Ideal Data Memory (IDM) – A Technological Breakthrough in Security


Blockchain technology is a transparent digital ledger of transactions and records that are immune to change or deletion. Offering additional traits of increased security, lower costs, time efficiency, and error resistance, blockchain has risen, fluctuated in 2017. The utility of blockchain technology is limitless, sparking the growing list of companies, industries, and government exploring its potential adoption. The blockchain is an immutable public ledger that records digital transactions.


In the 21st century is the age of information. More and more data are generated on the daily basis creating an ever-increasing demand for storage space. Not every home computer, let alone a mobile device, can store all its own generated data. The capacity of the built-in memory is growing along with requirements for data safety. The increased volume of generated data proportionally increases the number of potential threats to the storage of this data.

With the growth in the number of devices, cloud storage services are becoming increasingly important. Many cloud storage providers promise fast, reliable and convenient services. However, the things are a bit more complicated.

Ideal Memory Data (IDM) – a platform that provides secure data storage and decentralized project data exchanges that have the best value for potential investors or investors, it is one of the fastest growing projects, due to the hesitant exchange of digital assets in earlier this year has significantly increased. The network definition uses a completely unique theme from other Pallet platforms around the world, having a balance value and investment process, which has a value of more profit than the capital required for current digital-asset trading. IDM is a blockchin platform, which for the first time introduces a unique creative idea in a symbolic economic market economy, which can start a personal trading and digital asset exchange platform.

IDM is one of the outcomes of the blockcheynov industry, which is experiencing good performance and great ideas, based on a system that directly opens the possibility for investors to be more open with symbolic investments. Being one of the first platform platforms to be generated, the company wants to realize and help investors to be more worried about the world’s most afflicted economic weaknesses in the concept of mutual assistance as investments that can be exchanged by registered users in this chain of blocks. Some Important Points from the IDM Platform This will be a moment when most of the registered investors or potential investors who start their business on this platform will do business.


Global problem

Rough estimates suggest, as a result of a cybercriminals’ activity, the global economy loses$ 114 billion annually. Since the emergence of the WorldWide Web, the United Stated alone suffered losses of around $400 billion. This is three times more than the country’s annual budget for education.

Solution to the global problem

Global expansion of the IDM data storage service powered by SIZE technology, will prevent consumers and businesses from losing data, and therefore, from suffering losses associated with hacker attacks and theft of information

The need for the guaranteed security of stored documents

Currently, there isn’t a single data storage on the market that can guarantee the absolute security of the documents that have special value and, at the same time, is accessible for the ordinary people

The consumers have the demand for secure storage of their personal and classified documents of particular importance

IDM introduces the service that can boast the superior level of security which is way higher than the one offered by any of the similar providers on the market and exceeds all State standards regarding the secure data storage

Despite the fact that almost all State services have the highest level of data protection, they also experience the leak of data.

Token Details

Token Distribution

2% Bounty

5% Developers

13% Team

20% Reserve Fund

60% For Sale

34,5% Personal Documents

32,7% Photo and Video Files

21,8% Financial and Banking Information

10,0% Business Information


2010 – The SIZE algorithm was successfully tested on CamGrid network at the Cavendish Laboratory at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom.

2012 – Foundation of Equivalence AG

2014 – An ultra-secure file-sharing program based on SIZE technology was introduced at “Hack in Paris” where the global hacker community tried to crack the algorithm without success.

2015 – The launch of a publicly available version of the BoobookBox for business and private users.

March 2018 – Technology has been successfully tested in European cybersecurity laboratories.

April 2018 – ICO for the global decentralized ultra-secure storage service IDM

2019 – Launch of IDM service

2019- Development of the cloud blockchain platform (SaaS) based on SIZE data protection technology

2019 – 2020 – Implementation of a marketing strategy for the promotion of the IDM service and SIZE technology

2020 – 2022 – Development of a decentralized and distributed cloud platform (PaaS)

Above you can see the roadmap — how the team sees their nearest and long-term future.


Team seems to be the strongest part of this project. It consists of innovative and talented people. Of course I cannot complain if we talk about their professional level, guys indeed are experts on their field.

Ideal Memory Data (IDM) is a platform that provides secure data storage and decentralized project data exchanges that have the best value for potential investors or investors, it is one of the fastest growing projects, due to the hesitant exchange of digital assets in earlier this year has significantly increased.

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