ICO THRIVE – 2 Million THRT Tokens destined to Thrive Airdrop.

Thrive is a premium decentralized advertising marketplace based on  block chain and smart contracts. The block chain will ensure full  transparency, 100% data security and safety. A reliable and meritocratic reputation management mechanism, based on  concurrent professional reviews, will ensure websites ratings and  premium advertisement placement. Brand safety and reputation won’t be a  problem anymore. Smart contracts are the bridge on block chain to connect any  advertiser and publisher without any third party needed, drastically  lowering advertising Marketplace fees. For the first time, both Publishers and Consumers willing to  voluntarily share anonymous data will get monetary rewards. Something  today everyone is unconsciously already doing for free.

Good news for you: we are proud to announce the launch of Thrive Airdrop! 

We are giving away a total of two million THRT tokens  in the airdrop. The two million tokens will be distributed between  everyone who signs up for the airdrop. For example, if 5,000 people sign  up, each of them would receive 400 tokens. But if only one person  signed up, then that person would receive all two million tokens.There’s  no limit to the number of people who can participate in the airdrop —  we want to get as many people involved in the Thrive journey as  possible.Follow these 4 simple rules to gain your free THRT tokens:

  • Register on our website not later than March, 9th.
  • Go to Airdrop page (in the left menu) and insert your Telegram Username
  • Join our Telegram Group with the username provided in our website
  • Don’t leave Thrive Telegram Group until the end of the ICO.
  • Don’t forget to provide an ETH digital wallet to store your tokens.
  • Do not spam in Thrive Telegram Group otherwise you will be banned and will loose the possibility to participate in the airdrop.

Fake users and fraud attempts will be strictly checked after the  airdrop. You may end up losing your entire airdrop allocation if you are  found to have engaged in any fraudulent behavior.

  How you can increase your token allocation

The airdrop will include a referral program. Once  you register to the Airdrop, there will be a link, unique to each  participant, that you can share with your friends to invite them to  participate in the airdrop.For each person that you refer and that sign  up for the airdrop (up to 20 referrals per person), you will receive a  100% bonus on the standard token allocation. For example, if Michael  refers 10 people, and the standard allocation is 100 tokens, then  Michael receives 1000 tokens, as 100 * 10 = 1000.Change your telegram SURNAME field to | ico.thrivelabs.io and you will get a free airdrop referral!  Changing your Telegram Surname, 1 referral will be added to your  referral counter: remember, to see your free referral in the counter you  must maintain this name till the end of the ICO.

When you will receive your tokens

After the conclusion of the token sale, all tokens  will be distributed to participants in both the token sale and the  airdrop. You will be asked to confirm or provide an ETH addres to  receive your tokens.
Keep following us for upcoming news:
● Web: ico.thrivelabs.io
● Telegram: t.me/thriveico
● BTT: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2401702.0
● Facebook: facebook.com/thrivelabs.io/
● Twitter: twitter.com/WeareThrivelabs


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