ICONIC – An ICOs Ecosystem Built Through Decentralized Assurance

Iconic is the place or environment for financing and offering business resources through blockchain technology. Because of the need to gather speculations and potential financial specialists with technologies that offer a new world of opportunity through a decentralized and transparent digital structure, Iconic is guided by the premise to help drive and oversee disruptive market development which can possibly enhance numerous business classes.

Iconic is a blockchain technology based ecosystem found for business assets. This platform brings promising investments, and it involves potential investors. Iconic is the first ICO environment on the market, and its service is great. This platform’s main vision is to create an environment that lessens down the gap between innovative projects and companies. It helps -businesses and investors who were unable to compete due to the lack of contributions. The platform brings an environment where new businesses are encouraged, and where investors are assured with capital. They build an ecosystem and forms a strong community. A team of professionals is the reason for the success of the Iconic platform.

Iconic’s market integrates two markets. The first one is the cooperation of blockchain and the second is the crowdfunding market. The Blockchain technology could directly impact many industries and markets. Crowdfunding is a strategy based on collective funding, which helps in raising funds for promising projects. It incorporates a method where all investors, business, and middlemen are satisfied.

The ICO environment brings in electronic tools that make it easy to have control over projects and where projects could be delivered on time. The market is seen in a new form due to the Iconic project where new businesses are rising while benefiting investors. Further, you could see improvements in the capital formation and the community gets high benefits improving their wealth and generations to come. All those people out there also get engaged in projects and receives business opportunities.

Advantages of the Iconic Platform

People would be accustomed to an ecosystem of decentralized assurance, and it is, in fact, an eco-system which paves its way through new markets. The assurance is at its best and communities will love to get in touch with this system. The Escrow funding also supports the Iconic platform.

The financial projections of this platform are based on two fundamental assumptions. The first one is the moderateness of revenues and the second is the estimation of expenses on a line of safety. Further, average fundraising within Iconic’s ICO is another aspect to be looked. The resources involved in the platform provides the cash needed for the operation. Iconic brings in two businesses into the market. The first ICO was announced on January 15, 2018, and the second ICO was announced on February 5, 2018. Iconic answers the needs and professional demands of their customers.


Iconic was born with a very clear mission: the establishment of an integral ecosystem for the realization of ICO, where the launch and upgrading of resources for a project, with subsequent sales in the secondary market, does not represent the end but the beginning of everything.

The sustainability of the asset market, irrespective of its nature, depends on the existence of conditions for its stakeholders to exercise permanent oversight of its course, and even repression, in cases where deviations from promised governance represent depreciation of investments made by third party projects may

Merging of three distinct yet interconnected and interacting cores, creating the ICONIC ecosystem:


Channel to drive businesses and to approximate investors through the promotion of ICOs. Presented in a simple, easy and interactive structure, the Iconic Environment connects prospective projects with potential stakeholders to participate and follow-up on the offerings.


The Iconic Trading offers a dynamic space for buying and selling electronic assets (tokens) acquired through Iconic Environment, being an important channel to provide quick liquidity to the initial investors and the possibility of continuous trade of tokens as each project develops itself.


The Assurance embodies Iconic’s unmatched differential. Through it, Iconic enables the possibility of having offerings with the intermediation of reliable third parties (Escrow managers); the power to request for audits in the projects; and the potential to settle conflicts of interest to ensure fulfilment of each offer’s promises and obligations.


Iconic is present, through its three ecosystem environments, a complete conduit for investing in business impact with unprecedented safety and security services in the industry. With this, we invite the community to jointly build an integrated, stable and secure path for decentralized technology in order to reach its full potential.

At a time of unprecedented growth in a decentralized environment and in the fundraising industry, Iconic created its business proposal to be integrated into a strong community responsible for building and upgrading the most disturbing generation technology.

Planned as an ecosystem to encourage promising businesses through fund-raising blockchain, ICONIC installs itself while exponential evolution and popularization movements take place.

For users who are already familiar with this technology, it now evokes the opposite feeling: the excitement of opportunities for investment expansion and, at the same time, an interest in sometimes chaotic developments and with the behavior of new players.

We believe that action is needed to show that decentralization need not be disorganized.

Iconic brings three of its ecosystem environments into a complete conduit for investing in businesses with unprecedented safety and security instruments in the blockchain industry.

With this, we call the public through the “Let’s move chain” campaign, offer Ikon’s ecosystem to bring together interests and, together, build an integrated, stable and secure path for this technology to achieve its fullest disruptive potential.


PROJECT: ICONIC Ecosystem, and ICO Built Through Decentralized Certainty


TOKEN BACKGROUND: ERC20 on Blockchain Ethereum


MIN NUMBER SOLD: 85,000,000

MAX NUMBER SOLD: 425,000,000



UNSOLD TOKENS: Destroyed 72 hours after completion of ICO

ESCROW: A multisigned account with an independent and inconspicuous management


TOKEN BALLAST: 35% of net profit to DAO NIC Fund


SCHEDULE: 02/08/2018–20/02/2018

BONUS: 35%

PRICE: 1 ETH = 30.310 NIC



SCHEDULE: 15/03/2018–15/04/2018

PRICE: 1 ETH = 30.310 NIC


HARD CAP: 14,100 ET


DAY 1–3 = 20% — DAY 4–10 = 10%

DAY 11–20 = 5% — DAY 21–30 = 0



Be a part of this incredible project. Download the whitepaper for the full scoop.

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WEBSITE: http://www.joiniconic.com/

WHITEPAPER: https://joiniconic.com/docs/whitepaper_EN_10.pdf

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/joiniconic

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/joiniconic

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/joiniconic/

TELEGRAM: https://t.me/iconic_ecosystem

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/joiniconic/

Join Bountyhive & Get NIC Tokens: https://bountyhive.io/join/Iconic

Author: TheMichaelMatch

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Disclaimer: This article was published in terms of the bounty campaign. I am not a project team member or its representative but a supporter of this incredible project.


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