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What Terawatt

Terawatt is a new patented startup blockchain and patented patent with a strong focus on global monetization and driving.

Electricity is the most important part of our community. Surprisingly, power plants are the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions. Nearly a third of harmful emissions are electricity generation. And this trend will only increase if nothing is done. And what can be done to reduce the release of pollutants into the environment? One possibility is to reduce the amount of energy produced. To achieve this, we need to use more modern and cheaper lighting methods. Previously, all light bulbs were used, a little later, switched to fluorescent lamps, then – to the housekeeper. Now the best way to save energy is LED lights.In addition, they help reduce emissions to the environment.

That’s good, but how can you promote this trend towards the masses? For this purpose the Terawatt project was made. Project leaders want to bring together people who are interested to unite to better manage the quality of light. The Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) they have created will work with many consumers around the world.

The mission

DAO platform created by Terawatt will receive its own digital coins designed for global payments. The DAO platform is funded by third parties and works with utilities, distributors, power consumers and token holders. DAO acts like a decentralized insurance fund so that everyone can invest their money.


Problem lighting / solutions
Inefficient light bulbs create unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change, and electricity bills do not need to be too high for the public and the government. Terawatt will help solve this problem by adopting LED lighting. LED solutions have never been more affordable or affordable than now. With several discount programs and incentives, more cities are making the transition to street lighting. And why not? As we all know, LEDs are energy that is efficient and durable, which means large savings in energy, as well as reducing maintenance costs. But what about other advantages? Like reducing crime, safer areas and overall improvement? These are all advantages,

Token Description                                

Our project will use Ethereum to issue and create tokens mainly because it has the base foundation that our technology will implement. Terawatt will manipulate the blockchain smart contracts. Our token will be a standard ERC20 token with some specific modifications. Our algorithms will verify that the consumer has actually purchased the bulbs from a suitable seller and add the transaction to the blockchain. Smart contracts will execute and manage the entire process.

Token info

  • Token ; LED
  • Platform : Ethereum
  • Type : ERC20
  • PreICO price ** 1 LED = 0.30 USD**
  • Price in ICO 1 LED = 0.40 USD

Investment info

  • Min. investment : 0.2 ETH
  • Accepting : ETH
  • Distributed in ICO : 65%
  • Soft cap : 500,000 USD
  • Hard cap : 13,500,000 USD


Project Conception, Whitepaper drafted, Patent Filed

December 2017
Team Building- Acquired CTO, COO, and Advisor

January 2018
Whitepaper/Website, Trademark Granted, Listed on KICKICO

February 2018
Building Presence, Token Presale site under development

June 2018
Private Sale, more development and marketing

July 2018
PreICO, DAO construction

August 2018
ICO, Token launch, wallet release, apply to exchanges

October 2018
DAO testnet, Mobile Wallets, Seek Partnerships

December 2018
DAO mainnet online, Masternode announcement

February 2019
Fully Functional User Interface Released, Mainnet improvements

April 2019
Devcon, Acquire More Partnerships

May 2019
Receipt Verification/Tax Incentive Utility/LED Token Development

July 2019
Expansion of Terawatt’s LED Ecosystem



Image result for terawatt team


For more information

Website : https://terawattled.com/
Whitepaper : https://terawattled.com/assets/Terawatt.pdf
Ann Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4180151.0
Telegram : https://t.me/TeraWattICO







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