IDAP: International Digital Asset Platform

Good afternoon, my dear crypto-enthusiasts, and today I want to tell you about the wonderful and promising IDAP and its advantages.

About IDAP

The IDAP ecosystem is considered to be the comprehensive solution for traders. Utilizing almost all the features of the traditional trading market and distilling those to match the cryptocurrency landscape, the IDAP ecosystem will deliver an encouragement to the crypto market in the proper direction. IDAP platform is going to redefine the way exchanges run as well as by bringing in much more traders with the use of our a range of product offerings, IDAP would increase the pool of participants improving more significant market liquidity and thereby supporting its entire evolution. IDAP is unveiling expanded trading and additionally, investment instruments with an institutional level exchange platform, inclusive of innovative trading tools, devoted 24/7 customer care services and in addition top-level security. Borrowing from the benefits of legacy trading methods and coupling those with all of the potentialities lent by the crypto trading environment, we are not simply disrupting the ecosystem of exchanges, but probably coming up with an additional way to deal with crypto trading and investment.

IDAP is devoted to cooperating their consumer base using an integrated ecosystem of trading solutions and tools to broaden and enhance the crypto economy. One of the most significant tactics towards this declaration is the introduction of derivatives solution to the crypto asset market and to allow it available for everyone. Derivatives are essential financial instruments that enable risk containment and provide the right amount of volatility in a market by engaging much more players, consequently enabling an increased volume of trade. By pioneering the entrance of the crypto derivatives market, IDAP targets to create an exponential enhancement in the crypto economy.

By combining individual persons and the corporations looking for risk management or simply with a close look at earning upon risk acceptance, our quest is definitely to become the utmost diversified crypto derivatives marketplace for buyers and sellers. The IDAP Desktop App with excellent trading options, IDAP Exchange, and most significantly, crypto derivatives instruments by IDAP, for trading and investment are the things those have been included in the IDAP ecosystem.

Challenges of Current Exchanges

The cryptocurrency exchanges available are limited in many ways. Due to the many benefits of blockchain technology, it has gained many investors interest. However, current systems do not have adequate infrastructure for the userbase. Most often exchanges hang and breakdown due to the high volume of traders trading at a given time. The infrastructure available cannot withstand the high volatility of trades.

Additionally, the exchanges are sometimes slow during trade execution and orders are not processed as at when placed. This causes many panic among new investors and discourages them from getting into the cryptocurrency space. For crypto to go Mainstream investors and blockchain enthusiast need an exchange that can process their buy/sell orders seamlessly. Solution

idap is the next generation of cryptocurrency exchange that is built to bridge the gap between traders and the exchange. It is an exchange for enterprise and industry standard, it also provides server infrastructure. The exchange is built with the focus on users.

It streamlines seamless trading experience between cryptocurrency enthusiast and foster ease of access to all users. i.e It enables both newbies and experts trade cryptocurrency with a single click. It is creating a user-friendly ecosystem that provides an atmosphere that is hassle-free for easy entry and exit.

Benefits Of

  • Derivatives Instrument
  • Extended Product Offerings
  • IDAP Matrix & Spreader
  • Institutional Grade Matching Engine
  • Advanced OMS & SOR
  • Low Latency & High Availability
  • Security & Compliance
  • Customer Oriented


If someone hopes to list their tokens and coins on the IDAP platform, will have to pay the fee using the IDAP token. This service will certainly trigger the token value in conjunction with their expectations to burn tokens, this will help to guarantee the token price raises in parallel with the exchange. The trading fee is zero for the ICO contributors. The token symbol is IDAP and the price of one token is 0.03USD during the ICO. Accepting payment methods are ETH, BTC, and WAN. They have come with a softcap of 200,000,000 IDAP and a Hardcap of 750,000,000 IDAP.


Q4′ 17, Ideation
Detailed research and analysis on crypto exchanges and product offerings.

Q1′ 18, Conceptualisation of IDAP ecosystem
Research and design, establish a team, form an advisory board and identify strategic partners.

Q2′ 18, IDAP ICO launch and company formation
Website launch, lite paper and white paper release, community building, token listing & sale, company registration in Estonia, license procurement for derivatives trading and asset management, product development.

Q3′ 18, IDAP exchange development
Product architecture and front-end development, alpha version testing, banking partnership, derivatives market products testing, API integration testing, community building, token sale and exchange marketing.

Q4′ 18, IDAP exchange launch
Beta version testing, web & mobile application trading, derivatives product offering, extended cryptocurrencies and tokens listing, desktop application and ICO venture fund.

Q1′ 19, Integration of investment instruments
Investment instruments like ETF, crypto indices and P2P lending will be integrated into the platform. Provide ICO incubation services and implement user feedback driven product improvements.

Q2′ 19, DEX protocol built on Wanchain
Beginning of integration of Decentralized exchange developed on Wanchain platform enabling on-chain settlement with centralized exchange handling orders.

The IDAP platform is going to be an excellent solution for traders. IDAP hopes to make available numerous exchange systems that will facilitate seasoned traders with generating profit in a bull or bear market. Investors feeling free to take long and short positions also to put money in both the bull and bear run of the market , hence having the ability to broaden and optimise their profile efficiency , are all made achievable by the introduction of an extremely diverse and significant number of numerous crypto-based derivatives products , including Swaps, Futures , Options , Spreads and Crypto Indices.

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