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Evolution in terms of innovations has been immense in the last decade. This technological growth even resulted to the discovery of several processes that are beyond the usual way of social practice. One of the most popular inventions of this generation is the use of the blockchain technology devised by Satoshi Nakamoto who used the same in the development of Bitcoin. With the development of bitcoin as a digital currency, comprehensive arrays of transaction types have been supported in a unique and convenient manner.
Transacting in the market no longer just involve things or foods for human use or consumption in consideration of certain amount of cash. The definition of the word “market” altered due to the development of “cryptocurrency”. Bitcoin as a digital currency functioned as a medium of exchange that uses potent process of cryptography to produce secured financial transactions, control the creation of additional units, and verify transmission of assets. From bitcoin as the known pioneering coin of digital currency, various cryptocurrency coins were developed following the path and purpose of their predecessor and created their own and whole new market in the economy.
The development of various cryptocurrencies opened up innumerable opportunities to the public- which includes the investee and investors group. The market for cryptocurrency has already conquered the lives of several people who believed in the opportunities offered by these new discoveries. Some ideas that have contributed to the economic progress of the world even originated and became a success because of the existence of the cryptocurrency market. Most of these cryptocurrency successes were made through “Initial Coin Offering” for the purpose of raising equity funds to support the project and its operations. Furthermore, although this practice have been prohibited in some known countries around the world, it is indeed irrefutable that ICO is one of the easiest way to connect and find vast investors who are willing to invest their hard earned money and support the idea of the project with the expectation of increased coin value that will result to future profits caused by public demand when listed in the market.
Together with these constructive opportunities were undesirable outcome caused by abusers. Hackers, scammers, illegal doers and etc. are performing several unfavorable activities that ruin the clean intent of the use of this technology. To stabilize this massive shift in the economy and minimize the risks involved in this technology, iConsort Solutions will provide a safe and secured end to end “Initial Coin Offering” process to the aspirants wanting to be part of the cryptocurrency world. Some people or companies who have no idea on how to perform ICOs will be accompanied by iConsort Solutions to connect to a wider range of investors. This purpose will bridge the gap between the seekers and those who are willing. Aside from this, it is also the duty of iConsort Solutions to make sure that its future clients provide sufficient and appropriate evidence to ensure minimized risk of fraud involving “Initial Coin Offerings” and a much safer cryptocurrency market is created.


iConsort Solutions aims to connect a wide range of hanging opportunities and minimize preventable risks, iConsort will provide the necessary needs of the client Company and the investors’ concurrently. Providing these needs will benefit the company seeking for investors and the investors themselves which as a result- could provide healthy pecuniary relations. Risks from fraudulent projects offered for public funding will be minimized through in-depth review of future iConsort clients’ profile and ensure the legitimacy of the management and its project. The unknown process by the client company on how they could raise funds through the use of blockchain technology will be provided by iConsort to allow the client reach a broader range of investor’s pool present in the cryptocurrency domain.


To provide veracious service to people involved and to the aspirants who are aiming to connect to the new methodologies through the use of blockchain technology in order to give better opportunities to the society and to the economy as a whole.


Minimized risk of fraud, convenient and ethical way of using the blockchain technology that will connect everyone within and outside the cryptocurrency domain in a socially acceptable manner.


With the immense growth of high-tech developments brought by this era, there are various opportunities being wasted due to the lack of knowledge and capability to interact and connect with the new methodologies of this millennium. Some superb ideas from people all over the world remain as ideas due to lack of execution and financial support. Unable to connect with the people who can give the best wherewithal to make the idea materialize is one of the main reason for getting left behind from this massive technological growth where our society is currently in. Together with this societal change are inappropriate uses of power by those who are well adept of the process- leaving the victims helpless and dispossessed. These unfortunate facts gave the development team the urge to correct the abuses and bridge the gap between the old and the new methodologies.
The fissure between the idea itself up to its realization through the use of blockchain technology is the main concern that iConsort tends to decipher. Furthermore, it is irrefutable that scam projects arise from one corner to another- iConsort also apt to reduce this risk faced by the investors. To be specific, the problems that the project intends to solve are the following;
  1. How can future or existing companies make use of the blockchain technology to look for investors willing to invest in their ideas?
  2. Is the project offered to the public legit and does it comply to all existing regulations connected with its nature?

Iconsort Platform

The iConsort Platform serves as the main stage for any transactions to be made with iConsort Solutions. Clients will visit our platform to see the on-going and already completed projects, careers available on our company, services offered, freelance services from our competent talents, management contact details, get quotation for a specific service, or pay for the transaction contracted with iConsort Solutions and etc. This is to promote convenience on the part of the clients.
The specific services being offered by iConsort solutions as of the moment are:
End to End services in launching ICO
This service is absolute and cannot be modified. The service includes all the ICO activities from planning to listing up to the end phase which is the handover. Client may refer to the iConsort Process Framework for the specific activities covered by this service.
Smart Contract Creation
– Full Smart Contract construction based on desired token structure details.
– Audit of Smart Contract
– Smart Contract creation advisory and modification
– Social media marketing
– Specialized ads marketing
– Make use of other marketing platform available
– Research on any existing projects with similar concept
– Legal considerations research
– Research for full substantiation of the project
Web Development
– Incorporate KYC (Know Your Customer) system on ICO website
– Dashboard for token sale
– Specialized secured website structure based on client specifics
Logo Creation
– Logo creation will be based on the desires of the client.
ICO Advisory Services
– Advisory services based on project feasibility
– Market determination and potential project share based on nature
– Review or establishment of ICO activities for project implementation and product development
– Creation of projected Financial Statements based on best estimates (for internal usage only)
Other ICO related services
– This service may include whatever the client need to supply any information deemed necessary for the creation of the project.

ICS Token

The iConsort token will be known as “ICS Token”, this token will serve as a mode of payment to pre-purchase the services offered in the iConsort Platform. Below are the ICS token details:
  • Total ICS Token Supply: 20,000,000,000
  • Softcap: 800 ETH
  • Hardcap: 1,120 ETH
  • Cost per Token: 0.00000008 ETH

ICS Token Economics

70% of the supply is allocated for the token sale and attributed to the community.
15% is allocated to the Team and Advisors with a lock up period of nine (9) months and three (3) months respectively.
5% will be our token reserves. This will be used for any other miscellaneous transactions such as project development and partnership or other activities deemed necessary in carrying out the operations of the company.
5% is for Airdrop and bounty with a lock up period of one (1) month after listing in the first exchange. This will be used for rewards and bounty campaign.
5% is for Marketing expenses.


August 2018
Team creation
management team planing
MVP launch
September 2018
IConsort Platform V.1 Launch
Whitepaper release
Q4 2018
ICO Website Release
Token Sale
Exchange Listing
Pursuit for potential partnership
Q1 2019
iConsort Platform V.2
Further exchange listings
Business Diversification and Expansion
Q2 2019
iConsort Solutions Bets App release IOS and Android platform
Further product and services enchancement
Q3 2019
iConsort Solutions Alpha App release IOS and Android platform
Further engagement and partnerships

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