The Zeux platform is likely to provide many users with an integrated function that is likely to provide many functions that can be used in economic services. This is purely due to biometrics, artificial intelligence and advances in blocking technology. The Zeux platform can provide secure payments from a smartphone and can be applied to both digital transactions and transactions with Fiat assets, as well as decentralized money transfers, easy access to various digital assets and ordinary investments. The account has secure, confidential data for all users and does not forget KYC to help the staff to make sure that all consumers have experience opening a risk-free account.

And what is needed to pay for the service? Right, money. If you use your usual currency, you simply take money out of your wallet and pay, you can also pay with a card, but even it has a number of drawbacks compared to a well-established payment area based on the blockchain. And so, you want to pay for your purchase with bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency, if you have a hardware, paper or online wallet, then this will not be very convenient. What to do? There is a way out – a mobile payment application. After all, every person has a mobile phone and is always with you, this is probably the most common gadget on the planet Earth that performs many different functions, and he is ready to take on himself and another one – to become your personal pocket bank.

Zeux as a truly universal and loyal assistant will help you pay for purchases and transfer money not only in cryptocurrency, but also in the usual, customary for many, but already outgoing currency (dollars, euros, rubles, hryvnia, zloty, and so on). But you can maturity, but how can you combine cryptocurrency and ordinary money? After all, the crypt is not specifically regulated by anyone, and behind the old financial system are the Fed, the Central Bank and other powerful financial institutions. The answer is! The Zeux project is licensed by the British FCA regulator, its activities are entirely within the legal field. Moreover, the beta product launch has already been implemented and is currently undergoing a testing and improvement stage, and in 2019 Zeux will operate the European Union. As you understand, legal work in such a serious industry is also in the European Union, which testifies to the high level of the project and the seriousness of its intentions.

ZEUX working principle

This system will greatly facilitate the process of making transfers thanks to the blockhain technology. When transferring all tokens will be transferred from one e-wallet to another. As for transfers in Fiat, Zeux has its own unique solution, the system will convert Fiat into a special token of the ZXUSD system’s internal registry, and then send ZXUSD tokens to the recipient’s ZXUSD account. Through the use of blockhain technology, information about all transactions will be stored decentralized, while eliminating the risks associated with traditional centralized data storage, such as loss of records or unauthorized manipulations with them. Also, this method of making payments is very fast, which is incredibly convenient for making a lot of both small and large payments.

Compliance and regulation

  • PSD2 reinforces the basic offers of ZEUX.
  • This gives a regulated system from what we can get customer data to the financial services procedure.
  • Functions will ultimately make it simpler and more suitable for initiating payments and reduce delays for your customers.

As you can see the project is developing in leaps and bounds, this year it will be launched in England, and in 2019 in the European Union and America. Accordingly, the widespread acceptance of so many ambitious projects will naturally increase the price for Zeux Coin, so that anyone interested in participating in the development of new financial markets is recommended to visit.

ZEUX is a promising product that has every chance of success.

Additional Information:

Website: https://www.zeux.tech

Whitepaper: https://www.zeux.tech/assets/PDF/ZEUX-White-paper-Eng.pdf

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5113105.0

Telegram: https://t.me/zeuxapp

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZeuxApp

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZeuxApp

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