from me: Ket tumbar

My Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2202323

ETH Address: 0x5A165374202E9648061144684846Afb8469645bf


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