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About SaTT

Hello friend, today I will review the token for advertising with the SaTT symbol, which is a token that runs on the Etehereum ERC-20 network. This smart token contract will bridge advertising between advertisers and publishers. Through SaTT tokens advertising transactions will be faster, safer and cheaper.

The SaTT smart contract will regulate advertising transactions in a decentralized and distributed manner. Through SaTT smart contracts, all advertising transactions are getting stronger:

  1. Advertisers can easily create ad campaigns whose participation conditions and results will be stored in a decentralized distributed register.
  2. Through smart contracts, all market offers are collected through a decentralized database, so that they can set rules that apply to advertise contracts and to automatically trigger payments after the transaction is done.
  3. The SaTT smart contract is based on a blockchain that allows the exchange of advertisements and audience payments.
  4. The SaTT smart contract creates a utility token, users will get all SaTT token services when using these tokens in their advertising.

To create the SaTT token ecosystem, this token is being launched in the ICO period from May 1, 2018, to March 31, 2019. Users or investors can contribute to www.sat-token.com using the digital assets that have been determined by the SaTT team. Following is the SaTT ICO information:

  1. Supply tokens = 420,000 000 SaTT
  2. Available for sale = 68,000,000 SaTT
  3. SaTT Decimals = 18
  4. Token Value = $ 0.42
  5. Hardcap Crowdsale = $ 28 560 000
  6. Stuck Crowdsale = $ 3 360 000
  7. Protocol = ERC20 ERC223
  8. Payment = $ / BTC / ETH
  9. For contributions visit www.satt-token.com

For information updates visit:

  • Website = Visit
  • White paper = Read
  • MVP = Available
  • ICO Time = May 01, 2018 – Mar 31, 2019
  • Country = USA

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