iCoin – How to grow diamonds can bring profits to the encryption market


Diamonds are eternal love, a symbol of commitment and romance, not just aesthetics. The historical commemoration of symbolism and eternal love is related to the name of the Greek word adamas-derived stone, which means “invincible”.

Since the discovery of them in the Indian Islands about 2,500 years ago, diamonds have become a symbol of love and beauty, purity and innocence… a symbol that embodies the novelty of children; starting with the way we were born before the world. Wouldn’t it be surprising if you knew that the diamond had existed for about 1 billion years before it was discovered? Most likely not.

A flawless crystal made of pure carbon, the most difficult object for humans (only a material with a hardness of 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale).

Diamond has a metaphysical nature because it is thought to bring positive changes to its owners and good fortune. Diamonds can also open your spiritual energy flow by filling negative spaces with pure love enthusiasm.

Due to their high refractive index (which reflects light in a special way) and hardness, diamonds have always been of considerable value since their discovery. This precious gem is first traded on the Silk Road, the ancient trade network between China and the West.

It is widely believed that diamonds exist only in India, and the Indian diamond industry peaked in the 18th century, after which mining activity decreased significantly. Two centuries ago, when the whole world began to carry out strong movements in diamond exploration, the situation changed.

Shortly thereafter, Africa randomly discovered several important diamond deposits – especially the banks of the Orange River in South Africa – that triggered the influx of diamond miners into the area. After extensive research, 83.5 carats of diamonds were discovered in 1871 and a source rock (a tube rock called kimberlite) was discovered. This discovery led to the opening of the first large-scale mining operation in the Kimberley mine in South Africa. The increased mining activity eventually created the so-called big hole; due to the growing global demand, the opening of mines in Africa and around the world increased, which greatly increased the world diamond supply.

As you know, everything about diamonds is very fascinating: appearance, nature, value, composition, history, and we can discuss it in the rest of this article.

However, we will not try to do this because it will conflict with the purpose of the article: the potential impact of diamond mining on cryptocurrencies – equally important – blockchain space.

Blockchain technology reached its normal state in 2017, when bitcoin prices hit a record high of about $20,000. Prior to this, cryptocurrencies were still relatively unknown, as evidenced by the popular “Bitcoin Pizza” story.

Millennium Mining is a company established in Sierra Leone because it is in great need of providing reliable diamond mining investment for individuals seeking significant return on investment. The potential to disrupt blockchain technology in the materials industry has been established, and some blockchain-based companies are working well in space.

Blockchain can bring huge benefits to industrial companies such as Millennium Mining, including decentralization, high levels of security, transparency and powerlessness, paving the way for collaborative mining, tracking and secure payments.

A decentralized platform trusted by the diamond industry and cryptocurrency investors will increase the likelihood of major disruptions. This will be achieved through the application of seamless active ledger (DLT) technology to encourage efficient industry connectivity by leveraging blockchain, artificial intelligence and sophisticated security and privacy standards.

The Millennium Mining Company has a green mining policy designed to reduce or eliminate the negative environmental impact of mining operations.

Crowdsourcing using the IEO model:

In an initial public offering, investors receive shares in the company’s stock in exchange for investment. As far as ICO is concerned, there are no shares to discuss. Instead, crowdfunding sales participants will get the blockchain equivalent to the blockchain: the token.

The company will launch an initial exchange offer (IEO) with the primary goal of achieving collaborative mining and diamond mining. Running the IEO gives you the necessary equipment (and manpower) needed to get the job running.

MMC ownership will be held by IEO team members. By doing so, IEO participants can play an important role in creating history with Millennium Mining Corp and still get the majority of the company’s revenue – a win-win situation.

After the crowdfunding, the ICOIN token will be released immediately. You can then trade or revoke your token.

Here’s a quick overview of token offers:

The total supply is 600 million IXN and the minimum purchase price per address is 100 IXN. The soft hat is 3.5 million tokens, while the hard hat is up to 10 million ICOIN. The token is issued at a price of $1 per token and you are entitled to a bonus of between 1-25% of the total supply. BTC, ETH and USD accept token purchases.

International Token iCoin, ICOIN:

The International Token iCoin (stock code: ICOIN) is designed to fund the company’s operations. ICOIN is a token that is compatible with the ERC20 token standard. This means that it inherits features such as real-time balance monitoring, transfer and approval between token holders, which increases security, facilitates integration and increases adoption.

ICOIN tokens have two main purposes: trade, exchange and purchase:

  • Trading:

Because ICOIN tokens are created on the Ethereum blockchain, they can be moved to other wallets that are compatible with ERC20 at any time. The ICOIN token transaction is not managed by Millennium Mining Corp. Therefore, the company has no control over post-IEO trading activities. In addition, ICOIN can be registered in a later cryptocurrency exchange.

