Idealcoin is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum Blockchain which represents the value of the PayMHO Social Network user information. Idealcoin is a digital currency in which the value of the data collected in the digital social platform will be expressed. IDEALCOIN will be processed and protected by algorithms for immediate use. These digital commodities are produced by large numbers of INFLUENCERS generating a critical mass of information/data. These INFLUENCERS can then accumulate, own, transfer, sell, trade or even use these assets as currency, benefiting from the usual guarantees and protections established by today’s digital TOKENS: valuable resources in this era of monetised information and digitalization

IDEALCOIN aims to implement a blockchain which is optimized specifically for the use case of transferring assets such as tokens from one holder to another

How are they acquired?

Our community will inhabit a SOCIAL MEDIA 4.0 type platform called PayMHO, where USERS or INFLUENCERS will interact, developing and answering simple questions using warm, personable language. INFLUENCERS will continually build up their profiles in a way that is organic, spontaneous and fun. The platform environment is designed to empower creativity and participation, while keeping INFLUENCERS free from pressure or influence so that their responses and results contribute to building a reliable database.


A tool with which anybody, anywhere in the world, can participate actively in the generation of information, gaining daily economic benefits as a result PayMHO will revolutionize the use of collective knowledge, offering a highly efficient and reliable use of market research. In addition to being fun for users, PayMHO will optimize the resources and marketing efforts of companies, institutions, governments and individuals.

Via its applications, PayMHO will collect every aspect of the life of its INFLUENCERS in a relaxed, spontaneous, fun and orderly way, building a profile as wide-ranging as it’s possible to imagine, while generating electronic bits. All this information will remain the property of the INFLUENCER. It will be stored PRIVATELY, SECURELY, and in absolute confidentiality, in a decentralized and accessible location. By becoming an INFLUENCER on our platform and actively participating in it, you will be able to generate income while you sleep. And you don’t need any specialised knowledge, other than that of your own day-to-day life.


A Job That Anyone Can Do

Crafting profiles and participating actively in PayMHO can be done by anyone

Become A Profesional Influencer

Get Crypto and Fiat with our unique PoC system, allowing anyone the opportunity to join the crypto ecosystem

Get Payed For Your Opinion

By honestly drafting and answering questionnaires, INFLUENCERS can accrue TALENTS which can be exchanged for idealcoin or fiat

PayMHO For Business

Business, institutions, corporations, and governments will get the most accurate, trustworthy, and secure data through the blockchain

Easy And Intuitive Platform

The collective consciousness will provide scientifically processed data through an easy and friendly user platform

Secure Token Marketplace

The DeanChain 444® protocol will make immutable, traceable and secure PoC Talents that can be exchanged for FIAT, or for the commodity token known as IdealCoin, valued in every exchange platform

Benefits for INFLUENCERS?

INFLUENCERS will generate bits of information. These bits will build up into a chain of “data” more comprehensive than the INFLUENCERS knew they were capable of generating.

INFLUENCERS will be able to enjoy the benefits of being market pioneers: taking advantage of special offers, testing products and services, giving an opinion, commenting, contributing to the improvement of products, and simply RESPONDING, while continually earning money.

INFLUENCERS retain ownership and control of their profile information. And their presence on the network means they will be playing their part in the digital age in a way that is fun, easy and enjoyable.

As the system generates a data chain from the activities of hundreds of thousands of INFLUENCERS, it rewards INFLUENCERS by transforming each bit of information into a Digital Value Unit that we call a TALENT, the native Stable Token


TALENTS are the coin created within the PayMHO platform through our PoC (Proof of Craft®) technology. TALENTs are awarded to an INFLUENCER that submits a useful post. Think of TALENTS as the transformation of your content and profile information into something of value. These TALENTS can be converted into ideal coin or fiat currency. TALENTS will accrue value at a sustainable rate since they are strictly confined to the PayMHO platform.

The value units or TALENTS generated in PayMHO can be used to acquire goods and services within the application; invest in new knowledge exchanged with other INFLUENCERS; transfer resources to other INFLUENCERS on the network instantly and economically; and invest in businesses, causes and projects. TALENTS can even be changed into the INFLUENCER’S LOCAL CURRENCY.

IDEALCOIN can only be generated by INFLUENCERS within the platform. It is the currency that CLIENTS will use to acquire the information and services provided by the PayMHO platform. INFLUENCERS will obtain a 5% discount on IDEALCOIN when purchasing them in PayMHO with TALENTS. The immediate value of the same will be quoted in the international markets or in the EXCHANGE AREA where they are traded. Anyone interested in using the services of the platform can pay with IDEALCOINS at the current rate. THIS DIGITAL CURRENCY WILL BE COMMERCIALLY AVAILABLE IN ONLINE INVESTMENT MARKETS, and may also be acquired by speculators, marketers, specialized agencies, etc. The tokens will be distributed gradually and very carefully to provide investors and collaborators with the best possible results.


Token name IdealCoin

Token symbol IDC

Token sale start September 11th, 2018

Token sale end March 18th, 2019

Tokens supply 2,200,000,000 IDC

Token Supply for ICO 73,050,000 IDC

Development Team 17,000,000 IDC

Tokens sale hard cap 112,003,460 IDC or 5.09% of total issuance

ICO Pre-Sale starting price $ 0.65 USD

Starting discount for Contributors Discount of 43.5%

Minimum starting purchase limit $ 65.00 USD

Accepted crypto & FIAT currencies ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH, BTG

Price at exchanges March 24th , 2019$ 1.15 USD

Token Allocation

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