IDLV an Ecosystem Membership A Variety Of Internet Application & Platform

The ultimate goal of IDLV is to create an economy ecosystem in which the rights of
consumers are rewarded.
In the Internet applications or platforms that uses IDLV as a membership; each consumer
can be rewarded with IDLV token for compensation and personal information such as age,
gender, educational background, and even activities on the Internet. In addition,
consumers can selectively subscribe to the ads they want and are rewarded.
Individuals’ information and Internet activities are being used by Internet companies
based on large-scale capital powers at no cost to generate profits. Big Data analysis and
AI (Artificial Intelligence) are used to establish a marketing strategy by targeting specific
consumers and create advertisements.
Marketing strategies and advertisements, which were exclusive to the big scale Internet
companies, are also available at small scale merchants. In the IDLV ecosystem, small
merchants will also be able to purchase IDLV Tokens and send customized ads to
In the Delivery I ecosystem, centralized information for large corporations is decentralized,
furthermore, a shared ecosystem will be created where all individual activities on the
Internet can be rewarded.

In the past, marketing information which analyzed through Big Data Processing and AI
(Artificial Intelligence) was exclusive to some large corporations. However, we will build an
Internet information ecosystem so that fair compensation value can be achieved through
peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions in which personal information is decentralized through
block-chain technology.
For example, let us think you become a member of ANTERIN. We will first commercialize
IDLV in partnership with ANTERIN (, a delivery market and online
commodity payment solution company, which is the core of the Indonesian O2O (Offline
to online) market. ANTERIN is a start-up company that provides premium car and motorbike delivery service throughout Indonesia.
You are rewarded with IDLV for registration to become a member.
You are rewarded with IDLV for purchasing ANTERIN’s services or products
You are rewarded with IDLV for watching banner advertisements (A variety of products as
restaurants, pharmacies, and daily necessities in their residence.)


IDLV is the Membership Token of “Anterin” which carries out food delivery service and car call service in Indonesia. IDLV (Membership Token) is gained (mined) by using Anterin’s services and also can be purchased directly from a block-chain exchange. Once you have an Anterin Membership, you will enjoy the following benefits.

  • 1) Depending on your membership level, you will be given various benefits such as cash-back points and travel vouchers. In addition to Anterin’s services, cash-back points can be used for a variety of consumption activities through the Internet shopping mall linked to Anterin’s App.
  • 2) If cash is temporarily lacking, you can prepay using your membership as collateral.
  • 3) Membership can be freely transferred and acquired from a block-chain exchage. exchanges, so it has a transparent value compared to the general membership.

IDLV’s goal is to maximize the convenience of its customers by combining Pin Tech technology and block chain technology in the explosively growing online O2O (Online to Offline) market in Indonesia.


Sharing Economy

IDLV is a membership token. If you use Anterin’s services, you will receive Anterin membership (IDLV).
The consumer can trade the acquired IDLV on a Block-chain exchange or hold it to acquire more Cash-back points.


Even if you do not have enough cash, you can prepay Anterin’s services with your IDLV. Pre-paid system maximizes consumer convenience.

Share our profit through Cash-back Points

We will share our profit to our members through “Cash-back Points”. Members benefit will be maximized by Cash-back Points which can be used for purchasing variety goods and services.





Contribution Mining


Strategic Partnership






TEAM 1 month locked-up


Please note that the schedule and plans are subject to change.

Join IDLV’s social platforms and discover for the latest feeds, how we push the sharing economy into explosively growing O2O market ecosystem. Everyone can be part of the Delivery service and get beneficial in IDLV ecosystem.
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