What is Idealcoin?

Idealcoin is an ERC-20 token that will behave as your gateway to PayMHO. The coin itself is supported by the valuable, accurate, and secure information hosted on the PayMHO platform.

What is PayHMO?

PayMHO will revolutionize the use of collective knowledge, offering a highly efficient and reliable use of market research. In addition to being fun for users, PayMHO will optimize the resources and marketing efforts of companies, institutions, governments and individuals. On top of that, participating influencers can earn income every day

What is Talent?

The house token created by PoC ( proof of Craft) for PayHMO. Talents coins created within the PayHMO platform through Proof of Craft technology, and awarded to influencers for their quality contents. These talents can be convert to ideal coin or fiat currency through crypto exchanges.

IdealCoin make your own Personal Profile Self Storage (PPSS)

A device that permits you to recoup the importance of your data, information that is clearer and extra correct and beneficial than ever, a platform to be able to let you get to recognize your self advanced, help you for the duration of quite a number lifestyles technique and bring you a number of quick, medium and lengthy-run blessings. It’ll generate consistent sales for you – everyday if you desire – and a lifetime of royalties received, for as long as your continue to be with the platform.

Full control and whole confidentially, this records will preserve encrypted and secured by way of our Block-chain. And it’ll carry on generating rewards and cost for you and you generate your profile.

Token Sale Details

• Token Name: IdealCoin

• Symbol: IDL

• Token sale: $1,000,000 USD

• Token ICO Price: 0.61¢

• Platform: ETHEREUM (ERC20)

• Hard Cap: $44,403,880 USD

• Soft cap: $3,000,000 USD

• Total token Supply: 220,000,000


Those who want to consult or use the Pay MHO services must pay influencers to gain get right of entry to to their money owed. Having paid, customers will be free to extract the needed data, getting more information than they may have predicted for way to the acute degree of marketplace profiling. There is not any risk to influencers of invasion of isolation.



So guys this is all for this article I hope you find this ico good, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to click on link below to contact IdealCoin team and social media and one more thing cryptocurrency subject is market to risk, invest cryptocurrency in your own risk after doing your own reasesrch.

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