  • Exchange:

IEO participants can exchange their dollar tokens with Millennium Mining Corp. The current market interest rate since the tender is one year.

  • Purchase:

ICOIN Token is the payment method accepted when purchasing Millennium Mining Corp. diamond products. In the website store.

Mining real diamonds and exploiting profits to develop a cryptocurrency market is the best guarantee that tokens will retain their value and grow significantly when appropriate. Millemium Mining is the first company to make an initial exchange offer by creating an international iCoin token and using the funds obtained to fund its operations and invest in real diamond and mineral mining in Africa. Every mined diamond will be sold on the open market and profits will be injected into the iCoin International encryption market. This will increase the profit for the first year from 200% in the first year to 1000% in the third year and beyond. Oman said that iCoin is supported by the original diamond mining.

Token and economic information:

  • Total token rating: $ 10,000,000
  • Maximum token supply: 600 million
  • Initial supply: 10 million
  • IEO price: 1 USD
  • Type of sign: ERC-20
  • Token Distribution Date: September 27, 2019
  • Token Exchange Date (Plan): October 1, 2019

Token assignment:

  • Operation: (75%)
  • Marketing: (10%)
  • List of transactions: (5%)
  • Team and consultant: (5%)
  • Gifts and Communities: (5%)

Use of funds:

  • 75%: Operation
  • 15%: Marketing
  • 4%: Team and consulting
  • 4%: listing transaction
  • 2%: Gift


  • 2019 Q3

Launch of iCoin International
Kickoff Exchange initial offer

  • Q4

Machine acquisition
Site preparation
Mobilization of labor
River diversion
Extraction kickoff

  • 2020 Q1 – Q4

Return on investment
First market injection
Mining growth potential
Identification of other mining locations

  • 2021+

Sustainable market injection
Other types of identification of natural resources
Operating expansion


  • Joseph Goldblatt – Project Manager

Joseph graduated with a B.A. in biology and has extensive experience in the field of environment consciousness, sustainable business development and eco friendliness. He has a 20 year background in private business, running ventures in multiple domains including private care, quality control, purchasing and financial planning.

  • David Hauck – COO

President, Chief Executive Officer and a director of Milennium Mining Corp since its incorporation. He was also Chief Executive Officer of M&S Ventures Limited, a Sierra Leone corporation involved in mining diamonds, gold and other precious stones and metals in Sierra Leone. M & S Ventures Limited transferred its government issued mining license to Millennium Mining Corp. Mr. Hauck was a salesperson and manager of Forest Diamonds, a diamond wholesaler.

  • Solomon Bleier – CFO

Solomon has served as a director of MMC since its inception. A native of Hungary, has been in the diamond industry for over 30 years and has been involved in mining operations in Brazil and Sierra Leone for the past 10 years. From 1988 to 2002, he worked for Simcha Diamond Ltd. in Brazil, and from 2000 to 2004 he was a partner in S&T Mining Group, a Sierra Leone mining operation where he served as head administrator of operations, prospecting, surveying and mining. From 2004 to 2007 he was a consultant to M&S Ventures Ltd., a company involved in mining in Sierra Leone.

  • Sherman Cheung – CSO

Sherman has served as site manager since the inception of Millennium Mining Corp. Mr. Cheung was born in China and after attending college in Manchester, UK, moved to Sierra Leone. In 1995 he was hired by a Sierra Leone corporation, Venture One Limited, to manage that company’s mining operation. He directed the initial stages of the operation, including surveying, prospecting, setting up the equipment, and other day to day operations. He will be doing the same for MMC.

  • Anders Johnsson – Advisor

Experienced Entrepreneur and early Bitcoin adopters with a demonstrated history of working with tech start-ups in emerging economies. Skilled in blockchain, fundraising, Business Planning, International expansion, Strategic planning, and International Management. Strong entrepreneurship skills and fluent in Swedish, English, and Chinese.

  • Sam Levin – Advisor

Over 20 years of diverse investment management experience in equities and alternative assets like hedge funds and private equity. Structured more than $500 million of investments into over 100 US publicly traded companies. Most of the projects he is working on currently are blockchain based solutions for individual entities or which governments can easily adopt together with legislative frameworks that can be implemented.

  • Tudor Vesa – Advisor

Having founded his IT company in 2006, he and his team have worked on various projects or developed software for several clients. His main area of interest is blockchain theory and the cryptocurrency sphere. In previous years the focus was on governmental solutions and the way blockchain technology can address certain issues like institutional interoperability, digital signature, e-voting, etc.

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