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iConsort Solutions provides iConsort with the requirements of client companies and investors at the same time to connect various opportunities and minimize preventable risks. Providing these needs will give investors and investors the advantage of providing a healthy financial relationship for themselves. Risks of fraudulent projects that provide public funds will be minimized by reviewing in-depth profiles of iConsort customers in the future and ensuring their management and legitimacy. Unknown processes of the client company about how to fund through block-chain technology are provided by iConsort, allowing clients to reach a pool of broader investors in the cryptocurrency domain.


  • End to End services in launching ICO

Launch your ICO under iConsort Solutions and be iConsort Certified. We will deliver your ICO needs from the very first phase up to the end with the best quality possible!

  • Smart Contract Creation

Get a smart contract based on your desired token distribution structure! Let us know more about your plans and we’ll take care of the coding for you!

  • Marketing

Reach a wider market and get the iConsort Community as one of your spectators. We will get your target market for you!

  • Research

Get the information you need about your project! Let iConsort Solutions provide!

  • Web Development

Have your desired website based on your standards. Make iConsort do the work on your behalf!

  • Logo Creation

Put your idea into an image! Get your desired logo at iConsort!

  • ICO Advisory Services

Get the best advice in launching your ICO! Things must be done accordingly, do it under iConsort!

  • Other ICO related services

Name your ICO needs! We’ll try to give you the best solution for it!


Inappropriate use of power by those who are well adept of the ICO process-leaving the victims helpless and dispossessed. Hackers, scammers, illegal doers and ETC. Are performing several unfavorable activ-ities that ruin the clean intent of the use of the Blockchain technology.

  • How can future or exciting companies make use of the Blockchain technology to look for investors willing to invest in their ideas?
  • Is the project offered to the public legit and does it comply to all existing regulations connected with its nature?


To stabilize this massive shift in the economy and minimize the risks involved in this technology, iConsort Solutions will provide a safe and secured end yo end “Initial Coin Offering” process to the aspirants wanting to be part of the cryptocurrency world.

Some superb ideas form people all over the world remain as ideas due to lack of execution and financial support. Through the iConsort platform, the ICO needs of the aspirants can be catered. Several service related to the conduct of ICO is offered on our platform that serves as solution to this needs.



The iConsort token will be known as “ICS Token”, this token will serve as a mode of payment to pre-purchase the services offered in the iConsort Platform. Below are the ICS token details:

Symbol: ICS

Initial Value: 1 ETH = 12,500,000 ICS

Type: ERC20

70% of the supply is allocated for the token sale and attributed to the community.

15% is allocated to the Team and Advisors with a lock up period of nine (9) months and three (3) months respectively.

5% will be our token reserves. This will be used for any other miscellaneous transactions such as project development and partnership or other activities deemed necessary in carrying out the operations of the company.

5% is for Airdrop and bounty with a lock up period of one (1) month after listing in the first exchange. This will be used for rewards and bounty campaign.

5% is for Marketing expenses.





More information :

Website : https://iconsortsolutions.com/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/ICSlns_Official

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/iConsortSolutions

Telegram : https://t.me/iConsort_Official

Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/user/iConsortSolutions

Medium : https://medium.com/@iconsortsolutions

ANN Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5072060.msg48050799#msg48050799

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