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Just on 30th January 2018 at 0:00 UTC starts Royal Cash token sale. Let’s try to understood what is the main aim of this platform. According to their webpage Royal Cash Platform (or just Royal Platform):

Royal Cash is a limited liability company established in Hong Kong. In the near future, the company will cooperate closely with the Royal Casino Platform and other online casino and betting services to develop Royal Cash, so it could become a next generation block chain optimized for Casino & Betting Online.

Royal Cash is an cryptocurrency unit based on ETH block chain, integrating Smart Contract technology and ERC20 standard. At the same time, Royal Cash is also an ETH token and an open protocol for non-focused transactions on Ethereum block chain. It will be used as a block which can be associated with other protocols to operate more complexly. Royal Cash allows users to multiply increase the value of their account by trading, exchanging or participating in betting / gambling activities. As a result, Royal Cash will be used broadly in the betting market as well as in casinos around the world. With extremely low transaction fees, high security, and attractive interest rates for investors, Royal Cash will soon become one of the most used cryptocurrency units.


The Royal Cash Platform will provides Royal Cash users with more than twenty casino entertainment options, including casino games, roulette, poker and other gambling games in addition to traditional betting and e-sports betting. Rather than taking legal risks when engaging in illegal betting, Royal Cash will provide you with the security as the governments do not control the cryptocurrency as well as our transactions have very high security.

ICO token sale

The Royal Cash ICO has been reported for two purposes: increasing asset-tracking assets, linking clubhouse units and web-based betting with the aim of
recognizing Royal Cash installments and providing benefits to Royal Cash
holders through contributions, exchanges and benefit sharing from online
gambling firms. Club and internet betting. Chance to bring resources into the field that is new to many individuals. There is no limit to crypto currency, which is open every day and has tremendous development potential. More than 1000 new cryptocurrency units have been created that can be used to be
bought and exchanged on many different platforms, and in particular, they offer amazing benefits to financial professionals. 12 ICO exercises are
isolated in 16 rounds. The unsold coins in each round are collected and sold at the next meeting. Towards the end of the last round, the amount of Royal Cash that has not yet been sold is burned (consume).

The Royal Cash Loaning program offers an attractive salary that every financial specialist should not miss. Adaptive conditions, no risk included in the loan program and above all the royalties of Royal Cash are significantly higher than other crypto currency partners. Not unlike most different platforms that rely solely on lending to create revenue for the customers, they offer more than 20 clubhouse / betting animations on the platform so the owners of royal cash will be happy with their excitement needs. Increase your benefits.This is also the benefit of having a squandered administration with huge financiers around the world, plus the benefit for Royal Cash’s owners of playing at a reduced rate with these brokers.

Initial Coin Offering

Royal Cash aims to build a platform tracking the volatility of the top 20 most valuable cryptocurrency units. In addition, Royal Cash hopes to provide investors with a high-value token and huge profit, as well as provide Royal Cash users with useful information about cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency market, so that they could make better investing decision.

The Royal Cash ICO was announced for two purposes:

raising funds for product development, connecting casino units and online betting so that they will accept Royal Cash payments and giving holders of Royal Cash the chance to earn profits from investing, trading, and profit sharing from online casino and online betting. ICO activities are divided into 16 rounds. The unsold coins in each round will be accumulated and sold at the next session. At the end of the last round, the amount of Royal Cash, which has not sold yet, will be burned (burn coin).




WEB: https://royalcash.io/
WHITEPAPER: https://royalcash.io/assets/doc/whitepaper.pdf
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAENuw-VG3sOjbi3Fgg
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/RoyalCash5
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Royalcash.io/



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